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Check, Mate in Two

I am nothing, but all:

a totality without

definition to describe

the vacuity within.

Bound to my skin

like a bear raging

against its chains, 26 more words




“There are all these voices in your head, all these feelings for people who are no longer a part of your immediate present, all these places you used to live. 55 more words


humility’s grace


it does not matter

how you perceive

you are perceived

nor what nets

you are filtered

through like krill

I hold myself

tenuously at best… 21 more words




Time awry alters

Into tempest, and time’s

Always awry

Too fast, too slow

No traces to rein

A confluence

In this forest

Decades puddle

Like distance… 17 more words


Fairy Tales’ Charm


They wait smugly to tell you

Who you are, who you’re allowed

To be; they speak your new name

Like Rumpelstiltskin to control

The way you see your own skin, 83 more words


Place Holder


so studied

in his circumstance,

each vibration sings

into a new key

like kisses

yet to be

as the combination

of the small

falls like tumblers… 15 more words



swear i never heard a rumble like this
running from myself conflicts with
the person i wish to dissapear since
starring at the mirror isnt working… 424 more words