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A list of good questions to ask - Part 2

A list of good questions to ask in no particular order.

1) When you meet someone who is not familiar with your background and they ask you the age-old “what do you do?” question, how do you even begin to answer that? 143 more words


Writing Notebook - April 26, 2015

I am maintaining another blog, one for which I write articles.  Some are lists, some are gift ideas, some are commentary.  I do lists of interesting websites that I find in my web explorations.   231 more words

Personal Development

The perfect plan

How do you define a perfect plan?
Is it a plan that does not change?
Is it a plan that takes into account predictable and unpredictable events? 76 more words


Communicating Speculative Designs

Speculative design frequently produces brilliant ideas. Providing magnificent concept of products or system for the near future life. However, bringing the concept into the real world, designers need to have adequate skills to communicate how to make the ideas easily understood by users. 327 more words


If You Want the Best Intranet, Stop Doing These 5 Things| By |Carolyn Douglas

Sometimes seeking out the best intranet and getting genuine intranet buy-in feels like a pretty elusive goal. Like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time; you can do it for a few minutes but somewhere along the way you miss a step and lose your rhythm. 658 more words


Time and the space inside

We are always looking for time and space.

People say that travel broadens the mind. For me, this is not just an expanding of horizons, of distances and numbers previously beyond awareness or comprehension; not merely of connection with ‘other’ social and cultural systems that bring about an awareness of other ways of thinking and ways of operating in the world; but of the possibility of immersion in those systems. 207 more words

Essays And Musings

5 things to do when you can't find a job

My husband and I have both been looking for jobs for the past 6+ months. Do you ever feel like you’re cursed? Well, we refuse to accept that. 175 more words