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Things I've Learned the Past 22 Weeks Carrying Twins

1. Wives tales are total rubbish. If it happens that one of them was right, that’s just a coincidence. From how high you carry, to where your Linea Negra stops, to what you crave, to how active the babies are in utero… all of it is pure nonsense. 699 more words

The FCC has received 128,000 identical anti-net neutrality comments

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The FCC this week has received hundreds of thousands of new comments on its proposal to dismantle net neutrality rules, and more than 128,000 of them are identical comments calling for the reversal of the Obama administration’s “power grab.” It seems likely that the influx of anti-net neutrality identical comments is coming from a bot, but the FCC hasn’t addressed the matter publicly yet. 795 more words


"Do twins run in your family?" and other FAQs.

I’ve got to admit, before we found out we were having twins, I was twins ignorant! It’s like those things you see from afar and admire, but think “Welp, that’ll never happen to me”. 563 more words

We are Twins

Twin: one of two children born at the same time. Twins have the closest bond than any other two people. Some are closer than others, some don’t even know they exist. 70 more words


Life Without The Other Pea In The Pod

By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

As an identical twin, I have grown up always having a best friend around to play sports with, study for school with and occasionally argue with as siblings do. 1,847 more words

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