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The INconvenience of INfosec

May 21, 2015

The INconvenience of INfosec in the Digital Age

I often get requests from civic groups, consumer groups and the media to speak about information security (infosec) practices, trends, etc. 1,325 more words

Digital Forensics

Anthem Data Breach Follow Up: ID Theft Protection Available

If you’re like me and around 60-80 million other people, your personal identity information may have been stolen from the healthcare giant Anthem in a massive data breach by hackers, back in February. 1,225 more words

Consumer Protection

Understanding Credit Inquiries and Guarding Against Identity Theft

If you’ve recently applied for a new credit card, mortgage or car loan, chances are your credit report reflects this activity. That’s because each time your credit history is accessed, a credit inquiry is noted on your report, according to… 594 more words


Healthcare Hacker Attack Affects 1.1 Million Customers

CareFirst, a large U.S. healthcare insurer reveals that a recent cyber-attack resulted in a hack that compromised the personal information and privacy of 1.1 million customers. 482 more words


The $304,527.22 Question

Click Here for my “e-Affidavit of Truth” incorporating this and all blog posts contained in this domain in their entirety.

Over the course of the past 24 hours I would say case solved except it’s far from over though all of the ducks have come in a line in me being able to answer the question I honestly thought I would never get answered and that is the question of why…. 465 more words

2 Store Owners Charged In $1.3M Cell Phone Insurance Fraud Scheme

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Officials Wednesday announced two cell phone store owners have been charged for their involvement in an insurance fraud scheme that amounted to over $1 million. 188 more words


Continued from Last Post

I also see that all the images of my mother and father and have been removed from the scrapbook in the photobox that I haven’t looked at since I left Florida.  86 more words