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The Politics of Suicide

Former CEO of Zurich Insurance Group Martin Senn committed suicide on Friday May 27th. This follows the heels of another high profile suicide at the multi-billion dollar corporation, their past CFO Pierre Wauthier also blew his brains out just three years prior. 1,331 more words


Commemorations, 1916 and the Press: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Top picture the Irish Independent complaining of disruptions to the 1916 commemorations by striking Tram drivers. Below the Irish Independent calls for the further execution of  1916 leaders and against clemency  (May 10 1916); Below the Irish Times calling for same. 125 more words

Neo-liberalism & Identity Politics

It’s not that it’s the fault of ‘’Intersectionality/Identity Politics/Privilege Theory’’ itself as a form of analysis and those whose politics are driven mainly by it that the establishment, ruling class, bourgeoisie or however you want to put it are actively trying to manipulate, colonize you could say the language of Intersectionality/Identity/Privilege to use it for their own ends but it exposes it’s fundamental weaknesses, the overwhelming obsession with recognizing or calling out ‘Problematic’ things which usually pays more attention to analyzing the entertainment industry & ‘call outs’ within the social justice activist & social media communities, rather than looking at actual government or corporate power, with celebrating representation for different identities even if it comes within bourgeois institutions like media, corporations & government itself as if an individual’s acceptance by those institutions doesn’t show that they have taken on another more important Identity as a member of the bourgeoisie . 175 more words

2016 Election

The Price of Pride: Charity, Adoption, and Ego

Meet Jason. He’s a good looking dog with a nice coat, a kind demeanor, a wonderful smile, oh and he’s neutered. Jason is in solid health and loves human attention, it seems like a real shame that he doesn’t have any owners. 2,687 more words


The Special Valentine's Guide

1. Create hell and play with fire: There are some nice and interesting things to do on Valentine’s Day in order to celebrate it, and I would like to start with the creation of hell and maintaining its charming fire. 796 more words


Navigation through Social Media

There is evil hidden everywhere social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. So navigating through this particular space is never going to be that easy as we are always against the bad guys. 809 more words


That’s Not Mindful- And Other Misinterpretations of the Mindful Movement

That’s Not Mindful- And Other Misinterpretations of the Mindful Movement                                    By Jennifer Dauphinais

I was inspired by a recent blog written by Lisa McCrohan on raising girls who are “includers” instead of “mean girls”. 1,290 more words