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I am a Dreamer

“I am a dreamer and having a dream is sometimes challenging,
but I never look at a situation as too difficult.”
— Sister Rosemary

“She is an extremely affable and compassionate personality who will go out of her way to help no matter what. 935 more words



Sean’s Testimony of me: This woman is one of the most AMAZING Women I’ve ever met! Beautiful, Intelligent, Funny, Supportive, Sensual to the MAX!!! Take the chance to get to know this INTRIGUING woman, at least a little.  176 more words


Poetry - Farther From my Mother

Farther from my Mother

My mother is an artist

Swirling hues for all to see

My father is a poet

Whose depths are mystery

Mother, I am born from your fluids… 101 more words


Poetry - Change



Got any change Mister?

Change is all there is

In this fragile life

Nothing real can stay

Our atoms stick

Then melt and part… 6 more words


Poetry - Peace Love and Happiness

As an idealist I often write down little odes like this. I do believe that we can make a better world and should work to do just that. 246 more words


Poetry - From a Distance

This is a poem for the human race not the reincarnation of an individual. I felt that we should stand back and get some objectivity. We have the chance to be great. 166 more words


Photography - Scotland - Incredible beauty

Scotland is a beautiful place. The people were lovely to us even though we are English.