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From a Recovering Cynic

How many times
can I make this wrong decision?
(it can’t be a mistake
if I do it with such precision)

How many times
will I return to this same sadness? 93 more words


Youth Culture – A label that no longer makes sense.

Youth rebels against authority. We have always known that. Way back in history it was the young apprentices, renowned for their drunkenness, sexual exploits and brawling, who did not conform to the standards of the day. 618 more words


Słów kilka...

Taka ja – Realistka :)

Dokładnie tak, jestem realistką twardo stąpającą po ziemi. Jak każdy miewam wzloty i upadki, ale wicie co – najważniejsze to zdawać sobie sprawę z tego co jest w życiu ważne. 79 more words

Religious Schools - an anathema!!

The Tory policy of increasing the number of Religious Schools is shown to be a terrible idea.

An Islamic school has been judged in breach of basic human rights by segregating boys and girls. 93 more words


The World is out of Control - Where's Superman?

The world has changed enormously over these last 500 years and not always for the better. Since Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas and put into motion the events that led to the genocide of the Incas and North American Native Indians, the setting up of the United States, Canada and South America, the introduction of slavery and the rape of the land with its ensuing  destruction of wildlife, the human population has gone berserk. 462 more words


Deep Conversations under a starry sky

It is harder to think about future past while living my dreams this moment.❤️
Believers are each other’s Mirror” – Elif Shafak… 363 more words



By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Cavorting with fools
like me
can be risky
for your future  36 more words