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Can My Fraternal Twins Be Identical?

The short answer is yes. Because that is exactly what has happened to us. All through my pregnancy we were told my girls were fraternal, also known as Dizygotic or Non-identicals. 989 more words


Author Spotlight: Ellen Hopkins

If you love books with dark subjects like drug use, abuse, sex work, and identity crises that are beautifully told and will twist you up inside, check out every single book by Ellen Hopkins. 1,820 more words

Gmail Go is almost identical to the original Android app, but half the size

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Google’s Gmail Go is now available in the Play store for Android devices, bringing most of the functionality of the original app, while shaving off half the file size. 252 more words


MoDi Twins

The best case scenario for twins is Dichorionic/Diamniotic. This means they have separate placentas and separate amniotic sacs.

Mine happen to be the second best scenario , Monochorionic/Diamniotic. 108 more words

Twins Nursery

Twins Nursery

So we knew we were expecting a new baby in 2018 for months but we only found  out we were having twins on Oct.5th. 206 more words


Rockwell Kent 26 Vintage Book Plates (identical) In Original Box The Hangman!

Rockwell Kent 26 Vintage Book Plates (identical) In Original Box The Hangman!
Rockwell Kent BookplatesOriginal Unused Vintage Bookplates In Original Box!When Kent Died Of A Heart Attack In 1971, The New York Times Described Him As "… A Thoughtful, Troublesome, Profoundly Independent, Odd And Kind Man Who Made An Imperishable Contribution To The Art Of Bookmaking In The United States."Comes With 26 (identical) Bookplates That You Can Use For Your Collection. 144 more words