The Merry-go-round; or I Am Enough, Part I

I think I’ve been writing this post for over a decade.

Maybe that’s the problem.

I was 14, making a list of things to do to make myself look better – ‘remember to pluck eyebrows once a week’, ‘always paint nails’, ‘find teeth whitener’. 824 more words


Cave Paintings

In many classes I have taken, one topic that is often covered is the cave paintings at Lascaux. I have encountered these in numerous French classes, an  anthropology course, and an art history course. 328 more words


Your destiny is tied to God

As I write this I am thinking of all the times I have tried to impress others,times I have “sucked up” to people to try to have things turn in my favour; times I have laughed at a joke that was not funny all in the name of saving face with my seniors. 692 more words


Through the Looking Glass

Originally written for Open Eye Gallery, 20/04/2015

With its delightfully obscure title, Yuki Onodera’s first body of work certainly doesn’t offer much insight into what each photograph actually  553 more words


Fighting Back and Defying Gravity as a Korean Adoptee

I’ve been thinking about the forces in the world. There are forces that can build us up and inspire us to be better. And there are forces out there that try to bring us down. 602 more words


Feminine and Masculine Together

I’ve been hearing (and if you live with Wi-Fi so have you) about the feminist movement. Not to say that they are wrong, but I’ve seen some very questionable comments and ideas rise up from what I believe is simply enraged women using anything they can to make themselves look like victims. 948 more words

Couch Philosophy

Children's Perception Of Gender

Children’s understanding of gender starts young – much younger than I would have guessed before having kids. At 18 months, my youngest, Katie, is already starting grasp the concept. 1,131 more words