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Some people you meet in the digital world would give their name if they weren’t between identities,


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An old English professor told me more than a year ago about the loss of letter writing. He wished someone would write him letters; he still writes letters instead of emails. 992 more words


16 Emotional Struggles Of Being A Lover AND A Fighter

1. You’re not afraid of conflict. In fact, most of the time you relish the opportunity to have debates. Because to you, argument is an art form when it is done properly. 560 more words

Ready, Set, Go

Ready, Set, Go

(for Chelsie Hill)

Ready your heart,

Steady your mind

Set yourself for breakthrough

And go to the places desired

To walk Free with Grace, 64 more words


A Thousand

I am one, but in me are a thousand.

My names and faces are unlimited.

I recognize not Age’s ruling hand

And to no gender am I restricted. 71 more words


"Coded Identities"

Its Friday night everyone! (Smiles with enthusiasm but then realizes spring break is almost over, darn) This week has passed by so fast. Between community service, studying, blogging, and vlogging its been an interesting experience. 431 more words

Why I became religious

Someone on Quora asked if people only become religious because they’re weak, or because they lack confidence. Here’s my answer.

I didn’t become religious for affirmation or for strength. 123 more words