A Sort of Homecoming

I have dismantled this house. I have turned it inside out. I have dug through every box, every shelf. There has been nothing left unturned. I have ransacked my closet. 521 more words


Larry Sanders, Professional Sports, and Mental Health

(Photo: Jed Jacobsohn)

During my university days, I once opened up to a professor about feeling depressed and anxious, and completely stressed out – what we call mental health issues. 628 more words


Sweet Sixteen

Here’s a poem that I wrote¬†looking back on those teenage years. Growing pains, we all got them. 217 more words



Interdisciplinary week is when students from Interior and Environmental Design, Jewellery and Textiles collaborate to work on a small project. We work in small teams of 4-5. 193 more words


Opening the shade

Every morning, I open the blinds for my cat. He used to be an outdoor kind of guy, who loved to romp in the grass, rub himself feverishly over concrete, and bring small animals, usually still wriggling, into the house. 954 more words


America: the Free

@famousquotenet: Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of their arms. – Aristotle

The “Iron Rule of Power” doctrine says that ‘eventually even Democratic Republics will become centralized with a professional political elite.’ … 282 more words

U.S. National Concerns

Looming Spaces

I used to be afraid of all those hanging spaces in conversations. You know, those places between the quiet when everything stops in space and you’re left there hanging like it’s supposed to be natural. 279 more words