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New Novel - Danny's Story - Chapter 16 - The routine

Chapter 16 – Routine

Danny’s new life had soon slipped into a pleasant routine.

A lot of the time he’d hang out with Pete, reading and listening to music. 995 more words


NEW RELEASE!!! my new Sci-Fi novel - SORTING THE FUTURE - out now on Kindle! - The cover.

This is the final cover design! What do you think?

So SORTING THE FUTURE is now in the process of being published. The Kindle edition is out on Amazon right now! 387 more words


NEW RELEASE!!! - Sorting the future - OUT ON KINDLE!!! - A must buy!!

Great news!!  After much consideration I have finally made a decision on which choice to make! I discussed the options with my editor and decided on the minor modifications that solved the problem. 452 more words


Masculinity in crisis? What is a man? One man's view!

Men – what use are they? Some women would happily do away with them.

They are big, smelly, violent, aggressive, silent, unemotional, twerps.

The problem as I perceive it is that we are such a new species, and civilisation is so recent, that the habits we have are stone-age. 877 more words


New novel - Danny's Story - Chapter 15 - Jim's albums

Chapter 15 – Jim’s albums

Big Jim was every bit as big as big Alan but with a lot less flab. He had a main of long curly ginger hair and a ginger tash and always dressed well with a well-tailored tweed jacket, pressed open-neck shirt and cords with desert boots. 946 more words


New novel - Danny's Story - Chapter 14 - the start

Chapter 14 – The start

It was late in the evening on a Friday night. There were no gigs and Danny was in sitting in his room listening to music. 873 more words


Sorting the Future - new Sci-Fi book - Thank you to all those who have helped.

I am going to make a final decision tomorrow regarding a number of issues with the book. In the end it comes down to choices. 366 more words