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Living in My Jeep: Days 3&4

I guess posting my Jeep adventures at the end of every day isn’t going to happen, due to lack of wi-fi accessibility. So, I figure I’ll just post when I can. 724 more words

When Should You Use a DIY App Builder? By Riley Panko

If you are a small business seeking to build a mobile app, the process may seem overwhelming. Often, small businesses do not have the expertise in-house to build a mobile app, and working with an app development firm or other outside resource may be too expensive. 701 more words


How to Avoid Being Held Hostage by Your App Developer By Sara MacQueen

If you are not happy with the company or person you hired to develop your software, you may want to switch to another developer in the future. 1,538 more words


6 Online Resources That Will Help You Understand Artificial Intelligence Better By Kelechi Udoagwu

Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be just a Sci-Fi concept, something that only existed in movies, books, and pop culture. But as technology developed and human capacity evolved with it, we have been able to design artificially intelligent machines, machines that mirror human behaviour and learn new concepts just the way we can. 731 more words


6 Unexpected Ways Blockchain Is Changing the World By George Beall

Back in January 1999, public recognition of the internet was reaching an all-time high. Few people knew exactly what the internet was, or just how impactful it would become over the next few decades, but the word “internet” was being used left and right by companies attempting to signal their relevance in the changing times. 875 more words


Being/Doing/Thinking - Japanese Style

Attraction for a culture outside your own has its advantages. The difference of the culture from your own culture allows you to see things with stark clarity and contrast with your own. 524 more words


Why I Didn't Watch the Royal Wedding

Because I fundamentally disagree with a system which supports and reinforces a hierarchy of human existence. I reject the idea that some lives are more valuable, important, or noble because of their last name, where they were born, or the type of clothes they wear. 213 more words