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3-month Update - Oona and Beatrix

Another month has come and gone, just as quick as the months before.  The girls are now officially three months old, and the summer is nearly over, which means Andreas’s paternity leave is also nearly over. 403 more words

Week 11

Our second visit to the obstetrician’s office. Doctor applies the ultrasound gel as usual, and then starts moving the thing around. He goes back and forth for a few moments without saying anything, and then.. 334 more words

Double Trouble

Steam Trains

Two of my grandchildren are identical twins.  Here is a recent photo of one of them.  Not much point showing a photo of the other one.   160 more words



Harper Frost is laid-back, easygoing. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. She likes a beer and a shot and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything fashionable.

396 more words

Scan daze..

Today was the day of our routine cancer scans… But it was far from routine.

The twins are now 18 months and they despise being held down and having a ‘stranger’ touching them more than ever. 492 more words


How twins happen: Fraternal vs Identical

Twins, good for minor characters in creepy horror films and known for the special bond that they’re supposed share. But what exactly is the difference between identical and non-identical twins I hear you say. 924 more words


Squib Sisters: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Story


by Emily Kopf

Word Count: 3346

Rating: PG for deceit and magic

Summary: Identical twin sisters try to pass off the squib twin as magical while attending Hogwarts. 3,417 more words