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Twin Patience

Every parent requires some form of patience, no matter how many kids you have. One can sometimes be more difficult than 100 so I never like to downplay anyone that doesn’t have twins. 227 more words

hidden truths 7

Husband and wife looked at each other.They looked at Banke together their eyes greatly questioning her.Their wonder, amazement and disbelief were clearly written on their face.They seemed to signal to themselves that something must be done. 1,042 more words


The article that left me in tears

I came across this article today and everything in it rung so true to my first year with my boys, except I felt it times two.   491 more words


One butter-glazed woman for dessert

On Saturday we were going to have a nice family dinner to celebrate the arrival of my brother’s new son. My parents were coming over for dinner, we were going to reach my brother on skype, I was making some gourmet burgers and a chocolate cake for dessert, everything was meant to be super nice. 297 more words

Identical Twins

An ode to friends

The morning didn’t start very well. I have not slept much last night. At 11:30pm I was still preparing lunch for the next day, at 4am the babies have already woken up for a feed, and in between I had too many thoughts in my head to sleep properly, about a potential new job prospect, which I am both excited and nervous about. 500 more words

Identical Twins

A bit of relax time tonight...

It was a stressful day. Already third one in a row actually.

My older daughter is home during the school holidays, and I want to spend quality time with her – except that our 5 month olds (the twinnies) are being hard, refuse to sleep properly, and are very needy and fussy. 189 more words

Identical Twins

Product reviews: breast pumps

Hi all.

One of the most overwhelming things in our twin journey was baby gear. What to buy. What not to buy. What’s ok secondhand, and what you must have new. 836 more words

Identical Twins