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  • I am still coming up on empty regarding the progression of my stock. I am inspired to do something else rather than continuing the stuff that was half-done, and now I am considering whether or not I should pursue that inspiration instead.
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Driving thoughts

You guessed it, I’m driving to work again. It’s not as foggy as it was yesterday today, but it’s still a little bit gloomy. Although, I think it supposed to warm up to like 80° today. 756 more words


Toni for Solstice magazine

Solstice magazine was created to represent the fashion industry all over the world and aims to ‘deliver a beautiful editorial with an abundance of creative excellence.’ BOSS babe Toni models these romance-filled looks for the publication. 6 more words


Gossiping might actually be good for you

Gossip can be toxic for relationships. When we share negative information about others, we risk hurting our peers’ feelings, eroding trust, and destroying friendships. But, counterintuitively, research suggests that this social behavior may not be entirely negative. 601 more words

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Sending Push Notifications| By |Namrutha Ramanathan

Picture this. It’s 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning and you’re fast asleep. *Beep* your mobile phone vibrates. You drag yourself to pick the phone thinking that it could be an important text or call. 1,667 more words