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The Importance of Setting

Recently in Victorian Literature, the importance of setting in novels was discussed, and I’ll be going a little off topic to talk about that in this week’s blog post. 396 more words

Irish Literature

Jimmy's Hall

Last night, I did something I hadn’t done in a while; I sat down and watched a film. It was called Jimmy’s Hall, and we had to watch it for Irish Literature, and, to be honest, I was expecting to be quite bored by the end. 519 more words


Censorship in Ireland; Then and Now

In this week’s blog post, I’m moving away from discussing literature and will instead talk about Ireland’s censorship laws, and how they’ve changed over the years. 714 more words


The Super Mobile Platform

Not much technical blog posts lately, but there was one time our IT company asked us of any innovative software solution, or basically an “idea”. 276 more words

Ideas And Opinions

UiO, Quota Scheme, dan Galau

Tau Norwegia ?

Sering dengar tapi minim pengetahuan tentang negara itu. Haha, sama! Aku pun begitu. Dulu sebelum berangkat ke negeri salmon, aku tak tahu bahwasanya Norwegia begitu mempesona. 649 more words

Living Abroad

Teacher's Pet

A lot of parents are proud and encourage their kids to be teachers ‘pets. Students, themselves, also want to be their teachers ‘favorites. True, there are a lot of advantages of becoming teachers ‘pets. 829 more words

Ideas And Opinions

Starting a software development Project and Team

Starting a software development Project and Team

1. Get the Requirements

Get the following information as follows:

– What are the Programming language skills required? Java, JavaScript, SQL and etc.. 518 more words

Ideas And Opinions