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Study says girls seek sisterhood _ not just marriage _ in IS

LONDON (AP) — The notion that young women are traveling to Syria solely to become “jihadi brides” is simplistic and hinders efforts to prevent other girls from being radicalized, new research suggests. 973 more words


What's in a Name?

What’s in a name? A collection of myriad syllables that your parents thought sounded pretty strung together. In the Indian context, probably something with a hifalutin, deep meaning behind it, something that’s meant to dictate the way your life turns out. 659 more words


Coaching thoughts...of tears and finding your purpose

It’s always interesting how people BUMP into their life purpose and they don’t know it. And then they somehow stumble into my door and the tears of joy in their eyes when they get confirmation in twenty Minutes and fear start melting. 626 more words


Testimonial: Go Middle School

Testimonial is a regular feature of the new IMLA website.  This is where we’ll share reflections from IMLA members about what they’ve taken from our conference and implemented in their schools. 303 more words


Establishing a Retreat to Address Discourse and Difference at Grinnell

By Milliana Zonarich

In the past year, Grinnellians confronted various social issues on our own campus, such as the lack of sufficient mental health services at SHACS, racist comments on the YikYak app, and the controversy surrounding the college’s adherence to Title IX policy. 1,234 more words


Thin Lines

Let me confess something.

I am queer. And spiritual. At least sometimes, when I queue, check my email, catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, when I remember the identities and roles I bear, voluntarily or not. 868 more words

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