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Rethinking Thanksgiving?

I started a post explaining my thoughts about Princeton students demanding that Woodrow Wilson’s name be removed from campus when I took a break to read the paper.   690 more words

Wander With Me

Seminar Meeting Report, 26th Nov

The paper this week was given by Yanos Soubieski, a doctoral researcher in the Department of Politics and International Relations, titled: “What’s Wrong with Marxist Feminism? 688 more words

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Conflationary Consequences in Contemporary Atheisms

In today’s post, Terrell Carver reflects on our atheisms series, noting the ways in which conflation occurs across different concepts in public atheist discourses and the risks, challenges and strategies this raises for analysing as well as engaging with atheisms in contemporary global politics and public life. 1,807 more words

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You Look Amazing.

I’ve seen this quote making its way around social media the last few days and I love it. I guess some people could think it was a little superficial or shallow but, aside from the fact I think it’s pretty adorable, I also think the messages it holds and promotes are values that are important.   516 more words

Why there's nothing wrong with sympathising with 'terrorists'

I don’t want to give it any more publicity than it already has, but I would like to address a certain newspaper front cover earlier this week in the UK. 370 more words


Who am I?

Perhaps I’m just making the common teenage mistake of thinking that my opinion matters, but with all these political and ideological definitions floating around, I have no clue what to call myself. 212 more words

Everyone Relax; Everything is Changing

In light of the attacks in France and around the world from ISIS it seems necessary to say something, but on this blog I don’t want to repeat myself. 1,007 more words