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Anti-imperialism, theirs and ours


This post is meant to delineate the difference between the anti-imperialism of Marxism-Leninism and the anti-imperialism of Marxism-Chauvinism, and other sections of the left that maintain influences from liberal ideology, consciously or unconsciously. 2,084 more words


Down with the Nihilists!

Multiple Choice Question: Who brought victory to the Sino-Japanese War 70 years ago? A. Kuomintang, B. The Chinese Communists, C. The United States, D. The Soviet Union. 1,847 more words


Overlords of Weddings

There is something about the weddings these days. It used to be a scene of respected union which the society had approved. But that has changed a lot. 767 more words


Love Thy Country

In early 2007, a chic, young CCTV news anchor called Rui Chenggang posted a blog on Sina.com titled “Why Starbucks Needs to Get Out of the Forbidden City?” In the blog, he declared the presence of a Starbucks shop in the Forbidden City “obscene” and demanded its removal. 1,821 more words


Ideological confusion

I believe that ideological confusion is rife at the moment – confusion leads to apathy, apathy leads to low voter turnout and low voter turnout undermines democracy. 675 more words


Day 7: Monday July 27th: Sex, Sexuality and The Charmed Circle!

Welcome to the week 3!! By Friday you will have (believe it or not) completed almost half of the course!!

Now that we’ve taken some time to explore what… 1,169 more words

What Is This?

Seattle Local Elections: Ideologues Can Win

Every now and then we are blessed with the voters pamphlet in Washington state. It always makes for an entertaining read because every now and then we get an obscure local government race with 1 ‘serious’ candidate and a bunch of ideologues. 1,746 more words