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Born to Belong

“When you’ve spent your whole life as a cultural chameleon, you end up not knowing what color you were when you started, who you might have been had you been from someplace, what it feels like to belong fully to a people, a tribe, a neighborhood, a city.”  1,050 more words

Third Culture Kid

Who Am I

As I try to start this blog, I ask myself, “what exactly do I want my first impression to be like?” Should I say, “Howdy Y’all” to show you that I’ m from the south, or should I say, “que’ onda” to illustrate how Hispanic I am? 457 more words

Against the Background of the World’s White Noise


Repetition runs counter to chaos.

The steady tap-tap declares one

to be; it belies the random

scratch upon the prison wall.

Only for a moment one rises… 58 more words


Recorded Evidence


I stand beneath layers

of my sedimentation,

as if the very air

has turned to silt

settling to the sea floor.

I know no tendency… 41 more words


I Am

This week’s blog post is a bit on the philosophical side. I’ll be discussing identity formation in adolescence, living with idlozi and coming out of adolescence with a firm identity, a sense of direction and a feeling of overall wellness. 837 more words

My Life a Broken Gun


“without—the power to die”

–Emily Dickinson


An ephemera scattered

like thoughts in dreams;

I am no longer subject.

I am object,

acted upon— chaff

allowed to fall, 26 more words


Closing the Door on the “Closing Doors” Metaphor: Reframing our Step 1 Advice

By Emily Green

Anyone who advises medical students about USMLE Step 1 will be familiar with the metaphor of “closing doors”.  Upon receiving their Step 1 score, worried students wonder if the sound they are hearing is the slamming shut of gateways to particular specialties.  592 more words

Medical Education