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Last Cat On Mars Presents: Just Sayin' - Chess is as Chess Does

As a feline with quite useful paws, its pains me to say that it is rather difficult for me to play the ancient game of chess without mauling the innocent pieces before they even launch themselves on their board-y crusades. 189 more words


When Moana Is Life 🎵💃

Sometimes, as a Parent, you just need a minute!

It helps a lot when your kids are all simultaneously obsessed with the same movie, TV show or song. 68 more words


The Fantastic Four 👧👩👶👶

I thought that I’d take some time to write a little post about the main focus of my blog, my tribe! 👭👭

Oldest to youngest: 821 more words


My Entrance Into The Blogging World.. eeekkk!!

I am actually strangely nervous about writing this 😨, kind of the same feeling that you get when you’re about to walk into a new club or group for the first time. 290 more words


Back to the Blog!

We are back!  We took a little hiatus from the blog, but now we’re back.  Since our last post, we had another set of twins.  That’s right, a SECOND set of twins.  139 more words


Hide and find

Along with the line “children say the funniest things” or “give a child a toy and they end up playing with the box”, I’d like to add my own stereotype if I may. 374 more words

The Other Minnesota Twins

Imagine if you had a twin and you were separated at birth.  And 39 years later you meet and start talking to each other about your lives.  144 more words