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So I want to be able to gather currency made up by other people. I thought that there should be a way for anyone audacious enough to attempt purchasing work with fake money or a currency that they made up themselves to be somewhat successful in their endeavour. 137 more words


The Daily Prompt: August 18, 2018

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Creative Writing

I have just invented the hitherto impossible backwards in time machine

As I approach the final day of work, I’ve noticed a phenomenon where extra weeks seem to be slotting in between now and that day, seemingly from nowhere… 269 more words

Thinking About

AUGUST 18, 1980 (“Pilgrim”)

From the series “1980”, written each day of 1980…

(to Karen, Kate & Shari)


The world is a well


and full to overflowing, 169 more words


#12. “You have to set yourself goals so you can push yourself harder. Desire is the key to success.”

Usain Bolt has authored an autobiography named “Faster than Lightning: My Story” and I happened to stumble upon the book and as I am overly obsessed with biographies, I bought it. 490 more words


Ideas galore: how to get through the flow.

There’s an easy way to file away ideas and thoughts. It’s not by filing ideas and thoughts for different genres into different notebooks, but simply keeping a notebook for everything that comes to mind. 276 more words

Writing Day-by-day

Michael Persinger and others

I became interested in Consciousness as an unexplained phenomena in about 1998 when we came to the UK.

Before that, I simply believed, like most people, that consciousness was me in my soul – my spiritual aspect. 341 more words