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Chicken and Pad Tai Noodle Soup Recipe

Freshly minced ginger is the magic in this Asian-inspired soup 💜

Ginger is full of flavor and carries a delightful warm spice. It’s also one of the healthiest root herbs you can eat. 222 more words


The Cruelty Of "Pro-Choice"

These little girls are just as human and just as worthy of life as any of us, yet Karen Hine, an abortion advocate from Canada, believes they should have been killed… 825 more words


The Positivity Challenge

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty negative person. My own worse critic, seeing the glasses as half empty rather than full, with a fixation on perfection that means anything less is rarely satisfying. 138 more words



“People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”.

I recently heard this quote for the first time, and it seemed to come to me at the perfect moment. 173 more words


On Elegance & Style

Being a Fashion Addict is really time-consuming. We tend to devour style magazines, ask a friend when we doubt our wearing: “Should I wear this shirt or that one, today?”, “Do you like these pants or the skirt?”, “Are my jeans fitting the sportive shoes or maybe I should wear heels?” These are normal daily questions but it is not easy to please ourselves with any answer: Be elegant, is a good answer if not a great answer. 304 more words


Chekhov, moments and privacy

I was recently re-reading one of Chekhov’s short stories, The Lady with the Dog, and found two paragraphs I’d missed the first time I read it, about this time last year. 615 more words

Quantified Self

Push me, pull you

Cost. It’s more than just the price paid. We also pay in time and effort. Money, time and effort — we weigh all of them when we’re deciding what to buy and how. 558 more words