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The 11th Commandments: A Wife's Guide To Handling A Cheating Husband

I have had a few friends accuse me of being unpatriotic, so after examining my life, I asked myself, “Self! How can you make your blood run greener?” I was forced to acknowledge that I haven’t displayed fervent patriotism and admiration for the art of cheating that occurs in a lot of marriages in Nigeria. 2,120 more words

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Is he man enough to marry a Proverbs 31 woman?

Ahhh, Proverbs 31. Women tend to either embrace it or groan at its very mention. This poetic, 31-verse passage outlines the “wife of noble character” or the “ideal wife,” and it has been accused of being an unrealistic model for women. 587 more words

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All Hail The Hymen

Recently, a lady presenting a certificate of her purity (signed by a doctor) to her father on her wedding day made major headlines. I could not comprehend the fuckery, so I was left with a lot of questions: how did this thought even originate; where is the man’s certificate of purity; why would a doctor even put his/her name on this? 1,021 more words

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