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Blackwood Homes is locally based and serves the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Blackwood Homes offers custom home designs, for any size or style home.



Breakout - 2.8.15

 Dendritic Talc.  Talc is just a Magnesium Mica.  The green Dendrites are Pyrolusite, a simple Manganese Oxide.  Can you stop thinking long enough to understand what they’re saying?  1,445 more words


#2 Harmonise

define: add notes to (a melody) to produce a pleasing combination


I’m the girl who wonders

if she truly has stars beneath her skin… 120 more words


Change of Name, Adapting to Me

Sidenote: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I did not think my life was all that interesting to write about. Until I struck gold! 334 more words

Elmwood - Anchor Squirty Cream

Messy! Tasty! Family fun! That’s the whole point of squirty cream. Yet Anchor’s existing cans were completely missing it. And at nearly double the price of own-label creams, people just didn’t see why Anchor was worth paying more for. 17 more words

Graphic Design

Personal identity crisis

you ever have a moment where all you can think is: “man I really wish I wasn’t me.”? It’s almost too frequent now, the urge to change my hair, make my appearance different to what I usually do, what I usually wear. 43 more words


You'll understand when you're older! (Now help me tape minion memes to the fridge)

“You’ll understand when you’re older” is a line that preteens and teenagers hear endlessly in response to their confusion about social norms and expectations of them. 1,136 more words