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From The State To The Streets: The Crisis On Our Doorstep

At the back end of a cold winter the UK has witnessed the savage effects of what should be a source of national shame in the world’s 6th largest economy. 1,198 more words

In-cognitive power

Tell me of pain, what can it do?
Break you or make you.
Is there a diamond without the pressure?
It’s the fire that makes gold as treasure. 134 more words


"We must strive to love our country more than we hate our neighbor:" a former CIA officer's plea to America

I spent my career in the CIA tackling some of the most serious national-security issues confronting the United States. For over many years, I worked toward protecting our democracy, our citizens, and our nation against threats emanating from abroad: I was one of the first analysts on the Afghanistan Task Force at the beginning of the war, ran counter-extremism programs overseas, and served as a global counter-terrorism advisor in the White House, among other national-security roles. 840 more words

15 Fun things to do when It's cold outside

It’s all too familiar during the winter to get stuck inside. However, cold weather doesn’t have to be a gloomy weather! There are tons of fun things that you can do alone or with your loved ones. 503 more words


It’s 6 A.M

In the morning…and my creative juices are flowin’

It won’t let me sleep but perhaps those are just my demons 🤔 (ha, I jokes).

I’m just thinking of what to do today honestly; I haven’t had a whole day to do nothing in a long time. 104 more words


Masks and fragmentation

I entered the yoga studio feeling fragmented.

To be fair, I was on the verge of illness the level of which makes one question whether one should lounge or take to action; whether it would be socially irresponsible to extend the bug to others, or equally irresponsible to ignore the personal requirement of daily exercise … 204 more words

How To Create a MySQL Database using XAMPP

This tutorial assumes that you have XAMPP 1.7.3 installed. The procedure should be the same for other versions of XAMPP. Many applications, such as Pretashop, Joomla!, Magento require an SQL database as part of their setup. 99 more words