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Religion and Love

There might be a lot of people who have achieved more, and a good number of them got the potential to reach the summit of greatness like nobody else – it is the quality of the list of people related to #WillOfSteel by JSW that makes us feel proud of our fellow countrymen at the first look. 732 more words


The Idealogue, Bigotry, and Epistemic Closure

Epistemic closure or confirmation bias has been a focus of mine for the past several years because of its personal relevance and because of political relevance in my country. 322 more words


Tea for Inspiration

It has always been about the tea. Throughout my life, I have believed in the power of tea which has worked like the elixir of life for more than one occasion. 653 more words



John F.Burns, a distinguished foreign correspondent for the New York Times tells us what has guided him these past forty years.   It was a wise piece of advice he received when he started out.  414 more words


Bias? What Bias?

On The 12.30: @ibec_irl says wage rises are on the way in some businesses but it's too soon for public sector pay hikes, @IMPACTTU disagrees…

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Still Looking for Thrones

*You might started watching this series a lot earlier and came up with certain points about the same, but this is new to me. Unlike what some people might think, this is not a review or an analysis of the television programme. 1,163 more words


ISIS Will Thrive: Ideology on Display

To a secular westerner, ISIS is a conundrum. Why would fellow westerners leave their comfortable, sheltered life, to meet eventual death in a foreign land? Why would any sane woman ever choose to join a movement known for its brutality toward women, whereas in the western world (comparatively) they are left unmolested? 1,016 more words