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A Defense of Reality TV: Identity and Ideology

Stories are ingrained in nearly every form of entertainment we consume. Modern Art is an excellent example of the pervasiveness of storytelling. Art is not about the ‘aesthetically pleasing’ or the ‘technically superb’ brush strokes; but rather the story behind the art. 1,665 more words


A Problem with Authority: Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare

image: Christopher Marlowe (c.1562 – 1593) was a canonical early Elizabethan playwright who popularised the use of blank verse in English. Some of the most enduring texts in the English language are credited to his brief career, including  2,695 more words


And we're back!

The one on the left is 26 pages today. The one on the right is 28. #weareback! Hat Tip: eagle eyed Kitty Holland

A big day for the Irish Times as the property section has overtaken the news section for the first time since… well for the first time since that nasty business. 39 more words

Economic Crisis

What is Communism? (Without the Spin)

Baby Boomers: Stop with the BS…

Communism is the most well-known competitor to classical liberalism. As a result, it is no surprise that communism is demonized in classical liberal societies; people don’t want other people trying to drastically change their way of life. 1,567 more words


Romans invent Christmas

The ruins of the Temple of Saturn still dominate the west end of the Forum in Rome

“Io Saturnalia!” Two thousand years ago this was the seasonal greeting which would have chimed out across most of Europe, not “Merry Christmas”. 1,264 more words


Feminist Faults: Get Over Blogs

Feminism is moving into the mainstream, it is no longer on the fringe. As a result of this, it’s going through the inevitable metamorphosis of actually recruiting ‘fringe supporters’. 892 more words