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The reality of an idealist

Strong morals.

He was an idealist. A perfect one.

Won’t sway, won’t divert.

What’s the right thing to do? He’d ask himself all the time. 69 more words



Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist
— George Carlin


Teacher wellbeing affects the students


Having seen this wonderful teacher teach before, I could see that even though he was energetic, patient and efficient, he was not in tip top shape. 195 more words

Lesson Observations

The unseen switch of nature - A poem of hope and rebirth.

The unseen switch of nature

An icy wind stung the cheeks like a slap,
Snowflakes danced and then sped upon the unseen currents,
As I walked the children to school. 305 more words


Jeremy Corbyn Wrongly Accused!! Tory Smear Campaign Backfires!!

Stupid claims being made by the media and Tory Ben Bradley as part of the desperate smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn have backfired horribly.

Ben Bradley was forced to make an abject apology and pay substantial damages to charity after he was threatened with libel for his vicious smears. 135 more words


Germany has the answer to inner city pollution - free public transport??

Cars emit noxious gasses and particulates that are damaging the health of our citizens. The unseen poisons are doing permanent damage to lungs, circulation and hearts. 83 more words


Just Think

Just Think


Just think how serene life would have been

Without Brexit and Trump to make us so mean!

We’d be surging ahead with elation instead… 107 more words