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3 Tough Questions to Answer for Biz Success

When you start a business or even years into it, there are 3 questions that you start with and may evolve and change as you go on. 661 more words

Biz Success & Failures

Attracting Your Ideal Client

It’s no secret that most of us have favorites when it comes to who we want to work with. It could be your favorite brand or your favorite customer, also known as your ‘ideal client.’ But what if the customers who want your services or products are not your ideal client or target market? 258 more words


Episode #101 - Quit Selling. Start Listening

Have you ever really stopped and listened to someone?  The reason I ask is because we’re getting really bad at it.  Simply watch the news or the “horrible house wives of loser ville” no one listens anymore.  583 more words


Why you need to avoid tenuous links in your messages

Tenuous links suck in messages.  Like really suck. If you’re writing a message about your kids and then randomly connecting that story to why someone should work with you or a tip you want to share, makes your message really confusing. 273 more words

Why you should stop selling and start talking to attract paying clients

It’s perfectly possible to attract paying clients without a hard sell.

There is a way of adding value through content and messaging in order to build a great relationship, to build trust and connections.  497 more words

Why I give you permission to forget grammar

When I was 11 I really struggled with words that sound similar but are written differently and have a different meaning … you know your/you’re; too/to/two; by/buy/bye etc. 178 more words

5 ways to find inspiration to write messages that sell

You’ve just checked your daily planner and it screams at you ‘it’s time to write a blog/email/ newsletter/post…’.  And so you grab your pen and your notebook (or if you’re new school, your tablet or laptop) and you sit down pen poised, fingers ready and nothing happens. 1,109 more words