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Q23: What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs?

It would be quite scary if it really did rain cats and dogs! Umbrellas probably wouldn’t be very efficient. Kids might get extremely excited, especially if cats and dogs came in the form of kittens and puppies. 363 more words

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I believe there is still magick in the world. One that makes miracles happen each and everyday. I have to believe that cause something out there is listen to our hopes and prayers. 254 more words


#SucculentSunday Inspirations 3: I have a New Lens

This past week I got super excited because I receive a new lens for my Nikon Camera. So many years thinking about this, until one day I really found which effect I wish… and my #succulentsgarden was my inspiration to practice (and also my kids ツ… Happy Sunday… Happy Blogging! 52 more words


Think About It #4

Do you care what people think?
Absolutely not. Only the ones who matter.
Think about it.



Gutter Glogger, Pavlovs, Meetups and Family Game Night

  1. Gutter cleaning pole – “The Gutter Glogger – The  taller gutter de-clogger” Prototype – painting extension pole with paintbrush clamp.  Garden trowel, stick, garden hose.
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