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What to give to a mum? A short list of gift ideas for mum || Blogmas 2018 Day 10

We’re almost halfway there and I am truly happy about that. Yet, there are still so many things to do. One of the things I can cross out of my list is buying presents. 299 more words



Not written in isolation,
this post was
inspired by other writers,
supported by IT engineers,
composed in a house,
built by construction workers,
wired by electricians… 40 more words

5 ways to generate financially successful business ideas with a Pen and Paper

When you think about generating a financially successful business idea as an Entrepreneur, my best guess is that you look around your environment, identify problems and look for creative ways to solve them. 645 more words


Pastry treats

It’s a turnover,

Filled full of dreams

Mixed into a puree.

But the taste is always sweet, always tart

And always in no way comparable to the whole, solid fruit.


Brief Introduction

Academia is a very niche life, especially in the field of classics. It can be horribly elite, horribly white, and horribly masculine. But, for those of us who are more creative, it is a life of learning every aspect of human art there is to know. 170 more words

Dermaplaning – Answering The Most Asked Questions About The Popular Facial

The most sought after facial of the year. I can confirm it’s worth the hype. Ever since I had the facial, I have told everyone I see to feel my face (probably not a good idea bacteria-wise) and have been obsessed with how well my make-up sits and how fresh, smooth and healthy my skin looks. 595 more words