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How it can help you to achieve your ideal weight?

In recent times, has been an increase in concern by health and particularly diseases related to food such as obesity and food intolerance. Many researchers, medical and scientific, have concentrated their efforts in the study of Nutrigenetics. 756 more words


How often should you weigh yourself?

The waistline on your pants keeps shrinking for some reason. You joined a health club and even went there and sweated. So you have decided you want to get serious about this weight loss thing. 422 more words


How often should you eat - Infographic

I just stumbled across this infographic and it seemed intelligently constructed and  particularly informative. Enjoy!



Is your child fat?

As you can see from this post, lifelong good health starts early. There are excellent tools here to make sure your children get off to the right start. 66 more words

Weight loss facts that work

Since eating temptations abound around Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share these observations on weight.

“…. There are facts about obesity of which we may be reasonably certain — facts that are useful today,” says researcher Krista Casazza, PhD, RD, from the department of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in a prepared statement, … 313 more words


Smorgasbord Health 2017- Weight Reduction - How much should you really weigh?

Welcome to Part Three of the repeat of my Weight Reduction programme. This post will also be familiar to those who have read Size Matters my book on the programme. 1,327 more words

Weight Reduction Programme