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Now that I'm a Mum of Three

When my first child was born, I remember walking dreamily around the hospital room telling a friend that I couldn’t believe something so perfect had come out of me. 298 more words

High Risk Pregnancy

Two Is Double Great And More!

So happy they came color coded so I could tell them apart when I just wasn’t sure with a quick glance! Andrea and Kerstin Schulze, identical twins from the start and in many ways all through life. 135 more words

People Dating An Identical Twin Answer The Question On Everybody's Mind

People dating an identical twin have taken to Reddit to answer the age-old question (that they’re probably tired of hearing) and dispel the myth that all twins are created equal.  35 more words

Two completely overtired, screaming, laughing, niggling, Bi-polar babies… check.

Man am I going to sleep like the dead until the next feed!

Twinless in Twinsburg

Anya Groner | Longreads | June 2017 | 20 minutes (5,065 words)

I’m stopped at a red light in Twinsburg, Ohio, when I spot my first pair riding in the Jeep behind me. 5,451 more words



Why are people so fascinated and drawn to twins – identical twins in particular? Of course they are unique individuals but so alike that they garner plenty of attention. 456 more words

Identical Twins

So let me tell you about this horrific pregnancy I just had.

It turns out I have a lot more to say about parenting in the abstract – having branded myself, officially, as a Mummy Blogger (ugh) I’m all of a sudden at a loss for words. 1,004 more words

High Risk Pregnancy