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During the Cold War the term “socialism” had some interesting connotations.

Socialism is a widely practiced form of governance, and highly effective in so many aspects of life. 857 more words

American Wilderness

Sound Protocol

“So, what do you think?”

“What, do I think. That doesn’t matter.”

“Come on, humour me. The night is tired, and liquor is in my eyes. 478 more words


Relationships, we all got 'em, we all want 'em, what do we do with 'em? -JB

So the title is a line from a Jimmy Buffett song, I personally find his music to be a wonderful guide on how to do life. 321 more words


Matt Yglesias Abandons All Hope

Matt Yglesias of Vox gave up on American politics yesterday, declaring our democracy to be officially doomed. No, this is not the set-up to an elaborate joke about Matt Yglesias; the title of the article is “ 425 more words

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Media Ecology Monday: Golumbia and the Political Economy of Computationalism

In The Cultural Logic of Computation Golumbia raises questions and addresses issues that are promising, but then proceeds in making an argument that is ultimately unproductive. 405 more words


UCLA anti-Semitic students challenged - perhaps anti-Semitic teachers should be too

Ah, college. The place to put misconceptions behind you and start a new life based on the blossoming of new ideas (well, that and kegs of beer.) 549 more words

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