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The Developers

I was looking through some of my book files some days ago, and I came across a document entitled Short comic stories. I clicked on it and began reading a story that I had written like a year ago. 159 more words

A Pair of Identical Twins

These  2 women reminded me of those good old days when my sister and I were younger and lived in the same house before we got married…

All grown up

The trouble with kids is that when they are little you can’t help but look forward to them being a bit more independent. Then when they do actually grow up you just really wish they were little again. 738 more words


"Dead Ringers" Review

“Dead Ringers” (1988)

 “Am I really that different from Beverly?” – Elliot

“You really are…” – Claire

David Cronenberg’s 1988 feature “Dead Ringers” is the director’s “trademark” movie starring Jeremy Irons, and loosely based on a real-life story of identical twin brothers working as gynaecologists in New York. 1,417 more words

Movie Reviews

Oopty + Oocty Cipherhouse emergency housing policy...

Myself and pootz when we where raised together as to young girls and the feature photo is of us both in this blog, something I have exhumed we both remember being taken, but in our jest we use to comply in coming up with various policy one that I found was the function of being able to generate a housing department place anyway was our “Emergency Housing Policy” I was racking my brain as this was many phases of time ago that we came up with this what was on it and it has two points they are:- 39 more words


Simon says

Just a quick video of the girls!  I know I keep saying this, but every single day they change and learn something new.  These clips are actually about a week old, so by the time you see this they will know even more!



I can’t believe summer is ending!  Like always we have been busy, but having the girls so much more active makes each day better than the one before.  61 more words