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The MBA Farmer

Publisher: Lifi Publications
Author: Anand Choudhary
Editor: Tanya Jain
Year of Publication: 2017

The MBA Farmer is a  story of a young Indian MBA professional who left his stable career in the UK and came back to India to establish his agriculture-based business empire in a small village in Bihar. 63 more words


30 Questions for Self Discovery

I plan on writing the next posts based on this list, if you needed inspiration to keep writing, this is it. I would read yours if you have already joined this or want to. 8 more words


what are words?

what are words?
are they only sounds
spoken and erased
with time and space
no, they are echoes
they chase

they are knives
they are swords… 82 more words


Stories Written By A Public School Teacher

I have taught in this state’s public schools for 18 years. I’ve seen and heard so many things. Often I was at Title I schools, which have the neediest students. 348 more words

Detective Fiction

I’m not sure what to do about the above genre (and I hesitate to call it that given the hoopla surrounding ‘genres’ in the literary world). 447 more words

Music Lyrics For A Cause

There is a rampant misconception spreading in all people. A nimble idea that has seeded in the minds of the public everywhere. Said misnomer is that music lyrics have no meaning anymore, such a thought does have a base in the eloquently worded ‘Work’ by Rihanna which has been put together by 5 lyricists and possesses an emotion evoking first few lines which are as follows – 737 more words