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Business Performance on People Discipline~ Part-1: Wear The Mask Regularly

We have now 900 people almost in our unit in our garments industry. We want to sustain in our business. The main problem is people management and people discipline. 131 more words

Suprio's Working Lives

Collecting - is it an illness?

I’ve always been a collector. When I was a young boy I had a museum and collected a wide range of different objects. I had a big cabinet with drawers of my exhibits. 436 more words


Paper Towns Film Perspective

First off, the film adaptation of Sir John Green’s Paper Towns is every idealist’s worst nightmare.

idealism- the unrealistic belief in or pursuit of perfection… 489 more words


Agile, adaptive, serendipitous or out of control?

One of the greatest pleasures I get as an auditor is working in a cross–disciplinary way across my client organisations. This means I can be a marketer, IT person, HR person, finance etc. 1,167 more words

Internal Auditing

Trophy Hunting - Cecil the Lion and Theodore Roosevelt's tied up bear.

Cecil the lion was quite an attraction at the Hwange National Park. He’d become quite habituated to humans and thousands delighted at watching him with his pride of females and cubs. 314 more words


Kindle versus a real book - which is better?

I suppose that the question behind this is one of ownership. When you have a ‘real’ book you own it. When you have an electronic one there is nothing to own. 244 more words


Photography - The floating Temple at Saigon - incredible dragons and ceramics.

Going up the Mekong to the floating temple, past the herons, the fisher-ladies and the lily-pads. The temple was a gaudy mass of coloured ceramics. I took a hundred photos. 8 more words