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Week 3 Field Report

For our week three report where we had to discover and record the sounds of three objects which reminded our group members of our turangawaewae. We met up and discussed or individual objects and talked about what we could use to create sounds which represent our home. 407 more words


Wild Graffiti Adventures

In high school, I was a little bit of an artist. I was good at pottery, charcoal, painting. I wasn’t the best, and never the prodigy. 86 more words

How A D&D Player Would Deconstruct: Coma Doof

I somehow got the chance to watch Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time.

To think its a year from its initial release.

When I was a kid watching Mad Max: The Road Warrior had a big effect on me. 632 more words


"Do it for the blog!"

So far this phrase has not done me wrong. “Do it for the blog!” has talked me into learning new skills, being braver, being healthier, relaxing more…the possibilities are clearly endless! 624 more words

Distraction Is Subtraction

We are often distracted by a myriad of activities that are vying for our attention. This is true even before the great technological advancements we have in recent decades, as the human mind craves novelty. 67 more words


The Art of Grace, On Moving Well Through Life, by Sarah L. Kaufman

Sarah Kaufman shows how grace shows up in smooth physical movement, in principled character, in habits of caring, in bravery, reserve, formality, kindness, forbearance, etc. She names a few of the graceful ones who have appeared among us. 282 more words