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Why I lie awake

How about
We’re on a hill and it was hot and muggy today but now the sun is setting and it’s cooling down the earth. We were out at noon around the city so our skin held the heat in it, reflecting back day at us, and our flush keeps us warm. 254 more words


Everyone comes looking for something. The question is…do they know it? And is what they think they’re seeking really why they’re after?

I sit here in the mall food court and people-watch- something I do rarely but ought to try more often. 861 more words

This Is Life.

Pack These Words for the Journey

We were sitting around on the grass under the lovely Spring sun, her face splashing all over us while, within eyesight, the kids squawked and imagined other worlds and pushed little bums down slides. 560 more words

Keeping The Faith

Dazed, yet cultured?

Or maybe it’s cultured, yet dazed.

I personally believe the first claim, that people are mostly dazed, yet still cultured. Whatever we encounter within our society makes up how we define that particular society’s culture. 528 more words

Words From A Student

Religion of Comfort

I love reading.  I get a lot out of it, more than just the enjoyment of imagination peopling the story in my mind.  In fact, there are times when the books I read come up with a wonderful turn of phrase that makes me do some thinking beyond the simple book itself. 849 more words


Thoughts About Polarity (Part 2)

Let’s go back to the early 1990s. The previous couple of decades had seen the rise of feminist groups and the Women’s Refuge movement. A growing awareness of women’s issues and the need for safe space represented by refuges, gave rise to many woman-centred or single-sex women’s groups, to create psychological safe spaces for women to share pain from inequalities or harms suffered in a patriarchal society. 1,162 more words


as bad (A Poem) as it seems

It seems I am at a loss lately
Half poems
Half truths
Half me
It seems I dream of what I’m not
Full head
Full fool… 47 more words