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“Another hot button topic in our country right now is illegal immigration. Often you’ll hear people (mostly those critical of immigrant rights) use the phrase “Illegals” when talking about undocumented immigrants. 70 more words

A Priest, A Lawyer and a Business Owner Walked Into a Bar

I’ve been doing this for a living for about five years. Before I did this, I was practicing law. When I practiced law, I was responsible for the representation of clients as an advocate. 390 more words


Nabatean Civilization by Ashraf, Palestine - photo essay -

From the north of Damascus to the south of Ola, and from the east of Sham and Naqab to Gaza and Sinai, they built an Empire. 147 more words


The Challenge of Change, by Sama Karram, Israel.

There is this moment in life when you decide that you want to get out of your comfort zone. A moment when you decide to say yes to new opportunities, experiences and adventures. 798 more words

People, Culture, Traditions by Kaoutar, Morocco - photo essay -

I decided to share with you these pictures about my people, my country, and my culture. This includes women, men, youth, landscapes, monuments, outfits, and traditions. 155 more words


The Impact of Fathers

I used to volunteer in youth prisons and over time developed a routine which I tended to default to when I met a young man (ages 14-17) for the first time in the facility. 441 more words


Mundane Vessel

Do you ever feel like you are caught up in a cycle of living life through mundane moments?  Do you wonder how other people manage to live their lives in an almost constant state of wonder and awe, with incredible depths of holiness?   988 more words

Life And Grief