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Apa yang terjadi saat ultrasound testis?

USG testis adalah prosedur berisiko rendah yang digunakan untuk mendiagnosis berbagai masalah medis, seperti torsi testis, kanker testis, dan epididimitis.

Artikel ini akan melihat penggunaan ultrasonografi testis , apa yang diharapkan selama prosedur, dan bagaimana mempersiapkan pemindaian. 802 more words


What is the ideal weight?

If we analyze the title, we will see that it already begins by posing something impossible: the ideal weight does not exist. If you doubt this, ask an anorexic how much it should weigh. 29 more words

Lose Weight

Old Moms, Therapy Pets, and Deviant Doctors: Feedback Friday

Life Without Parole

What’s the point of continued sentencing sessions for that perv doctor Larry Nassar? I get that everybody wants to have their say, and they should. 319 more words

Feedback Friday

Pursuing The Ideal Weight

The ideal weight. What is it, exactly?

I had to laugh once again seeing an “ideal” weight chart come up in my research. I couldn’t help but glance at the numbers and wonder what or who came up with them. 1,014 more words

Why we choose the donut over the apple - MNT

As a person who has had a weight problem for much of his adult life, food choices loom large on my radar. I love snacking, pizza, cheeseburgers, you name the junk food, I likely love it. 827 more words

Fast Food

Current trends point to more than half of U.S. children suffering from obesity as adults - Harvard

If current trends in child obesity continue, more than 57 percent of today’s children in the U.S. will have obesity at age 35, according to a new study from… 499 more words


Taking Back My Power

Hello Wonderful Blog Readers!

I’m one week into focusing on my health again and I feel great! I have no technical success to speak of yet (i.e. 227 more words

My Journey