Icon: the Shroud of Alan Turing

Early in my work with the Circle of Cerridwen, I became aware of Buer and the other seventy-one dæmons described in the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Psuedomonarchia Dæmonum. 645 more words


Finding my Identity

Identity! This thought keeps coming to me.
What is it?
What does it do?
Why is it so important to understand it and walk in it? 1,334 more words

Circles of Prayer

At the moment my holiday reading is The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, which I thoroughly recommend! It’s a seriously powerful read which challenges us to dream huge dreams, audacious, crazily impossible dreams…unless God were to get involved! 2,377 more words


Dance With The Fire

Last night was Duke’s (Richard Kruse’s) memorial art show. There was an abundance of food, wine, laughter and stories. The gallery was literally filled with his paintings, prints, and sculpture. 356 more words

Truly Powerful People

Freedom: A Sijo

Ragged edges and heavily stamped, my passport is well used.

It softens the edges of my life, transports me away from here.

My husband finds it and locks my ticket to freedom away. 220 more words


Cloning Blues

In fiction, clones often struggle with their identities. Will they always be pale imitations of the people they are based off of? Or will they find their own purpose and deviate from the future that was predestined for them? 593 more words