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Photography business thoughts 

Recently I had a few conversations with photographer Stefan Holm. He lives in Sweden and be sure to check his work out here http://stefanholm.photography/
We discussed ideas for photographers to make money online and about a few not online. 468 more words


Learning from Japanese Structural Design: Reflections on the Symposium

MoMA’s exhibit on Japanese architecture (through July 31, 2016) examines the “constellation” of influence in the country’s early-21st-century architecture and design community, but perhaps not so explicit in the exhibit are 1) the structural engineers’ parallel relationships of influence and 2) the structural engineer’s role in collaborating with architects to produce these works. 1,182 more words


Making Durable, Reliable, and Dynamic Links On Mobile| By |Alex Austin

Even now, eight years into the development of the mobile ecosystems, one of the most basic components of the modern web still doesn’t work: links. 1,297 more words


Of Sitting Down and Getting Down To Business

There’s this misleading belief that writing is supposed to come from a place of pure and untainted inspiration, but it’s not. Keep waiting for the Muse to grant you the privilege of her divine touch and you’re likely to not come up with anything worthwhile anytime soon; or even worse, witness your ideas float away into oblivion, never to be recaptured again. 229 more words

Of Life And Love

Socially Dynamic Traits: Ideation, Aggregation and Dissemination

I’m writing today around a new area, the Socially Dynamic Organisation. I’m using this term in a very specific context, to talk about organisations that sit in the… 408 more words


Matt Bruenig Revisited

A couple days ago, I composed a short little write-up on the Matt Bruenig Situation.

The gist is that the left in the United States is divided. 1,198 more words


Ideas for final project

For the final project of 2060 we could work alone or in groups. Me and Fran decided to work together as we both have really similar ideas, and are both really keen to try and make something that might actually influence 2060 now. 176 more words