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Quote 13 - Martin Niemöller - First they came..........

‘First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— 633 more words

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Take the challenge

To believe or not believe…that is the question.  Is there an answer?  Unfortunately, there are so many answers to this question that it proves itself to be unbelievable. 199 more words

Idealist - Firewood Street [IDEALISTMUSIC007]

The seventh Idealistmusic installment and debut album by the Swiss artist. Deep dusty dub techno tracks by the Idealist.



tales from an incurable optimist

A true idealist is not someone who can’t see negativity and believes it doesn’t exist.
An idealist is someone who is internally affected more heavily by that negativity than most. 196 more words

My Weird Surreal Sixties Book - reality dreams - Chapter 31 - postponement

It is strange the way a twenty year old mind works. It is firing on pure amphetamine driven speed. It wants everything no – instant gratification. 392 more words


My Surreal Sixties Book - Reality Dreams - Chapter 26 - the film

This is proving fun. I wouldn’t suggest it is high literature but I am enjoying how my young mind was playfully toying with ideas as this surreal collage of a book progressed. 597 more words


My weird surreal Sixties Book - Reality Dreams - Chapter 24 - Freedom

This is a long section – so I will split it up into smaller sections for easier consumption. I first wrote this as a short story called White Indian. 1,395 more words