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Committee for the Defense of Bhim Army Formed Amidst Continuing Repression

Even as the state government’s repression on Bhim Army continues, most of its leaders still in jail and some forced to leave Saharanpur, a committee has been formed for the defense of Bhim Army. 2,347 more words


My Friendships With Women Taught Me How Not To Be A 'Good Girl'

My foundation of close friendships blossomed much later in life. More specifically, when I was 15.

During class introductions, one of my now-best friends said “My name is ___ and I am an aggressive person.” I had never heard “aggressive” in a positive light, let alone a girl describe herself as such with this much admiration. 969 more words

You Are The Only One Who Gets To Decide Who You Are

You are
never who you truly are
You are
never what he said you were
You are
not all those lies he used to tell you every breakfast… 190 more words

When Charlatans Become Ideologues - The Real 'Prisoners of the Binary'

Present day Hindus are probably the strongest opponents of Marxism. They are horrified at its doctrine of class-struggle. But they forget that India has been not merely the land of class struggle but she has been the land of class wars.

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A Scottish boy couldn't stand a preacher's homophobic rant, so he whipped out his bagpipes.

The bagpipes are the perfect weapon to combat loud homophobic ranting.

Photo via Pixabay.

They’re just as strident and obnoxious, but a lot less hateful. 261 more words