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Research This Year

What is going to be different about Research? What are you going to have to do differently? What steps will you need to take to be a success? 336 more words


Watch 1,069 Robots Dance In Perfect Unison [Video] By Jessica Johnson

A new Guinness Book of World Records achievement has been unlocked after WL Intelligent Technology Co, Ltd in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China managed to make 1,069 humanoid robots dancing in perfect unison. 130 more words


2 Fun Doggy Date Ideas

I’m an avid dog lover.  I swear, sometimes I’m more loyal to my dog than to my husband (don’t tell him I said that.)  And as such, I like to get my dog out of the house and take him on some fun adventures.   380 more words


Dating Florals

Another Day, Another Outfit!!!

Hi everyone, it’s another summer day again. So for those who don’t know me that well, I have a few things that I can never cut out of my life –  dogs, chocolates, and florals :D Oh and obviously, my family members as well! 101 more words


End of Week Reflections and Thoughts - Facebook page intro

Nb = This was mistakenly assumed uploaded last Friday but didn’t in error, apologies for the delay! Still relevant however!

Name change

Welcome everyone to the second edition of this blog post…type (!?). 789 more words

Mental Health

10 ways to get great ideas from your brain

Human brain is a treasure of ideas.In every moment new idea gives birth in our brain.But all of those ideas are not able to determine our success or to take an action on them. 635 more words


Leave Yourself Hanging

Inspiration is a tricky thing. I think every writer has had the unfortunate experience of having what seems like a fantastic idea that then melts like an ice cream in the summer sun—the more you try to pull it onto the page or screen, the less solid the idea becomes, until it’s gone and you’re weeping while sipping from an unmarked jug of homemade wine. 451 more words