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A loving dad started a business to help his son with autism and empower others like him.

Here’s a pretty jarring stat: Up to 90% of adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed. Being on the autism spectrum shouldnt equate to being unemployable, and certainly individuals like actor Mickey Rowe and professor, best-selling author, and livestock consultant Temple Grandin

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Who am I?

I thought I knew who I was. All figured out I thought it was when I moved out to Oregon last year. Finally, after three bouts of seasonal depression, one death of a pet kitten, and countless moments of clarity through risk-taking, I left the state of New York feeling steady in who I believed myself to be. 123 more words

Quick Thoughts

Code-Switching to Survive

Have you ever heard of the term code-switching?

It was originally utilized in linguistics for when an individual mixes or alternates between two languages in spoken or written word. 835 more words

Higher Education/Student Affairs

Memories of a Machine, or the Machine of Memory?

Watching the much-debated ten-minute-film ‘Memories of a Machine’, which has been accused of justifying paedophilia, I remembered this woman:

I met her, a young woman professional working at Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram – where else, in these days, but in the queue in front of an ATM . 1,683 more words

Bad Ideas

24 Things That'll Happen When You're 24

1. You start eating like a normal person and workout regularly, or at least try to.

2. Except when you’re eating entire sleeves of Thin Mints that you bought 6 boxes of from the Girl Scout who lives down the hall. 732 more words

What It's Like To Travel The World As A Black Woman

I know what you’re thinking: Wait, black people travel? Scratch that. Do black people even have the money to travel?

Well, I have two answers for you: 1,902 more words

Culloden and Teaching Identities

This week’s blog post comes from Katey Boal, Learning Manager at Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre, and reflects on discussions at our Exploring Identities day earlier this year. 716 more words