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Photography - Derbyshire England - green rolling hills, crags and castles.

A beautiful part of the country with those green hills, dry stone walls, castles and cuttings.


Featured book - Vice and Verse - an extract

Here’s an extract that shows how I combine prose and poetry to explore ideas, feelings and topics.

The Last Poem

Before I took my first thought… 1,184 more words


Featured book - Vice and Verse - the cover art.

This is the actual painting of mine that I used for the artwork for the cover of the book. I painted it back in 1974. All of my book covers are either my paintings or photographs. 152 more words


New novel - Danny's Story - the story.

In 1972-74 I lived in a flat in Manor House London. It was the tail-end of the sixties. I’d previously lived in Ilford and Wood Green before heading off to hitch around the States as a prelude to going off around the world. 367 more words


New novel - Danny's Story - the cover.

The cover for this book has been a bit of a problem. I wanted to use a painting of mine of the actual flat that I based the book on. 142 more words


Photography - Hong Kong - A city of zip and lights

There sure was a lot of people crammed into a small space. The bustle never stopped all through the night. The night markets were amazing.   


Photography - Taiwan - Taroko Gorge - An incredible gorge with steep rock sides, tunnels and temples.

The Taroko gorge was impressive with its steep rock faces, distant river, waterfalls, temples and tunnels.