An Educator’s Perspective on Reflexive Pedagogy: Identity Undoing and Issues of Power

What motivated you to pursue this research?

All the authors of this paper are teachers as well as researchers, and spend much of our time working with ‘gnarly’ middle managers on executive education programmes and Executive MBAs.

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You are loved

Start today, and everyday, with this fact: you are loved. This is not because a person loves you, but because the Holy Bible, God’s own Word, declared it — … 111 more words


Tearing Down the Important Statues

Perhaps more than the statues themselves, the opinions about statues need to be torn down. The concrete or steel or whatever they are made of when placed along a street or in a park are not nearly as offensive as the stuff that comes out of us regarding them. 333 more words


Confederate Symbols or Symbols of Humanity?

A few weeks ago a colleague and I were discussing removal of statues around our nation and potential outcomes. We agreed I believe that a nation’s people need to have all kinds of reminders of its history and culture. 498 more words

U.S. National Concerns

the language of identity, or "I am not an autism parent"

I think it is funny, in an ironic way, that so many people try to tell us how to identify and refer to ourselves. They say we shouldn’t use identity first language when we say we are autistic. 399 more words