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Confused About How To Achieve Weight Loss And Keep It Off?

As is often the case, education is the secret to success. The more information you have regarding weight loss, the more likely you are to succeed, so take full advantage of this article. 26 more words

Weight Loss

Take Care of Yourself-How To Age Gracefully and Healthfully

We are living at a time of longevity. We can live longer and live better today than at any time in recorded history. It is possible with good health to live to 80,90, or even 100 years of age. 417 more words



I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about 8 months now.   It had gotten to the point where it physically hurt to do anything.   Walk first thing in the morning,  get in and out of the bathtub,  walk from the car into my job (seriously!).   381 more words

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How To Calculate Your Ideal Weight

It’s no wonder most of us are confused about what we should weigh. Never mind the advertisements showing slim-as-a-stick-of-gum young models; even the older adults look like they just ran the marathon; fit and slender, their energy could light a small city. 534 more words

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Weight Loss Challenge - Day 140 | How Much Is Enough?

It’s day 140 of the weight loss challenge and since I’ve started, I’ve met every single goal I’ve set for myself. First it was 30 lbs, then 40. 188 more words


The ideal weight

The ideal weight is a rather vague concept because it has no precise definition.
From a purely medical point of view, the ideal weight of an individual is the one for which the risks induced by its weight (hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes,…) are minimum. 171 more words

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Open Casting Call Tryout

Yesterday, I ventured to Chicago for an open casting call for the TV show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. I didn’t get a call back, but had fun during the interview. 277 more words

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