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Identical twins? Does it run in the family or is it luck?

According to statistics, the odds of having identical twins is about 3 in 1,000; where as the birth rate of all twins is 33 in 1,000. 469 more words


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My Brother

I have an identical twin brother named James. He and I are seven minutes a part. Our story of entering the world could fill a book or two in describing what exactly happened, but all you need to know is this: We ALMOST DIED. 103 more words


I Loathe This Stage

If the hard days with twins have taught me anything it’s that I can teach even a moderately hostile captive audience, but not mad miniature dictators. 596 more words


Poverty & Judgement

People gripe about systemic abuse in the welfare programs available today to the point my Facebook feed is bloated with memes adjudicating people via made up narratives and flawed logic that spreads intense class warfare. 2,918 more words


The Brothers Brothers

It’s not only the humpday of the week, but also the humpday of the month of March!  Just another couple weeks to go before April starts up and you’ll start missing the snow that never came.  285 more words


When Toddler Ideas Go Awry

My daughter Aurora had a ‘brilliant’ and ultimately painful toddler idea today. Aria was watching Sofia the First and thankfully was totally oblivious. I thought Aurora was over playing with the big red ball which they bounce around the kitchen table. 818 more words