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I am...Untouchable

I am…Untouchable

“We know that God’s children do not make a practice of sinning, for God’s Son holds them securely, and the evil one cannot touch them.” 1 John 5:18 NLT…

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A work in progress

Just recently, I’ve had an encounter with an anonymous user in my ask fm account. He pointed out how judgemental, baduy (sorry naman ha. HAHAHA), and nosey I can be. 737 more words


5/27/15: The Dogs in My Building

riding elevators,

leashed, bored by sharing

every room

Daily Haiku

Film Review: Force Majeure

The admittedly very little Swedish cinema that I have seen over the years seems to share a similar approach in its direction; a rather cold, aloof, yet intense style. 462 more words


the words slipped over me
surrounding my small frame
like a harness suspending me
over this madness
its crawling shadows anticipating
my slip into oblivion



So you may have noticed I no longer have any truly identifying things on here any longer. No, I didn’t get outed to people who shouldn’t know, I just realized that this blog is becoming much more active again and I’m writing about people I’m close to who have as much to lose as me. 599 more words



These days bleed,
into the next
and the cloud
of frenzied voices
rings out
amongst the deafening chaos
of the end.
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