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Life on Hannan World (Part 12)

Self-styled Whig (how’s that for nostalgia?) and Tory MEP for the South-east, Daniel Hannan is no stranger to this blog. His obsession with the European Union, his slack thinking and his inclination to smear the Left have all been documented here. 2,298 more words


The Weasel Words and Faulty Logic of Michael Heaver

I was looking at Telegraph blogs this morning when I spotted this blog by Michael Heaver.

Heaver describes himself as:

… a political commentator who campaigns for Ukip.

1,165 more words
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Telegraph Comment of the Week (#12)

At Nowhere Towers, Brendan O’Neill is known as one of the Telegraph’s worst bloggers (James Delingpole is the other one). A Murdoch lackey and an acolyte of… 731 more words


Weasel words from Phibbs

This blog seems to have attracted a few views over the last several days. With Nelson Mandela close to death, perhaps it was inevitable. It was also inevitable that many people would remember the Tories’ attitude to Nelson Mandela and their support for South Africa’s apartheid regime during the 1980s. 726 more words


What kind of libertarian are you?

In recent years, the word “libertarian” has been hijacked by the Right, who have transformed the definition of the word from “one who supports the principle of liberty” to “one who supports an idea of liberty that gives license to the elite to continue to exploit others for personal gain”. 626 more words

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The death of Moon and the eerie silence of Nile Gardiner

So the founder and leader of the Unification Church – otherwise known as the Moonies – has died. Believing himself to have divine appointment, Sun Myung Moon was born in 1920 in what is now North Korea. 1,158 more words

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Debunking William S. Lind & "Cultural Marxism"

What is “Cultural Marxism?”

Anyone who has spent considerable time participating in political discussions is bound to run across the term “Cultural Marxism” at one time or another. 3,994 more words

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buddyhell reblogged this on Guy Debord's Cat and commented:

I was considering writing a blog debunking so-called "cultural Marxism" but this article does it so much better. In essence, this newly coined concept is the product of the paranoid thinking of William S. Lind. Cultural Marxism does not exist and, while it may provide a grain of comfort to right-wing conspiracy theorists, it is completely meaningless. The US right desperately wanted to find a way to smear its opponents in the same way that the epithet "communist" was used in the 1950s and 60s to silence critics and smear opponents. The plain truth is the most, if not all, right-wingers have no real understanding of the work of the Frankfurt School, whom they paint as the 'destroyers' of Judaeo-Christian 'civilization'. Absurd.