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Principal Anandarajan and the Legacies of a Long and Pointless War: Luther Uthayakumaran


A lot has happened since the early 1980’s, when I first got to know Anandarajan. Nearly thirty-five years later, it seems a different world. 1,362 more words


अखलाक़ की मौत उठा रही है हमारी सभ्यता और जनतंत्र पर सवाल

दिल्ली के करीब दादरी के बिसराड़ा गाँव की अस्करी गमी में है। अपने पचास साल के बेटे मोहम्मद इख़लाक़ की मौत का गम वह मना रही है।  और साथ में उसका  परिवार। बाईस साल का उसका पोता दानिश हस्पताल में मौत से जूझ रहा है।यह शोक मामूली नहीं है और न यह मौत साधारण है। यह आपको तब मालूम होता है जब आप देखते हैं कि  गम की इस  घड़ी में अस्करी के कंधे पर रखने वाला कोई पड़ोसी हाथ नहीं है।


Talking Race on Tumblr

By Tania Uruchima

Introduction: Why Tumblr?

The summer I returned home from my first year at college, I dealt with the beginning of a long run of growing pains. 5,627 more words


Cow Slaughter - Can a Directive Principle Trump Fundamental Rights of the Most Marginalized? Mariya Salim

Guest post by MARIYA SALIM

The debates and demands around the issue of the prohibition of cow slaughter in India are a highly volatile, political and contentious subject, with the cow being revered as sacred by most Hindus in the country. 4,858 more words


Identities Released In Apple Valley Fatal Stabbing

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Apple Valley police have identified the man and woman involved in Monday’s fatal stabbing incident.

On Monday at 3:49 a.m., police responded to the backyard of a residence the 13500 block of Everest Avenue. 161 more words


Small engine airplane crashes in Georgia; five killed

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are on their way to the scene of a fatal plane crash in Georgia.

The small engine aircraft went down yesterday east of Highway 32 near Alma in the Rockingham community. 36 more words