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My 9-week journey as a high-risk pregnancy patient: Part 1 - A day in the life

On August 16, 2017, I was 25 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with a condition called Vasa Previa, resulting in me spending the duration of my pregnancy in the high-risk hospital ward. 2,901 more words


Mosaic Down Syndrome: Is It More Mild?

Something I hear often in the Down syndrome community are comments about how “mild” or “severe” somebody with Down syndrome is. It’s a frequently-discussed topic because many people don’t like those descriptors when it comes to this disability. 2,096 more words

Identical Sisters Have Grown Up To Become ‘Most Beautiful Twins In The World’

Every mother thinks their children are the most beautiful in the world, but for one mom in California, it might actually be true! Jaqi Clements set up an Instagram account for her twin girls, Leah Rose and Ava Marie, and they now have over 193,000 followers. 470 more words


Identical Vs Fraternal Twins

The thing that struck me about having twins – particularly high-risk twins, since that comes with so many more scans and doctors appointments – is that the whole thing is very, well, … 993 more words


It's Never Too Late

With the arrival of another new year, on January 2nd, Maxine and Laurel turned three! That only three years ago, one day past a similarly frigid New Year’s Day, they came crashing into our lives, blatant and unexpectedly early (in typical fashion), is still staggering. 871 more words


New year resolutions

Have you ever made the majority of your New Year’s resolutions based on other individuals rather than yourself? Before I explain further, firstly I resolve to do my best to eat meals sitting down as much as possible for a change (even five minutes in succession would be nice!) and make time to have a bubble bath every now and again; two actions I believe will more beneficial to me – rather than eating more greens and exercising regularly. 339 more words

Happy Birthday, Walter Perkins - My Dad

Dearest Readers:

On December 19, 1914, two identical twins were born in Michigan. Lewis Eugene and Walter W. Perkins. Never did I have the honor to know Uncle Lewis. 1,089 more words