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In the early 1980’s a vocalist wrestled her way to the top of the charts. She was unique. She was outspoken. She opened up herself and sang songs like “Boy Blue” and “True Colors” bringing a raw unfiltered experience to a world that was grappling with the onset of the new epidemic AIDS.

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It's Not Random, It's Personal

In this post, I want to acknowledge the amazing uniqueness of a young actor, Jaden Smith.

This young man reminds me of all I believe America’s founders intended for our country.

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It's Not Random, It's Personal

E is for Expectations

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had high expectations for myself. In 4th grade, little ‘ole me had completed my Outer Space project a week before the due date. 612 more words


Thought clouds that sway over me,

Thought clouds that sway over me, running haywire when I want to pinpoint the sin, the arsenal, the point-blank in the thoughtless arcs,

Thought clouds that sway over me, want to walk back, or fly back or just count the heartbeats that shutter to that one thought, one thought that set me sleepless in the starry Nights, making me scream at myself whenever I slip, single-minded point, that changed the whole thought flow, to a mindful plan set in motion… 124 more words



Today my cynicism isn’t directed to academia – its sent to industry.

Academics are evaluated based on three things: teaching, research, and service.  Service can be important depending on the industry your area is focused in.  294 more words


Day 2: Frederick Douglass

February marks the annual celebration of Blackness and the contributions and accomplishments of Black people worldwide. As a Black woman myself, I think it’s an extremely positive reason for celebration. 162 more words

Possible Positives that May Follow Trump's Executive Order Banning Refugees

I currently work as a refugee resettlement case manager in the United States.  I have daily contact with refugees of many different nationalities and am much more familiar with our nation’s refugee intake system than most of the population.   554 more words

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