You Are Good Enough

Over the weekend I felt this prompting that someone needed to hear that they were good enough.  I posted it to Facebook and within no time had a stream of likes on it. 864 more words


Extended Decline

Formerly streetwise thoughts

Decked out in color

And geometric patterns

Living in an upper-class tax bracket

Now delinquent

Skulking down back alleys

Forlorn and tattered in rags… 102 more words


I call me...

Names….names are a funny thing.  They say you aren’t supposed to pick your own nickname.  I have been given a few, but none that I liked or resonated with.  575 more words


God Is The Most Vulnerable Person I Know

 God is the most vulnerable person I know. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking something like,

How can God be vulnerable? I mean…He’s God…It’s not like He has any sins to hide. 588 more words


Survivor Mama: New Life after Sexual Assault

Today I am seven years a survivor. So grateful to the Good Mother Project for publishing this piece yesterday. It’s time to use my voice again. 1,623 more words


Stay Off of The Throne

We all get tempted and the lure for us to step into certain lies is always set. Whispers of distortion cause doubts and insecurity intended for our demise. 449 more words


I AM...my story

Hey everyone,

Here we are at week 2 of this series on identity. This time round I want to share a bit of my story. Identity has increasingly become one of my favourite ‘go to’ topics because I’ve come to realise it affects so much in our Christian life. 1,397 more words