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Saudi Foreign Minister: Stop Whingeing And Deport Hate Preachers

By Andrew Bolt ~

“Deport them. That’s what we would do. If they’re your citizens, then stop them from preaching.” The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia… 697 more words

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Directions for a Criminal War of Annihilation

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today marks the 76th anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. The German war was unlike any in modern military history. 788 more words


The London Mosque Attack: Anti-Muslim Hatred, Not 'Islamophobia'

By Andrew C McCarthy ~

British police have now identified the man who plowed a van into a crowd of British Muslims exiting the Finsbury mosque in London at midnight as 47-year-old Darren Osborne. 497 more words

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Islamic State Comes To The Philippines

By Andrew Bolt ~

Peter Hartcher on jihad in the Philippines:

What if the butchers of so-called Islamic State set up a branch of their barbarian “caliphate” in South East Asia with the aim of waging their vicious jihad throughout the region?

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On Leaving Islam

By Andrew Bolt ~

The Australian ABC presenter Sami Shah has written The Islamic Republic of Australia , explaining why he and his wife, psychologist Ishma Alvi, has left Islam. 919 more words

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Pakistan Sees No Role For The U.S. In The Future Of Afghanistan

By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~

Pakistan sees no role for the U.S. in the future of Afghanistan

If you want to understand the foreign policy of Pakistan, look to the Pakistani military. 662 more words

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Manchester Explosion: UK Has Been Targeted By Terrorists ‘Time And Time Again’

By Kelsey Harkness ~

At least 19 people were killed and at least 50 injured in a suspected suicide bomb explosion Monday night at an arena in Manchester, England, where U.S. 704 more words

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