Inmate vs Prisoner: a case of Missed Identity

Voice, self expression and playing an active role is critical in reforming and transforming criminality as an identity. In my study with Prisoner Narratives I used the word ‘inmate’ because IRB insisted in the sterilized term. 41 more words

Coming Home to Gilead, Iowa… with Marilynne Robinson

“Home. What kinder place could there be on earth, and why did it seem to them all like exile?”

Most human lives straddle a tightrope between the most intense hope and supreme devastation.

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Call for Entries: Rights and Freedoms

For our current call for entries, we invite you to participate in a very special recording. Please record yourself reading the following paragraph and send it to us by Dec4: 463 more words

You, Us And The Project

A slightly less lonely passport

Brazil. Nepal. Slovakia. India. Finland. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (yes that’s the official name). Tunisia. Laos. Egypt. New Zealand. Norway. Peru.

Between 2003 and 2012, my passport filled with stamps from the many places I had the extraordinary privilege of traveling to. 691 more words

Full Recovery

Into the unknown by Brianna Perez, USA/Israel

It was in 2011. The calming voice from the loud speaker murmurs words in the background, only a blur to me.
A woman dressed in uniform stands in the aisle performing a safety routine as the airplane taxis to the runway. 445 more words


*serious face*

With the news that the original set of emoji’s are now honoured at the MoMA,

the explosion of a new language of characters (beyond our humble 26 plus numbers and diacritics in English) to express what were thinking can seem a little, well, flat, sometimes. 24 more words


Last Day of Freedom

An excellent film.  I highly recommend your viewing :Last Day of Freedom (2016) by Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman. Please find my review at EMRO, a documentary database hosted by the Libraries of the University of Buffalo.   20 more words

U.S. National Concerns