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A letter to my Senators

I didn’t vote for President Trump. Honestly, I didn’t vote for you either, but you are my representative and for that I thank you for your service to our state and our country. 571 more words


Stefan Molyneux One-Two Punch at leftists

Two brilliant podcasts (except for leftists, of course) by Trump-sympathizing Voluntaryist Stefan Molyneux. One recapping eight horrible years of President Barack Obama. The other about the anti-Trump riots the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. 15 more words


The Boxer


How does it feel to be broke jawed

on the canvas striped man counting

no deal here my friend

you’re down and rubber legged. 36 more words


George Soros heavily tied to "Women's March"

Contrary to the claims that the “women’s march” on Washington was “spontaneous” and “non-partisan”, itself quite a ludicrous statement when so many “partners” are involved, it turns out the unavoidable leftist oligarch George Soros is heavily involved with a large number of the ‘partners’ involved in the march. 813 more words


On Ideologies: Sapere Aude

The characteristics of a good lie lie in its ‘believability’ and patches of truth. Likewise a good truth, in its bitterness and ‘unbelievability’. Please widen your horizon beyond petty lies and truths. 1,020 more words


Day 174: ICHSIB - Eugene Ionesco

– quoted in Sunbeams : A Book of Quotations (1990) by Sy Safransky –