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Tweeting Yourself Into An Identity

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I was struck by an unoriginal thought about Twitter today. It holds for most other forms of social media as well, I suppose. 715 more words

Cultural Commentary

Diagnosing Different: Able Bodied Identity Formation Using Disability

The following is a presentation I gave for a class on the identity formation of able-bodied people in contrast to representation of disabled bodies. The thesis is that able bodied people use two methods to distance themselves from the disabled identity: ableist language as distancing language and the social commodification of disabled bodies. 18 more words


277. affable

The spring semester started up again last month and thus I haven’t had much time to write recently.

First, to my readers outside the United States, things… 1,000 more words


Why I Keep Crying About Moonlight Winning Best Picture at the Oscars

I used to think I wasn’t Black enough.

Because of my taste in music and shows, because of my experiences in predominantly white towns and schools, because of my habits and hobbies, and more strongly than anything else, because of my attractions to other girls. 470 more words

Bisexuality And Queer Identity

275. vergangenheitsbewältigung

According to a Buzzfeed video, vergangenheitsbewältigung roughly translates to in English: “to deal with the past and eventually overcome it.”

Thanks to X years of coaching German lied and picking up bits and pieces of the language, I can correctly pronounce this word without much prompting. 966 more words


Wrestling for Identity

 And Jacob was left alone. Genesis 32:25

This is only the second time we’ve seen Jacob really alone. The first time was when he camped at “a certain place” on the way out of the promised land, running from Esau. 726 more words


Failing my teacher training maths skills test was a blessing in disguise

As I sit on the train on my way to school in South London, I have eventually gathered the courage to write my next blog. 519 more words