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These Identical Twins Met For The First Time After Having Separate Adoptions And Everyone Is Sobbing

Can you imagine going your entire life not knowing that you had an identical twin? Like a Parent Trap type situation minus the mirrored Lindsay Lohans. 470 more words

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Twins Separated At Birth Meet For The First Time!! [VIDEO]

A pair of twin sisters who were separated at birth overseas in China, and then adopted by two different American families, were reunited for the first time in person on “Good Morning America.” 56 more words


What it's Really Like to be a Twin

My Viewpoint on Life as a Twin

As a twin, the #1 question we get asked the most is: “What is it like to be a twin?” I’ve decided to sit down and write, to the best of my knowledge, what that answer would be. 1,328 more words


swirl: Matrices

We know how to create vectors using a colon. Our vector named garret can be created:

garrett <- 1:50

And we can check the dimension of our vector: 239 more words

Which twin are you?

I thought about writing a post giving advice to parents about tips for twins or who may be expecting twins but to be honest apart from the practical stuff like product advice its pointless as the only way to raise multiple babies or (single babies) is through the good old accounting concept of trial and error! 1,287 more words


snowflake individuality

Though each snowflake is right up there with the rest of them, no two are identical.


The Best Clothing Hangers EVER

I started obsessing over hangers because I wanted to have a pristine closet with uniform hangers that looked IDENTICAL. So I started researching, and came up with very little.  697 more words