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The Assistive Technology Vertical and the Role of 3D Printing| By |John Smith

I know profit mongers will have a hard time hijacking 3D printing as ordinary people and even people with disabilities can benefit from it. But even then, I feel a bit disappointed when I see many 3D pundits are sneering at the growth of assistive technologies. 683 more words


Why handmade products make great gifts

What makes a great gift?

Every gift should come from the heart.  But what does make a great gift is one that’s unique – something that you won’t find out later that everyone has the same. 342 more words

Procurement PunchOut with cXML

Hi colleagues. It has been a while since I posted anything. Today I will write a quick post as part of an interface I am currently developing to do  222 more words


"She's My What?!": Discovering Character Relationships

Character dynamics are a tricky business. I was working on my novel earlier, and I had two characters, who hadn’t previously interacted, about to meet. As I wrote the lead-in, there was something…off about the character whose point of view I was writing from. 521 more words


The Thing I Want To Do - JOURNALING

I’ve been wanting to get back to journaling. My route with journals were – I would start it with a new pen and on crisp pages of a new notebook, but after a while, I would stop. 160 more words


One of the most common questions that I’m asked is: “Where do you get your ideas from”?

The world is full of people with great ideas.  

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Opening draft.. 

I look at your face and see your brows furrow. A sharp line of worry creases above them, a clear indication that something is not right. 254 more words