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A Season of Beginning

Throughout my life, I have searched for spring or even autumn and found summer, the kind that has been the cruelest of them all, with no hope for rejuvenation. 568 more words


Terror of Advertisements

A few things that disturb me include the quality of the advertisements that we see on these days. Yes, there are a few nice ones like the Alphenlibe Anti-boring Ad which has been one of my favourites, and the Zoozoos of the Vodafone’s past were nice, the latter making me shift to Vodafone from the dead Uninor. 738 more words


‘Part of me wishes I was rich enough to work in the charity sector’

Not the most encouraging of statements to hear from a student in a café at Cambridge University. (I must point out, these words weren’t uttered by me). 462 more words


Political Policing, Political Reporting

Today Ruth Coppinger TD in her Dail speech quoted Shakesphere:

And from my notes today – Act 3 Scene 1 from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare… …

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A New School of Abuse

These days, we see people thriving on a school of abuse. May be they are striving for graduation and post-graduation on the same instead of doing something constructive. 828 more words


What Fundamentalists Need for Their Salvation

I wish the following excerpt were written by me, but it’s not. It comes from David James Duncan, “What Fundamentalists Need for Their Salvation”, Orion Magazine. 345 more words


Adbusters 118 - The Earth Peoples as an Apple Tree Apples

Info on my article for Adbusters 118

Field Guide to Virtual Warfare
Manifesto for World Revolution, Part I

Adbusters #118 is an incredible 160-page blast … Part #1 of our new Manifesto for World Revolution series — a tactical manual for fighting back against the capitalist algorithm that threatens the very essence of the human spirit. 148 more words