I’ve been taught better
But I stand convinced
We are built from pleasure for pleasure

Witness me, electrician of the Nile
Today I proclaim even suffering is… 189 more words


Bad Vegan. Bad. Bad. Vegan.

Ok. How do I get my partner to be a better vegan?


My partner is vegan-ish. He will eat vegan when possible, but this is how he makes it impossible. 214 more words


what is the story of your business

you can copycat everybody idea or design … but if you dont have the story, it will turn become a coffee and cat.

without compelling story, a food company is simply selling food in a packaging form just like others. 85 more words


The Underclass Origins of the Little Black Dress

The little black dress (or LBD, as it is commonly abbreviated) was a uniform designed to keep certain women in their place. Only later was it co-opted as haute couture for women of taste… When the lower classes adopt the fashions of the elite, the elites often respond by changing course abruptly—a neckline or a hemline rises or falls dramatically, perhaps, or a voluminous silhouette narrows. 29 more words

Careers + Work

25 Years Hence...

Assignment Prompt:

“Who Tells the Story?” is our topic for today’s class.  I’d like you to pick one event that has happened since Friday (and it can be ongoing — it didn’t have to originate) including this morning’s events in Las Vegas.  591 more words


You wake up and you don’t have a solid lock on any particular identity.

You wake up and you don’t have a solid lock on any particular identity. Every time you try to land on a solid patch of ground, the ground moves. 1,336 more words

Wisdom Requires Lower Gears

I love driving in the mountains as it requires different techniques than what become routine in the city. Routine driving amounts to gas, brake and steering. 417 more words