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13 Fun Facts You Can Add to Make Your About Me Page More Interesting! (1 min read)

Face It, we all have “About Me” pages, right? But the problem is they all suck, including mine. At least until now! Here’s what you can do to make your “About Me” page more exciting for readers to read. 184 more words

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The mood...

Sometimes I get a brilliant idea, or I get bored and just decide to mess around with my camera to see if I can grab a few decent shots. 364 more words


New Phone, New Options

After months of my Droid Mini being consistently inconsistent, it finally breathed its last and I was in the market for a new phone.  Four plus years isn’t bad for a phone, and I did find it particularly serviceable for the bulk of that time.  261 more words

4 Ways to Brainstorm 100 Blog Post Ideas in Less than 1 Hour (1 min read)

1. Take notice of blog comments.

If you have an active blog that gets even a few comments, don’t just leave them to go by unnoticed — draw every little bit of ammunition you can from them by taking every single comment and turning it into a question or topic to write about on your blog.  334 more words

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Clearing away the cobwebs...

If you’ve been following this blog you may have noticed that for almost the past year nothing has been posted.  I started this blog with no idea what I was doing and looking at all the wonderful blogs out there in internet land was intimidating.  251 more words


Getting People to Actually Read Your Blog Posts Rather than Like It (3 min read)

1. Create Eye Catching Headlines

The first part of being readable is getting your reader’s attention, which starts with the headline. Interestingly, while eight out of 10 people will read your headline, only two out of 10 will read the rest. 577 more words

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4 Ways to Boost Your Website Search Rank – P.S. – It’s Free & Easy to Do! (2 min read)


You know those words you type into the search engine when you’re trying to find a website or something relevant to what you’re looking for on Google…? 466 more words

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