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Business lessons from the #PSL for #NationalPumpkinDay

Where all my #basic girls at??

I’m totally in the 🍂 fall mood 🍂 here in Phoenix! It definitely helps that the weather has been cooperating lately with… 616 more words

Business Branding

How to craft the perfect lead magnet for your small business

Growing your email list is imperative for small businesses, but where do you start?

We hear it everyday–you have to work on your email list! Subscribe! 337 more words

How To Start A Business

How to structure + write your website’s home page

Im spilling the dirty deets and what really needs to be on your website’s home page!

About me, or not about me?

Sell or not to sell? 460 more words

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Why I don’t have business cards for my small business (yet)

It’s tempting to invest money in #allthethings you believe your small business might need

I was one of those entrepreneurs! Until I sat down and did… 403 more words

Small Business

The difference between brand and branding

Happy October! A new month means new shifts, new focus, but one thing remains–my promise to deliver dashing content to you daily!

I’m so over the top giddy to bring you fresh insights and new content this first day of October! 396 more words

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How to find the first customers for your new small business

You did it! You have an established brand, website, even polished and professional business cards. Now what??

Hearing these 🦗 and not this 💰? No worries, today’s post is all ab how to find those first clients in your early days of business. 372 more words

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The 2 Types of documents you need for your small business

If you want to legitimately run your business, there are a few things worth the hassle of putting on paper

So this isn’t the most exciting when it comes to blog posts (sitting here like 😴 as I write this) but it’s absolutely necessary for your small business. 344 more words

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