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Detoxification: Lemongrass to the rescue!

Have you ever felt like you were a 200 pounder when you’re supposed to weigh only a hundred pounds? Or wondering why the acne on your face has been a plague for years? 464 more words

The benefits of cleansing and detoxifying in an ironic world

The irony of living in this modern age is that with all the technology and knowledge we have accumulated through the ages, we were not necessarily able to make our lives easier. 619 more words


Detoxification is a buzz word already for many years now and is a term often used loosely. What does it exactly mean?

Without trying to sound clinical, detoxification is the process by which we cleanse our bodies of unwanted materials we call toxins so that our internal organs can work efficiently. 284 more words

The Take One Sexy Juice

In past articles, we talked about the goodness of Cucumber, Apple, Carrot, and Celery. These are unbelievable foods in as far as having a healthy diet is concerned. 291 more words

Unbelievable Celery

I think that I shall never see, food as great in weight loss as Celery. That almost sounded like it fits in a poem.

But we’re talking about celery here and the wonderful goodness it brings in the weight loss meal plan. 200 more words

One Flew Over the Cucumber’s Nest

Are you stressed? Why not have a healthy dose of cucumber daily?

Cucumbers contain vitamins B1, B5, and B7. B Vitamins are known to ease feelings of anxiety and stress. 270 more words

The Amazing Carrot

While we advocate a healthy diet consisting of the right mix of fruits, vegetables, carbs, protein and all the nutrition you need, we also like highlighting specific foods that stand out in the crowd. 233 more words