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Updated Permissions in Android M: New Challenges and Opportunities| By |Will Crocker

Android developers have traditionally had an easy time convincing people to opt-in. Customers installing an app have been greeted with a “Wall of Permissions” that encouraged them to grant blanket access to their device’s tools and data no matter what the app needed to correctly function. 394 more words


Angry Romans are sharing pictures of New York trash on Facebook

Rome is rotting.

This should come as no news to Romans, who have dealt all sorts of decay and inefficiency for decades (link in Italian). The city has witnessed regional scandals—public money was allegedly spent by politicians to organize… 189 more words

Your World Turns Upside-Down?

Your World Turns Upside-Down?

Sometimes we are exposed to various things which completely rearrange our life.  Our world is, in some way, turned up-side-down.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what it is.   594 more words


Dreaming of a Green Office (Part II)

August is fast approaching, which means that autumn vibe are on their way. The change in season will also officially mark my third year in graduate school– where has the time gone? 276 more words

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some of my clones.

not so nefarious in pictures, but i am making clones.

i know, growing your own food is evil.

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How to Have Your Dream Wedding on a Small Budget

Weddings are a frequent event in Utah. And with Utah’s amazing scenery and the fact that we have all four seasons, each bride can easily have her dream wedding. 352 more words


3 consejos para crear una lluvia de ideas

Antes de iniciar cualquier proyecto, una herramienta eficaz para generar conceptos es la realización de una lluvia de ideas, la cual tiene por objetivo dejar fluir todas las percepciones iniciales, para encontrar la idea correcta. 184 more words