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Poetry - We Service the Machine - a poem about rebellion.

We Service the Machine

I was thinking about how the rebels of yesterday, who made the walls of the city tremble, were bought off and incorporated into the very structures they stood against; their rebellion and anti-establishment stances becoming the icons of consumerism, their wealth buying access to the higher echelons and their posturing as trendy designer chic. 208 more words


Leadership Styles & Culture

This morning I was catching up on a bit of reading and stumbled across a couple of Forbes article’s from Mark Murphy that I really enjoyed.   392 more words

Commencement of People and Organizational Development (POD) Audit

I am very happy that finally my project plan has approved by Head of HR, GM HR and GM Operations. We are starting our audit project on “ 100 more words

Suprio's Working Lives

Opher's Books - If you've enjoyed my poetry on my blog why not own a book of it?

If you’ve enjoyed reading the poetry I have put out on my blog you will enjoy owning it in these paperback editions.

There is the full range of poems from Love to Social Commentary. 59 more words


appearances and of nobility

I’ve always felt such a strong need to feel and not just seem to have this sense of stoic decorum

A noble and well worded image… 123 more words

Poetry - The Meaning of Life - A celebration of intent and possibility.

The Meaning of life

There is no other reason to life other than the living of it. The living of it is an art. You experience every second; the whole force of the infinite universe pressing in around you and in the midst of the fury, the quiet. 286 more words


Bangkok blast - another meaningless atrocity of hatred and barbarity.

Terrorism has become the scourge of our age.

Too many people have hearts full of hatred and arrogant righteousness.

Too many are indoctrinated into stupid beliefs. 304 more words