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New Business Book Summary Available for Swiped

AIn Swiped, Adam Levin warns that while identity theft may not be completely preventable, people can mitigate the dangers through the Three M Strategy… 251 more words

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Fighting Against Data Breaches

What you can do to keep your financial data safe

Shopping online is convenient, fun and growing in popularity, but many online shoppers worry about the impact of data breaches. 625 more words

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Identity theft is a misnomer for bank fraud @Daily_Mirror

Sent to the Daily Mirror 23/8/16

I’m pleased that Gloria Hunniford was reimbursed by the bank for the theft from her account.
I am pleased more that she, as a high profile figure, is taking this matter further. 236 more words


Eddie Bauer the Latest Victim of POS Malware Attack

Outdoor clothing company Eddie Bauer has become the latest victim of a large scale Point of Sale malware attack, leading to the compromise of customer card data over the first six months of this year. 377 more words

Antioch Pair Arrested In Suspected Identity Theft Ring

ANTIOCH (CBS SF) — A man and a youth were arrested Wednesday in Antioch on suspicion of being involved in a large identity theft ring, according to police in a report to the city manager. 183 more words


Think you're too clever to be scammed? Don't be so sure

HOW much is your identity worth? To you it’s priceless, but to scammers it could easily add up to a few thousand pounds of easy money. 950 more words


Send in the Drones?

” – and there are the people who want to do that kind of thing. No doubt terrorists want to attack us through cyberspace, but they seem to lack that capability. 2,007 more words