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A Fast That Ended in Hunger- Thoughts on Irom Sharmila and Hunger Strikes: Anirban Bhattacharya

Guest Post by Anirban Bhattacharya

We may have differences in our political approach as to the way and means of the struggle, but what must be stated at the outset is the fact that Irom Sharmila has certainly been an icon of resistance and inspiration in the struggle against AFSPA. 1,441 more words


I Feel The Most At Home When I'm Anywhere EXCEPT Home

I am watching the people passing by, wondering what is on their minds, what their plans are for the day, where they are hurrying, slouching, strolling or pushing their way towards? 560 more words

How We Establish Who We Are

Do you ever feel that you are not being yourself? Is there a mask you wear in order to be “acceptable” to the world? What about your true self? 703 more words


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mic, identities, progress, mic video, black men, the movement, mic original Gif for Fun at your Time


Self and Other : Indus Chadha

This is a guest post by INDUS CHADHA

The summer that I was 5-years-old, I took my first flight alone because I wanted to spend my holidays with my grandparents. 2,417 more words

Bad Ideas

Maybe we don't need new names

For the earlier parts of my life I had two identities, two names.

The first was ‘Mish’, which is what my family called me. It was…familiar. 1,979 more words



When we were kids my younger sister used to always say we couldn’t be friends because we were sisters. And I’d be like ewww I wouldn’t want to be friends with you anyway. 514 more words