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Afternoon WOD April 23 2019

Weighed. 65 kgs. 🤫🤭

Stationary Bike. 10 minutes. Hills. 3.09 kms…

  • Ups. 50
  • Squats. 05…painful
  • Trunk Twists. 30

Lat Pulls.

  1. 50 lbs x 20. Normal Wide Grip.
  2. 82 more words

Channel Incentive Data Never Sleeps By Juan Ortiz

Data doesn’t sleep. In the US today, there are about 312 million internet users, meaning most of us leave digital “footprints” everywhere. From Fitbits to Echo speakers to Androids and iPhones, these gadgets have become de facto extensions of who we as consumers are. 411 more words


Feeling Blocked? 6 Foolproof Tricks to Get Your Ideas Flowing

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I don’t believe in writer’s block as a long-term or chronic condition. The main problem I have with the concept is that “writer’s block” is a broad label that our culture applies to a myriad of problems — all of which have a unique solution. 817 more words

Creative Stumbling Blocks

Writing Prompt: Bike Ride

Write about a bike ride. Where does it take you/your character? What do you see? What do you smell/hear/taste/feel?


The Value of Traditions in Non-Traditional Families

According to recent statistics if you live in a traditional two-parent family with kids you’re the weird one now! In Canada the most common type of household is now a single person home, the second most popular is some sort of ‘step’ option. 1,947 more words

Life Lessons Yo!

I Have Officially Run Out Of Ideas (At Least At The Moment)

Contrary to the title of this piece, I’d known exactly what I was going to write about today for the past week…then was thwarted by something outside my control not being finished in enough time; it’s now being pushed off to Friday. 354 more words