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Every word

Every word

seems so much.

In all its gift,

this speech of love.

Oldest language

i know right now,

love we have

so lets be proud.


Wisdom of the Ages - William Fuller

Wisdom of the Ages

“The fool wanders, a wise man travels.”
– Thomas Fuller

They who live without a destination have no purpose. A man with purpose is a man of substance and clarity.

Wisdom Of The Ages

This Floor

This floor,

this cold dark floor.

I feel it,

its on my skin,


aching from within.

My body,

my body,

my  body,

lies on this floor. 7 more words


These Walls




They hold me.

They have get me at bay.

For i know nothing,

with nothing to say.

These walls,

these soft walls, 27 more words


This Cave

I have been on this mountain and on this mountain i now know where i lie. I lie in a cave.

The cave has been wild, it has been unforgiving and raw. 144 more words



Mexico just had one of its biggest victories in World Cup soccer matches beating the German powerhouse 1-0. As is common nowadays, the memes came fast and furious as mexicanos and mexicanas (Mexicanx for those x-ing the  Spanish language in Gringolandia) gloated over the important win. 791 more words

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The Problem of Pride

If there was a scale to measure the level of pride, I don’t know how much you might score but, I believe I will score at least 9 out of 10! 1,317 more words

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