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Recipe to be Crazy

Recipe to be crazy:



10000 Celsius heat of motivation

1 bold shield

1 alien mind

100 earth size faiths of water

1 you… 436 more words

Ideas And Opinions


Economy is crumbling after oil price fall and China stock melt down. This is the golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to do ground work and position themselves in strong place and waiting to grab opportunity while global economy picks up again.

Ideas And Opinions

An outlook from "Rebecca" ( Daphne du Maurier)

Human beings emotions are sophisticated, they are different from robots, which do not have feelings. Sometimes people have to stand between rationality and love. When an innocent and passionate woman like Mrs.de Winter began to feel in a “sense of fear, of furtive unrest, struggling at length to blind unreasoning panic”(Daphne du Maurier, page5). 701 more words

Ideas And Opinions

Top Server-Side languages for Websites

The basics of software are machine instructions that are sent to the computer processor so that the computer can perform computations, store data, and display media and information. 784 more words


"You raise an interesting point"

Communicating your point of view in a professional setting is a skill that takes a special sort of mastery. In a room full of men, you might notice that they are uninhibited from sharing their thoughts. 250 more words


Play framework - The next web server phenomenon

As I have learned, there are more advancements in Web technologies which makes software development much easier, less complicated, and its end product to be highly efficient, stable, robust, fast, reliable and yet takes complex requirements. 850 more words


About the Japanese working culture

As part of the “Nearsource” countries I have discussed on a previous post, We now take on Japan, Its working culture and its IT relations with the Philippines. 935 more words

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