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Be Idealistic With Me

In his work Pedagogy of Freedom, Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire writes down in simple (but eloquent) words this statement that lives in my heart and mind: “I cannot be a teacher without exposing who I am.” 256 more words


Idealism and the Church

I’m pretty sure I’m an idealist to the core. Call it rose-colored glasses if you will, but I know I do have a tendency to always look for the best in an environment. 792 more words

Anthropocene Apocalypse - A World Crisis?

Anthropocene Apocalypse – a world crisis?

As the world population soars towards a projected 10 Billion.

As the world’s mammals have been decimated to 44% of what they were 40 years ago! 142 more words


Of A Kind Of Summertime Sadness

It’s always easier to hit back harder, cut deeper, rather than put in the sometimes extraordinary effort to understand and empathise with why someone reacts the way they do. 348 more words

Of Life And Love


Possibilities are always more romantic than people.

A Passion for Education - The Story of a Headteacher - My book on education from the inside!

This is not just a book for teachers. It tells the story of how I developed my education philosophy with anecdotes from my own education as illustration. 254 more words


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Education is the big hope for the world! It is imperative that it is focussing on the whole child to bring out all their talents, skills and develop them as caring human beings.

Featured Book - Danny's Story - the new novel - A story of Sixties bedsit land in London.

Well this is the book of real life in a big old house in Manor House at the tail-end of the sixties. All the sex, drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll and violence. 209 more words


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Entertaining, fun and insightful. Captures the magic.