A Wrestle of Worth and Calling

He has called you by name.

Yet what if unworthiness gets in the way and make you feel you are not worthy to be in the place of God’s ability to use you? 828 more words


A Father's Day Message of Hope

The year before my father died I wrote him a long letter for Father’s Day.  It’s not something I’d ever done before.   He was 93 years old, and I felt prompted to speak into matters of the heart with him.  846 more words

Faith & Hope


I smell like spring time hurled me
out of its bowels
Like everything crushed beneath your foot
On wet soil
Jasmine wafting out my strands of hair… 48 more words


The Most Critical Components Towards Realization of Our Purpose

Practicing law provided insight into things applicable well beyond the criminal justice system. Circumstances that had resulted in criminal ramifications exposed things that otherwise would go unnoticed. 407 more words


Sensations of the Researcher

Confusion and frustration
wanting to be alone
damp hair
loose pants
ease at the heart of self
not wanting to push
my path isn't the same
reconcilling to match the group
tape flags and notes
cold coffee dripping 
through watery condensation
why is the cat hiding? 394 more words

Oak + Sea

I adored the oak but was drawn by the sounds of the playful sea. And so I find myself stuck neither here nor there because those waves always move me but I should know by now they wouldn’t keep me. 153 more words


No More Striving

Yesterday, our worship pastor gave a word during worship about having childlike faith. I’ve been on my own journey of learning to have childlike faith in God, and it’s been a battle for me. 434 more words