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“I have a theory, that is very unpopular in America, that the worst thing you can ever be is goal-oriented. In America it is taken as a sacred truth that the first step towards self-fulfillment and success it to set yourself goals.

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Kansas, We’re Not in Toto Anymore: On the Psychogeography of Identity and Place

“Vancouver’s civic motto, emblazoned on its rather goofy coat of arms, is By Sea, Land, and Air, We Prosper.  The last time I saw Jim Green . 819 more words


Identity fusion predicts gender reassignment surgery

Here is an interesting study which talks about identity fusion and its connection with transsexualism. Abstract pasted below. Full text here (via transsexualism.tumblr.com)

Transsexuals vary in the sacrifices that they make while transitioning to their cross-gender group. 788 more words


Practice Makes Perfect: Ritual, Routine, and Rites

There seems to be a great amount of distrust in the Evangelical church of anything that resembles ritual.  I’ve grown up in that tradition and for many years had the same assumption.   1,102 more words

Theology And Faith

Necessary & Absurd

There’s a really great freedom in giving yourself permission to fall deeply in love with what you were called to do, and to refuse to let anyone, or any circumstance prevent you from doing it. 356 more words

Sacred Selves, Sacred Settings by Douglas J. Davies

Sacred Selves, Sacred Settings (Ashgate 2015)- is an edited collection, subtitled ‘Reflecting Hans Mol’, exploring his important work on identity and the sacred. Having survived Nazi imprisonment Mol spent a lifetime engaging in sociology and pastoral forms of ministry as an active Presbyterian. 347 more words


Je suis . . . je ne se quoi.

The recent horrible attacks in Paris, as well as the other terrorist attacks in Australia and Canada, are unpardonable acts. But as the adrenaline and immediate fear subsides, the question arises: why would anyone do such a thing? 805 more words