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Identity: What I Do For a Literal Living

I was depressed today and decided to eat myself into a diabetic coma. While awaiting my saccharin fate, the Cold Stone creamery specialist asks me, “So, what do you do?” I could’ve easily rattled off copywriting, content marketing, creative problem solving, or the overly saturated “consulting” buzzword, but I said “Umm, that’s a great question.” Why? 197 more words


Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

I hide inside myself like a shell

I’ve never gotten up

Since I first fell

Because what the future has to hold

I can’t tell… 96 more words




I am a hypocrite

And I’m sick of it

I’m sick of me

But I have to live with myself

For all of eternity… 59 more words


This Is Me

People’s opinions of me have been being brought to my attention more and more lately. Though I hate to call them opinions when quite frankly they’re nothing more than judgements made by people who don’t really know me. 750 more words

If God Is Gracious Why Do We Ask God To Be Gracious To Us?

Have you ever cried out – “Oh God, be gracious to me.”?

Perhaps in intercession you have groaned – “Oh God, be gracious to them.”? 742 more words

Growing In Fullness

I Hyena

The usual method that researchers use to recognise individual hyenas is their distinctive spot patterns. In the Masai Mara, the researchers from MSU use thick folders full of left/right profile photos of individual, named hyenas, which are categorised according to sex, age, and immigrant status. 491 more words

Trans Life and Bruce Jenner

I cannot believe that Bruce Jenner is transgender,  I previously wrote that I choose not believe anything until I heard it directly from him.  There we have it, I  am going to start off by saying it is incredibly brave of him to come forward.   1,001 more words

Diary Entry