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Young Idealists

From young, we are told to use our imagination,

allowed to dream of whomever and whatever we wish to become.

But later on this turns into misguided hope. 107 more words

To All You Idealists, Dreamers and Lost Wanderers...

The sun is shining down hard on my head today. My ears burn red under the heat, but I continue to wander my way through Life.   340 more words


Harder Than It Seems

So I talked quite poetically about new beginnings in my first post as if it was going to be this smooth transition into something new and unknown… now that isn’t quite accurate and I think we all know it. 302 more words


Victoria Peak

It would be difficult to overstate the beauty of the view from Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak. Of course I haven’t been everywhere in the world (not even close) and I’m still young, but I like to think I’ve seen some pretty beautiful things. 589 more words


Why I Help Refugees

I do not believe refugees deserve help more than anyone else.

Nor do I believe they deserve it less.  In fact, “deserve” is a word I would like to go ahead and throw out the window when it comes to helping others. 831 more words

Chapter 5: An Autobiography Of An Idealist


Through my entire life, I feel like an epitome of a confusing mix of preferences from opposite ends of the spectrum. In which I would plainly explain myself as a pragmatic being trapped in overtly crazy outer shell. 278 more words

The Idealist vs. The Realist

Here’s an ‘inside view’ of my thought processes (Quick!  Save the children!)

And yes, the Idealist usually wins, and gives the Realist in me a chance to say, moments or years later, “I told you so…”  :)

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