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Native or Not?

I am not really a fan of Elizabeth Warren but I do feel sorry for her right now.  She has unwittingly ruined what seemed to be a triumphant beat down of our beloved leader.    759 more words


Rainbow Fund grant event 15/10/2018

I was invited to attend the Rainbow Fund annual grant event in Brighton on the 15th of October. Most of the local LGBT+ organisations were in attendance. 157 more words


HaShomer HaChadash: This is a love story between a land and her people, a people and their land

There are some people who don’t hear when others speak the word, “impossible.” Instead, they hear, “it’s possible” or “I am possible.” Their minds begin to race in search for solutions and when there is no logical reason to succeed, faith moves them forward. 1,413 more words


pt. 1 || being white

Why am I talking about this again?

I feel like I’ve spoken a lot on this subject–even written it on some platforms–but I realize that on the blogosphere I’ve remained relatively quiet about this topic. 2,203 more words

Being Hapa

Taking control of my story

One of the things I’ve struggled with over the years is taking control of my own story. In the Western Christian world, the topic of homosexuality is talked about all the time. 292 more words



Six years ago today I woke up officially retired from the workplace, a new identity waiting to be formed.  Yes, six years!!!  And what a six years it has been.   643 more words

Choices In Retirement

1. Forest Obsession

Reflections were a tricky business. They were not to be trusted at all. A face reflected in a mirror was the polar opposite of the original. 2,725 more words