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Danger of "Thinking Outside of the Box"

As one who “thinks outside of the box,” I must admit that it is not necessarily a virtue.  I’ve had that aptitude since early youth and since my late teens I’ve been exploring its riches.  409 more words

Mental Health

It Appears We Can No Longer Protest


It appears we can no longer protest. We are most especially not supposed to protest our feelings, our own past failures, apathies, unattended worries or shortcomings. 1,086 more words


What The World Needs is Empathy.

I try avoiding writing personally about myself, but I have realized that a lot of who I am today is because of what I’ve seen and experienced. 1,018 more words


Halloween Thought: Consciousness is Scary!!!

As Hamlet is drawing his famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy to a close, he declares. “Thus conscience (i.e. consciousness) doeth make cowards of us all and the native hue of resolution is sicklie’d o’er with the pale cast of thought…” 314 more words


The Alt-Right's Flawed, Darwinian Case Against Feminism

The alternative right movement is a complicated phenomenon which is best characterized within the vein of Fascism and how it primarily evolved as a through refutation of Classical Liberalism and Communism. 2,097 more words


Thank God It’s Trump

From MSNBC, to CNN, to every daily show you can find there is one commonality about Trump; they are all ashamed he’s a presidential candidate. Coworkers, family members, and children around the world are disgusted by his comments, annoyed by his lack of policy, and set aflame by what they hear at rallies. 1,271 more words


Ethical Capitalism Is Selfish: Part 1

Tom’s Shoes will give away a pair to the starving poor in Africa for each you purchase. The rain forest alliance sticker on your bananas claims to be environmentally friendly and conserve wildlife. 1,122 more words