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The Joy & Pressure of Nothing

The empty space is an invitation. I’m asked to fill it in with gratitude. I’m solicited to maintain a certain quality within this space. I’m reminded by a million media streams, social feeds, and academic discourses to shape  (and un-shape) thoughts there. 546 more words


Charity is a Sin

Few acts in our society are sheltered from critical thought more than the modern charity. Every grocery store, coffee shop, and corporate environment attempts to blend charitable giving into its sales pitch to levels more perverse than we’ve ever seen; to consume is to be moral. 2,027 more words


Next 5 Posts

I am making this announcement to let you the reader know (well if there are any readers) that next five posts will be the first five chapters of a literally work I am working on. 81 more words


Base, Superstructure and the Irish Property Crash: Henry Silke

The “Great Western Crisis” starting in 2008 has reinvigorated much debate on capitalist crises and causation, Marxist scholars have long debated crisis theory falling into a number of major theoretical positions, at a crude level they can be divided into three (sometimes overlapping) major positions: that is the theories of… 1,339 more words


Socialist Unity: Positive and Negative Development

We must use Marxism, which is positive in spirit, to overcome liberalism, which is negative.

– Mao Zedong


In my previous work on the DPRK…

3,750 more words

A Critique of Corporate Culture

We live in a world of numerous competing arguments and messages. Our government wants us to be patriots, our families want us to be selfless, and our employers want us to be loyal. 2,007 more words


Why do People Hate?

The question that has made me wonder today is about why people hate others so much. I have thought about this for very long, but today, I have felt it a lot more. 767 more words