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What is in a Number?

I’m starting to think that my ‘ideal weight’ is an unrealistic number. Why did I pick this number? Have I ever been my ideal weight? Was it in high school? 278 more words

Weight Loss Exercise

Working towards ideal weight as per BMI

Summer bodies are made in winter – hard work always pays off – no matter the cause

Two weeks of exercise, healthy eating, lots of water, enough sleep – let’s see what happens in the next week.  276 more words

Fitness & Weight Loss

All we can truly hope for is to be healthy. Right now I’m not. I’m also obese, at least by medical standards. Looking at me, most people would say I’m fat or chubby, but not obese. 533 more words

11 Great Apps for College Students

There are million and one apps out there. Some are nonsense, some are great. Some are just for fun and others are great for productivity. Below are the apps I use most often to help me with school and this time in my life. 1,050 more words

What is Your Ideal Body Weight?

What do you weigh? What should you weigh? In a manner of speaking, that is the starting point for this blog, yet answers from authoritative sources vary widely. 259 more words


How Much Should I Weigh?

Too fat? Too thin? Too *insert body type here*?

Everybody seems to have a different opinion on what we should weigh. From the online fitness gurus, sporting toned tummies and beefy bottoms, to curve celebrating bloggers. 658 more words