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Are they Twins, are they Identical?

So quietly pushing the double trolley down the supermarket aisle, keeping my head down, as we all know time is of the absolute essence when trying to stick to the all important Routine.  318 more words

Stay At Home Dad


Beverly had been in the City all day with friends listening to the San Francisco opera sing in Sigmund Stern Grove.  She returned home around 7:30pm and saw the light flashing on her answering machine.   536 more words

Identical Twins

Feeding time at the Zoo

The skull-cracking screams of one hungry new born let alone 2 is deafening and really gets the heart racing. In the first few days of bringing the twins home they didn’t stop screaming. 329 more words

Stay At Home Dad

Kerrville Baby Shower May 17, 2015

The baby shower that we were fortunate to have hosted for us was so, so amazing.  It was such an overwhelming and comforting experience.  Travis and I have such an amazing supportive and loving group that surrounds us and I do not know how we could make it through this scary time without them. 451 more words


When one twin gets held back.....

 I am the mother of identical twin sons, who are now 11 years old (they will be referred to as “C” and “R”). Both of them have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, but the level of impairment is different between the two (one is prone to anxiety and impulsiveness). 596 more words


20 Week Check-up!

     Momo twins check-up day! Today we had our 20 week appointment and babies are doing great! Carsen (baby A) has a heartbeat of 146 and is measuring about 10 ounces. 390 more words


The Horror Stories vs My Reality

I, like anyone else finding out they are having momo twins, began a googling quest. I can honestly say that was a huge mistake. When we found out we were having identical twins, our doctor walked us through the different kinds. 855 more words