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NGK 22526 OE Identical Oxygen Sensor - NGK/NTK Packaging

All NGK/NTK Oxygen Sensors are platinum coated for durability and are individually tested to guarantee quality. You can be assured the NTK oxygen sensor for your car will install as quickly and plug in exactly as if you bought it from the dealer, as NTK is the worlds leading supplier of OEM oxygen sensors and supplies more vehicles manufacturers with oxygen sensors than any other company.
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Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome, or TTTS, is a serious condition that can occur in babies that share a placenta in the womb (identical twins or higher order multiples). 372 more words


What type of twins are you having?

This is a question I get a lot lately from those familiar with carrying multiples. Had you asked me this question 4 months ago, I would have assumed the only answer was fraternal vs. 726 more words


NaPoWriMo 29.1 (sameness)

imagine that we are the same,
so identically drawn from the same fabric.
pull a mask on, overwrite yourself;
i’ll refrain, for now.
who do you see now?

how do you differentiate?


Identical twins? Does it run in the family or is it luck?

According to statistics, the odds of having identical twins is about 3 in 1,000; where as the birth rate of all twins is 33 in 1,000. 469 more words


Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization to Restore Your Body's Natural Balance - Hallandale Beach FL - Allure Rejuvenation & Anti Aging

Bio-identical hormone optimization can help you by balancing out your hormone levels with replacements that are identical to what is naturally found in…

My Brother

I have an identical twin brother named James. He and I are seven minutes a part. Our story of entering the world could fill a book or two in describing what exactly happened, but all you need to know is this: We ALMOST DIED. 103 more words