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MDM4U Permutations with some identical items 2016-02-11

Today we formalized counting permutations when there are some identical (indistinguishable) items.

For example, we discussed arranging the letters of the word BALL. If the two Ls were different in some way, there would be different arrangements of the letters. 104 more words


Review: Identical

Hi everyone, I hope everyone’s week is treating them well! I came up with an idea that I’m surprised hasn’t hit me yet. Last week I decided to finally post my  205 more words



It’s me, the way I see you, that’s it! It is me, and you are me in it all its what I have become shaped to see, and so did you. 20 more words


Before I get in to talking about the book, let me explain this picture. As you might have figured out from previous posts, my co-blogger, Tina, is a huge Ellen Hopkins fan. 434 more words


MUSING MONDAYS | More Dollar Bookstore Finds!

I went back, you guys! The folks did some grocery shopping at the same place where the One Dollar Bookstore is located so I did my thing while they did theirs. 408 more words


Shera Grant joins twin Shanta Owens as Alabama district court judge

Shera Grant and Shanta Owens, identical twin sisters, have led incredibly similar lives over the years.

According to AL.com, both of these women graduated from Alabama State University and went on to graduate law school at Louisiana State University. 205 more words


Twin Show Down!!

I saw a post earlier today about these twins who are both serving as District Court Judges and pretty much have a lot more in common, from the ages of their children, to marrying their hubby’s two months apart. 89 more words