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Now, I realise this won’t come as a surprise to many mums, but I now concede to the fact that eating with your child is the best way forward, specifically evening meals.  167 more words

Baby Led-weaning


Been on holiday recently- sooo relaxing.  Grandparents on hand to babysit plus sister and her family were there, so her kids entertained Austin.

I packed an oil cloth as an afterthought and was so glad I did.  128 more words

Baby Led-weaning

Using up basil. And roast veggies. Oh, and salmon.

Yesterday I set about making some pesto for the first time.  I’d bought a Riverford veg box and there was some complimentary basil that I wanted to use before it wilted.  92 more words

Dinner For The Family

Snack attacks

As I’ve mentioned before, I find giving Austin snacks tricky.  I can never tell whether he’s hungry or just bored of what he’s doing.  And there’s the matter of mess. 68 more words

Baby Led-weaning

Garlic breath

In case any of you haven’t already discovered this, yes, you can give your baby garlic breath.  Piieeeuuwwww!  I fed Austin my ‘Disgusting Butternut Squash and Adzuki Bean Spread’ yesterday and today and my nose has been paying the penalty ever since. 588 more words

Baby Led-weaning