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Principles of my ideology

  1. To establish a society where work is voluntary and limited to only a few hours a day but every person must contribute to the society in a way they would love to.
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Photography Reading Group Hangout 15.04.18 - Althusser

Althusser, ‘Ideology Interpellates Individuals as Subjects’

Peter recommended that the Photography Reading Group tackle the above passage.  I have captured some of the quotes relevant to this as it is not an easy passage and so these will help for future reference too.  950 more words


World of Internet Warcraft

The rise of digital and social media has led to a change in how messages, ideas and ideologies are propagated. Anyone with these technologies can produce, aggregate and curate content, without being a professional communicator. 120 more words


On Undoing the Demos by Wendy Brown

Early in Wendy Brown’s treatise on neoliberalism’s impact on Western democracy, Undoing the Demos, she turns towards Barack Obama’s second inaugural address. After a first term blindly attempting to find middle ground with the increasingly radical right, Obama’s second term marked a shift back towards the lofty liberal ideals that launched him into the White House in the first place. 1,233 more words

Vol. 3, Issue 8 — April 2018

Hon. Amul R. Thapar & Benjamin Beaton
The Pragmatism of Interpretation: A Review of Richard A. Posner, The Federal Judiciary
116 Mich. L. Rev. 819 (2018) 596 more words


The three big powers in today’s world are America, China and Russia – two autocratic-dictatorial systems and one democracy.

The two dictatorial systems are in some ways different and in some ways similar. 655 more words


Antique Lamp

Old lamp and shade

early fifties

contemporary then

late bloomer now.

You have stared at me

throughout this love

saying nothing

but showing age

upon my bedside crate. 40 more words