Thanksgiving and the Marginalized

This year, the Transgender Day of Remembrance was on a Friday. Due to Anne’s illness, I didn’t participate in any public worship or ritual. But, I was scheduled preach on the Sunday before, November 15th. 580 more words



As the mother to a child born with arthrogryposis, I find Trump’s rhetoric ***#ed up.

As if bullying immigrants, downplaying blacks, disregarding women, and starting shit with Muslims was not enough, Donald Trump has reached his highest, and—oxymoron intended—lowest. 432 more words

You never find yourself until you face the truth. – Pearl Bailey

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The Thankful Season

Before I moved I was told by a friend that I deserve to be happy and I deserve to be free. That phrase of what’s deserved has stuck with me as I’ve settled into this new season. 262 more words


The Magic of Ordinary Days

I’ve been thinking about what it means to me to be able to live in Edinburgh for two years.  Even though I was very excited to be able to come here to obtain a higher degree pertinent to a great interest of mine, school has not been the defining factor of this experience. 738 more words

Jamie Gray

Quick! We need a splint on it!

At university I was an enthusiastic rugby player. Fortunately, in my Under 20 season I was part of a good side that won most of its matches. 503 more words


Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their true image. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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