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MCD - Abandoned Factory 3

I really like this story.  It’s wonderfully… comfortable.  That will change, of course, in time.  Akaiame is on the second-tallest building for a reason… 1,315 more words


Jangled inertia

Lostness   (53)

In an indifferent universe, not loving oneself invites adversity.

I am also wary of conditional self-esteem:
which only accepts a “special” existence,
being intolerant toward the ordinary. 206 more words


A Great Big Thank You.

This message was received from Janette Buchanan in advance of the new site going ‘live..’

“Thank you all the Bank of Scotland pensioners who recently submitted suggestions to the Association. 49 more words

Beautiful Instagram feed

Ever since I first got Instagram in 2012 I would post ANYTHING that I found interesting. It wasn’t until 2014 that Instagram began growing and having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed became a thing. 431 more words

Bullet Points

Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“Many of us have shot our own selves in the foot for following foolish people to a place of action where we don’t belong, because It takes a strong person to stand up to evil and say, No!” ~ Jon Barnes 

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Daily Devotional

On Bullshit

It’s been only a few days ago that I came across this seminal paper: “On Bullshit” by Harry G. Frankfurt (via ribbonfarm, a constant source of inspiration!). 377 more words

Facts And Findings

Brain holiday

Love is being Silly

Love is doing silly things

if you are not doing silly things you are probably not in Love

if you are probably not in Love… 93 more words