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About the Japanese working culture

As part of the “Nearsource” countries I have discussed on a previous post, We now take on Japan, Its working culture and its IT relations with the Philippines. 935 more words

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Euro zone might collapse.

Following the ECB’s quantitative easing, the value of euro currency is dropping. The prediction from Goldman sachs states that euro will reach parity with dollar in six months. 349 more words

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Outsourcing Countries - India , Vietnam and the Philippines

Cebu, Philippines – Outsourcing: It has become the economic driving force of several countries since the invention of the Internet. Worldwide communication has become very easy, with the means of email, chat, phone or video. 577 more words

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Improvement points at the start of project

Some lessons learned and improvement points to be implemented at the start of a project phase. And also always keep in mind the AGILE way. 66 more words

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My take on the Agile Manifesto

From my personal experience as a software developer, and having gone through several projects, I have my own share of challenges and struggles. Software development is a complex science and has takes some techniques to create a quality end product. 479 more words

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Key Skills to Become an Efficient Manager

I compiled some important skills that are required to become an efficient Team Manager. These skills are appropriate to any Engineering or Project team.

These are my own set of required skills based on my experience and opinion. 285 more words

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Einstein and Religion

“Scientists are likely to be atheists.”

This is a new-age myth that materialists attempt to foster. It is not based in truth. Indeed many surveys have shown that a greater proportion of scientists believe in God, personal or otherwise, than do the general population. 600 more words