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Angelina Jolie: What We Owe Refugees

Who comes to mind when you picture a refugee? You probably don’t imagine a European. But if you were a child of World War II and asked your parents what a refugee was, they would probably have… 835 more words


🎡 5 Small But Important Things To Observe In Parenting

Parenting has a ton of nuances.

You’re doing it even when you’re not doing it. You’re doing it, especially when you’re not doing it because little eyes are watching you. 881 more words

Dad Moments

Even the angels...

Hello friends!

I realize it has been a while since I posted. Busy times.

In the meantime though, there have been two ideas rolling around in my head. 523 more words


ylem: a strange word for an even stranger universe

i saw the milky way for the first time three years ago, just outside joshua tree national park, then again in a little cabin by capitol reef a few summers later. 325 more words

Info Medley - Shindo Renmei, McNamara's Morons, and Psychology is Structured Speculation

A wee history and idea medley regarding the somewhat obscure Shindo Renmei, ‘McNamara’s Morons, and the question of to what degree is Psychology a science. 55 more words

Our Fathers' Masculinity

(the day post-celebration)

There was a boy in my elementary school. He enjoyed singing, and loved acting out like a pop star when he performed; his hand gestures stroking brushes on invisible canvases and his facial expressions twisted like a thousand loose threads. 772 more words


Ideas by fans

Fans are free to post any ideas that they may have for the Post Human series here.