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Modern Yoga Myths, Part I. Mālā Beads and Mysticism

by Vie Binga & Tim Ganley #ideas

Practice, practice, practice.
Practice and it will come.
All it takes is practice.

The above are phrases that any one remotely interested in yoga, or meditation for that matter, has heard before.

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Intent Data: Finding the Right Fit By Matthew Grant

Marketing automation systems have changed the lives of marketers. Once burdened with endless manual tasks, marketing organizations now arm themselves with automated marketing stacks. This enables teams to nurture more leads in new ways. 583 more words


Council Houses by Any Other Name

By Kent Barker, writing in the Hastings Independent

The only real surprise is that it’s taken so long. Margaret Thatcher’s mad doctrinaire decision to strip councils of the housing stock they had built up with rate-payers’ money over generations did untold damage. 752 more words


New Watercolor Pads #Art #Painting

Ideal for watercolors, but also works with acrylics or oil paints, I bought some new pads of paper to continue experimenting with my abstract art and to continue to hone my skills. 75 more words


What I like Andrew Martin and kilts.

What I like and love

Why do I like this fabric, it is the colour, the beautiful blue, with a lighter blue, bright red, white and moss green. 249 more words


The Daily Prompt: January 22, 2019

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