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Wife School: The Importance Of Wives Looking Good For Their Husbands

Good morning, my feminine charmer!

In addition to the many goals of a future wife or a current wife, your goal as a feminine woman should be to always look… 1,554 more words


Kennedy Is Pissed At Rob Gronkowski

There was some Rob Gronkowski audio that Kennedy heard this morning that did not sit well with her. In it, he describes his ideal wife and Kennedy thinks it’s shallow and sexist. 31 more words


The 11th Commandments: A Woman's Guide To A Successful Marriage

I have had a few friends accuse me of being unpatriotic, so after examining my life, I asked myself, “Self! How can you make your blood run greener?” I was forced to acknowledge that I haven’t displayed fervent patriotism and admiration on how marriages are conducted in Nigeria.  862 more words

The 11th Commandments: Everyday Lessons On Patriotism