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What is a Healthy Identity?

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you’ve probably noticed I have been thinking about the concept of ‘identity’ quite a bit. I’ve tried to define my concept of identity in relation to self-esteem, trauma, addiction, social media, and issues veterans face in transition to civilian life. 1,007 more words

“what are you praying boldly & irrationally for these days?”

silence struck 577 more words


The Moments that Keep Us Going

We call it the drop:

that moment where you shed all your stuff

of how you think you should be and how you should act and how you should sound… 45 more words


Sense of Self

Burn a midnight scented candle,
Lavish me with words.
Pro rate me,
Because my selfhood is missing.
I feel so steeply blue,
So incalcuably unfit.

Return to volunteering and Painting

After taking a week off, I returned to the Modern Art Oxford gallery to continue my volunteer work. It was same as last time, with me handing out guides to the exhibitions, welcoming visitors and telling them to not cross the white line. 276 more words

Fine Art

"You are not broken!"

“You are not broken”

Did I hear him right? Did he say I’m not broken? Did I dare to believe that? And how did he know that’s how I feel? 748 more words