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Hiking Through Trauma β€” HIKING THROUGH TRAUMA

It’s time to stop pulling punches here. Recovering from trauma doesn’t just happen overnight. I thought that spilling my guts into a 250-word memoir would erase the past, the trauma.

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Personality, 1 Min Read β€” The Evolutionary Mind

Personality. Each of us has a unique personality that allows us to do anything we want. You have to find yourself, then you truly will be able to move forward in life, and live the way you want.

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Treasure in clay pots

Anxiety plays a fairly large part in our family life even when things are going ‘smoothly’ and for some of us when yet another rolling wave of anxiety breaks it triggers really negative thoughts. 985 more words


Against Empathy

I passionately disagree with the claim that more empathy makes the world worse. However, I think it’s valid to point out that blind empathy can actually have detrimental consequences. 68 more words


In Short

I’m not crazy

I’m not weird

I’m simply uninhibited, dear



Finding Me(mo)

I know what you’re thinking.

β€œOh god, another one of these posts about how some β€˜lost’ girl had a life changing experience and β€œfound” herself.” 1,284 more words

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