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Back to the future: when brands use the past for future profits.

Consumers and brands…at a crossroad

When Lacoste presents the edging attached to its clothing as an allusion to its tennis heritage, or when Samsung claims to create an emotional connection with its consumers by emphasising on its heritage, these two brands rely on their past to add value to the present, namely their brand heritage. 677 more words


Embodied Living Hope

This is a poem/song that I wrote primarily during vacation in North Carolina last summer. It was born out of a time of reflection, taking time to sit in silence, listening to what God was saying to me in that moment as well as attempting to summarize and articulate some of what God had been teaching in past months and years. 249 more words



(for Judy W.)

why did you leave
why did you go
you went out
through the door
so silent
didn’t even slam it
where did you go… 58 more words


April 29-30 - You Are a New Creation

We are currently studying our identity through God’s eyes, looking at scriptural truths describing how God sees us as His children. Let these truths penetrate your being, as if God is speaking these words looking right at you. 584 more words

The Truth About Depression (and how to help)

I am pretty open about my mental health. I think it’s important to be vulnerable so that I can find and help other people with similar struggles. 2,033 more words


Editor's Pick: "Hate The Religion, Love The Believer"

Is this a reasonable position for Atheists or Secularists to take?  Atheists have often argued that the Christian slogan to “hate the sin, but love the sinner” is tantamount to their claim to oppose religion but love religious people.  207 more words