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Civil Rights - Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman - Murders - Tom Paxton Lyrics.

Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman were two young white students who went down to Mississippi in 1964 to help the Civil Rights cause and help sign up black registration for voting. 361 more words


Civil Rights - The murder of Medgar Evers.

Medgar Evers was a Civil Rights leader in Mississippi. He campaigned for desegregation. He was involved with the desegregation of schools and colleges, desegregation of beaches, restrooms and organised boycotts. 335 more words


Opher's Book Covers - freshly photographed!

Unfortunately the sun was shining and the wind was blowing! I didn’t manage to get a perfect set of pictures. I will endeavour to do them again with better conditions. 54 more words


I Wish

I wish I had more time to read books for hours throughout my day.

I wish I could spend more hours writing daily and not have other responsibilities to focus on. 181 more words


Writing - The confusion of being a writer.

To have a blog or write books requires arrogance. You have to believe you’ve got something to say that is worth someone spending their precious time reading. 369 more words


Heroes of the modern world - Nicolaus Copernicus - Opened up thinking for scientists and changed the universe.

Copernicus was a polish genius who was born in 1473.

At the time he was alive Europe was a theocracy. The Catholic Church had immense power and exerted it. 439 more words