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To the Chapel of Love

Bells are ringing for weddings in the summer, the favoured season for a lot of couples to tie the knot. It has, after all, the most ideal setting for pictures at parks with flowers in full bloom, green grass, birds in the air, you get the picture.   274 more words


What the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation Can Teach U.S. Businesses About Cybersecurity By Craig Sherwood

For anyone opening a tech industry publication in recent months, it’s been nearly impossible to miss headlines related to the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation… 829 more words


Watching ~ Story: Part 1.7

I wonder if maybe he was in love? Love is one of the most powerful awakening methods that can be used by an immaterial. (That’s what we call ourselves, by the way, because technically we are not made of any “material”. 302 more words


Getting Started on the Journey to Digitization By Michael Haddon

Despite its seemingly ubiquitous adoption, digital technology has only just begun to penetrate most industries. According to a recent McKinsey report, “Industries are less than 40 percent digitized, despite the relatively deep penetration of these technologies in media, retail,and high tech. 649 more words


the merger


making lifestyle changes does not have to be drastic nor extreme. Sometime subtle modifications can assist in the merger toward the desired lifestyle choices to help insure longevity, stick-to-itiveness and or contentment. 394 more words

Cloud Computing Green Initiatives on the Rise By Elaina Arce

Over the past couple of months, we have seen a lot of articles about the Big Three cloud providers and their efforts to be environmentally friendly and make cloud computing green. 423 more words