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Reimagining the ecosystem for identity verification

What’s in a name? When it comes in the form of a password, everything. The password has long been the safeguard — and in many cases, the only one — to protect our online identity. 1,078 more words


A Call to Action | Why We Exist

An estimated 4 billion people, over half of the world’s population, are unable to access financial services or the digital economy due to the constraints traditional financial systems and their regulators place around identity. 252 more words


The need to harness technology for improved effectiveness within regulatory landscape

Customer due diligence obligations in line with relevant Anti Money laundering and CFT acts will need to be harnessed within the development of online identity verification. 254 more words

Swiftness and Thoroughness – Will the Twain Meet?

Being practical while seeking what is desirable – that for me exemplifies the increasing demand on the background screening industry for being swift in doing their checks. 391 more words

Background Screening

What does Complete Background Verification mean?

In a growing economy like ours, organizations are often seen in a mad haste to hire in large numbers. Thin timelines, stringent costs and pressure to perform often tempt recruiters to go easy on background verification and checks. 391 more words

Background Verification Services

Why should we always verify our domestic helps?

A notable surge in crime rates ranging from burglaries, robberies, invading homes and murkier events such as rape and murder, in the recent times explains the urgent need for verifying our domestic helps. 731 more words

Background Verification Services

Aadhaar is the base of India's ID verification system

Aadhaar was introduced for the citizens of India to provide a unique and single identification document. Since a large number of documents are required today for identification purposes, such as PAN cards, Passport, driving license and ration cards, Aadhaar card holds significant as a unique identity for an individual. 514 more words

Aadhar Based Verification