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Face recognition for automated border control at Venice airport

By Elke Oberg, Cognitec Systems.

Cognitec’s automated passport control product FaceVACS- Entry features in eight ABC gates (eGates) at Venice Marco Polo Airport, following the airport’s decision to facilitate expedited border control checks at the international terminal. 396 more words


How to Recognize a Gifted Child

Recognizing giftedness in a child often depends on how one defines ‘gifted’ and whether you are considering it educationally or psychologically. Terms such as ‘precocious’ – having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual – or unusual qualities such as being hyper-attentive to adult conversations may signal giftedness. 540 more words


Aadhaar-based digital ID customer registration: a new era

By Safran Identity and Security

Following the Indian government’s decision to require registration of each mobile customer in the country, mobile operators had to look for a solution to replace the old painstaking and unsecure manual process with a more efficient and paperless alternative, ensuring greater confidentiality and privacy of customer information and radically reducing wait time for SIM activation. 890 more words


VIDEO: Interview with ID4AFRICA's Dr. Joseph Atick

During the ID4AFRICA event in Windhoek, Namibia, we were honored to interview Dr. Joseph J. Atick, Executive Chairman of the ID4AFRICA movement and hear his views on the need for valid identification in Africa, as well as his visions for the future of the continent and identification technology.


VIDEO: ID4AFRICA Impressions

Were you in Windhoek, Namibia for this years ID4AFRICA event? If you were then you may see yourself in this image video and if you weren’t there, then please check out the video and see what you missed. 23 more words


Creating Learning Environments that Invite Play

Play-based learning is how children learn about the world and develop life skills through play and gifted children are no different in their need for play.  736 more words


Coloring Outside the Lines – Growing Up Gifted

Growing up gifted has often been viewed through the elementary school prism that everyone should ‘stay within the lines’ when coloring, but a gifted child may want to do anything but … they yearn to color outside those lines! 602 more words