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From Russia with Security

By Andrey Golushko, Mikron. 

With the advent of the digital communications era, theft or misuse of personal data stored in electronic documents, transport or even banking cards has become a tragic reality. 791 more words


People, birth and legal identity

By Sanjay Dharwadker, WCC Smart Search & Match.

How nations record individuals is subject to constant evolution. In recent decades we saw the rise of biometrics, but the next wave looks to take a more holistic approach comprising foundational identity, civil registration and vital statistics closely coupled to functional systems riding on the latest technologies. 906 more words


Negotiating borders faster with a NewP@ss

By Silicon Trust. 

Contactless, multifunctional, fast and secure features are important requirements for the new generation of travel documents. The main challenge lies in the combination of security and convenience: travelers should be able to pass through border checkpoints even more quickly and yet securely and citizens would like to access online services offered by public authorities with their smartphones. 528 more words


The first big steps in eIDAS implementation

By Andrea Servida, European Commission

With the adoption of all the implementing acts, we have taken a concrete step to building and unleashing the potential of Europe’s Digital Single Market. 848 more words


The 4 prime element of a modern eID project

By Benjamin Drisch und Adam Ross, cryptovision. 

Modern eID document project requirements often ask for a variety of elements, but can be distilled into the four prime elements of multi-application, multi-segmentation, secure in-field application loading and data management. 681 more words


PROTECTING identities, accounts and sensitive DOCUMENTS

Fujitsu is combining its innovative biometric authentication technology, FUJITSU PalmSecure, with OpenLimit’s truedentity solution to protect identity and sensitive data during virtual or physical transactions such as online payment. 468 more words


Making hybrid cards secure and durable

By Ivo Moons, Agfa Materials. 

The passage of time has an impact on all life and objects. People will grow older; objects will erode and wear out. 862 more words