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Transnational Masculinity and Musician's Identities

What is transnational masculinity? How does music play a role in it?   Who performs it? What are the messages that the artist is trying to convey? 1,737 more words

Dizzy Rascal

Workers and Students Unite on May Day in JNU: Aswathi Nair & Umar Khalid

Guest Post by Aswathi Nair and Umar Khalid (With Photographs and Videos by K. Fayaz Ahmed, Azhar Amim, Samim Asgor Ali, Reyazul Haque and Agnitra Ghosh) 1,777 more words


"Dominos Began to Fall": The Experiences of Allies in Navigating the Anti-Racist and Feminist Social Justice Movements

By Sabine Vidal


In April 2015 at the University of Cape Town, the movement #rhodesmustfall (RMF) – calling for decolonisation at the university – gained momentum. 5,433 more words


Diary of a JNU Student on Hunger Strike: Pankhuri Zaheer

Guest Post by Pankhuri Zaheer

“I wanted to bring you something but I didn’t know what to get you so I got you a bottle of water,” says a friend who would perhaps never identify herself as a student activist but since 9th February, like many like her, has been an integral part of the stand with JNU movement. 1,202 more words


‘Radical’ Critics and KaBodyscapes

What does it mean to dissent in a world in which everyone claims to be a dissenter? What does it take to build a critical vantage-point, one that is not merely the easy pastime of fault-finding, when we all seem to already know what will be truly critical? 2,496 more words

Bad Ideas

Trigonometric Identity Activities

Trigonometric identities – I adore them.  They are like little challenging puzzles.  But high school students don’t always share my ardor.  I wanted them to understand what an identity actually was so I started the unit with… 154 more words

Algebra 2

Trig Reference Sheet

Here’s a reference sheet I put together for my Pre-Cal classes. At first, it was named “Your One-Stop Trig Reference Sheet,” but that took up too much space. 125 more words