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It Really Depends......

Leadership puts you through a lot of decision making. You have to decide what’s best for your group as well as yourself, and you have to decide whether or not to step in when participants are working together to resolve a problem. 366 more words

Central Michigan University

Becoming Comfortable in My Own Skin

For every beach mission I went to I kept a journal. Before going into my last beach mission, I pulled out every notebook that went with me to McCrae and I typed up my journal entries to help me relive the journey and get a feel for how the book might come together. 659 more words


LARP of the Covenant

I am, inter alia, a LARPer and an author of LARPs.

(This is not a metaphor.  I mean it literally.  I know that it’s become fashionable, in certain circles, to use “LARPing” as a slang term for “any intellectual or social activity involving an element of pretense” — e.g., … 2,682 more words

Daddy Is Strong Enough

I was on the plane from Naples, Italy to Athens, Greece. I had the pleasure to sit next to a couple and their daughter who was about two years old. 853 more words


Representation Matters

So I’m watching the Oscars red carpet show – y’know, the show on ABC that precedes the actual Oscars awards show.

I’m not a particularly movie-savvy person. 683 more words

re: identity

I am ten different people. I am unsure of which is the right me, because, even when I’m alone, I’m not sure if the right me is the one analyzing me, or the right one is the one when I’m with friends, or when I’m with my family, or when I’m with my professors or when I’m among strangers, yet alone in a crowd. 568 more words



It’s hard to let go. Yes,
I form attachments
To inanimate things; I’m
A bit sentimental. It’s not manly
I know. But I don’t much care. 54 more words