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When I was young, I was desperate to be loved. Like a begging dog, I went, “Please give me attention! Does anyone see me?” 283 more words

Broken Crayons Still Color

Before Abraham Was Born — Hallelujah

. Before Abraham Was Born We all have a time when we were born. Our conception and birth are our very beginning, our origin. It’s the time when we first started to exist, in time and eternity.

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A Coven in Essex County | Epilogue

Below is Part 17 of 18 monthly installments for Visitant.

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Why I didn't wear make up for a year!

I used to pretty much not leave the house without make up on. I wouldn’t wear loads but I would at least need foundation and concealer to feel like I could face the world. 499 more words

On Digital Space and Transnormativity

I’m trying to get involved in stuff here in the Netherlands. It’s hard. The Dutch seem private, and you know, 30’s—our tribes are set. Thus, I still have a large digital presence. 1,015 more words


I Am Not Your Negation

I am not your negation,

But you desire mine.

My presence offends you in ways I cannot fathom,

though I certainly feel your anger, rejection and disgust. 107 more words


I'm done 

Done with your lies

Your ego trips

Your disingenuous sighs
Done with your false morality

And manufactured outrage

And bully eyes pushing an evil duality… 54 more words