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Web Design in Atlanta: Eight Amazing Ideas You Can Use for Your Site

A good web design can easily keep your readers happy and excited to visit your page. Websites with unique, fresh, and new designs gain more repeat visitors. 48 more words

Why? - The seed from which insights grow

Writers just starting out on their writing journey are fascinated by why an author chose to write about a particular topic. When we hold a published book in all its hardback glory, and pore over the Acknowledgements, and the table of contents, and then the writing itself, it’s hard to imagine that this book was a mere wisp floating around the world when it flew over an author who netted it, and brought it close to herself and examined it with a magnifying glass, and held it in her head and her heart, till it grew into the book we hold today, in all its hardback glory. 491 more words

So I'm writing a blog?

Busy. For months, I’ve been more busy than I have ever been in my life, and the light at the end of the month isn’t anywhere in sight. 289 more words


10 DIY Reading Nook Ideas For Every Pocket

The latest trend in home decoration is creating reading nooks, which means that a small surface of your home will be destined to books and tranquility. 24 more words

FREE PATTERN RELEASE: 11 Intelligent Ideas for I-Cord

I love making i-cord! It’s easy and it’s fun. And you can use it in so many colorful ways. Besides the traditional use for bind-offs and drawstrings, you can use an i-cord countless ways around the house and even in aspects of your wardrobe. 33 more words

Do cats really meow?

Like any other day, I was serving myself dinner at 3am, when suddenly I turned around and saw Simona (My Labrador retriever), Mylo (Unidentified breed that looks like a cow, acts like a fool and is a dog) and our new friend Madame (A kitten). 170 more words

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