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Of epistles and epistolary connections

Writing letters was quite common during my grandparents time when telephones weren’t ubiquitous and very few households had it. They wrote letters to each other to apprise each other of the happenings in their lives. 598 more words


Weg met het woord

Het irritantste woord van het jaar is weer gekozen en het is (tromgeroffel) ‘genderneutraal’. Ik vraag mij werkelijk af waarom mensen zich zo druk kunnen maken om een woord. 388 more words


photo credit: the optimistic idealist

Cooperation not Competition!! Nationalisation not Profit for the Boys!!

It is obvious isn’t it?  We don’t need competition we need cooperation.

People work better in teams with a common aim. We don’t need them arbitrarily divided into profit-making groups. 180 more words


Returning - a poem about life and death


Each second that we live we dare,
And in death too we give to share,
We are all part of the great cycle
and return to the plants, animals and air. 79 more words


Alfred McCoy on President Trump

Alfred McCoy: What I think right now is that, through some kind of malign design, Donald Trump has divined, has figured out what are the essential pillars of U.S. 350 more words