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Giving the Advice I need

We all remember those times when our mom or dad would fumble into our rooms, coffee in hand, and newspaper tucked neatly under their armpit. We knew they were approaching before they walked in the door, the crumpling of plastic wrapping placed as a protectant over the paper crinkling as they took each step up the stairs. 541 more words

ATOM: A pocket-sized 3-axis smartphone gimbal

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According to Indiegogo

The ATOM is the smallest 3-axis smartphone gimbal with a foldable structure, which provides great portability, rich fantastic functionality and expanded App extensions.

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Olaeris|Creators of AEVA®: The 21st Century Helicopter Replacement

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According to fundable.com

Meet AEVA®: the unmanned aircraft that’s redefining the meaning of flight.

AEVA® is the first civilian unmanned aircraft engineered specifically to meet FAA safety protocols, obtain type class certification and fly in open airspace with other helicopters and planes.

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BEERMKR: All-in-one craft beer brewing machine

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According to kickstarter


BEERMKR handles both brewing AND fermentation and is 100% open, allowing you to customize recipes directly on the machine.

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Picasso's Tools for bloggers!?

Picasso’s Tools for bloggers!?

Nah, not his cans and brushes : Tools for the mind!

Here’s what I did : I picked a great book about Picasso, from Philippe Dagen. 171 more words

Why solo trips are good?

Have you ever felt empowered after any trip?

Always choose happiness over any other thing. The solo trips always help you in getting over any sadness growing in your life, You know when my other happened to know about my relationship for the first time, I felt like I am finished, but then we went for a family trip to Manali and by the time we came back, we’ve already replaced that bad memory with the good one. 149 more words

The Cloud Managed Services Market is Growing – and That’s Good for MSPs By Jay Chapel

Lately, we have been talking to quite a few providers of cloud managed services that play in both the private and public cloud spaces. These conversations have centered around how cloud management needs are evolving as enterprises’ hybrid and multi-cloud needs have accelerated. 679 more words