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Chew on This.

Socialists, Marxists and Dictators violent
All insist on a rule inviolate.
“Before you toss us on the heap”,
They’ll say “Create a tamer breed of sheep.”


How to kill ISIS (and why we don't want to)

“…ISIS are quite, quite brilliant…”

As I write, there has been yet another terrorist attack. Yet again a van as rammed into a crowd. Where it happened doesn’t matter.

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Punch a Nazi!???

In the ‘old’ America, people of an ideological viewpoint acted to reel in those people on their own ‘side’ that had strayed from the truer understanding. 522 more words


The Sanctity Of Vision

There appears to be consensus among humankind that blindness is an objectively undesirable fate. I’d tend to agree, since while I live a full, satisfying life with blindness, it’s not a circumstance I’d necessarily have chosen for myself if someone had given me a say. 1,531 more words


257: Narrative Hallucinations

Unscripted realities within the play:

Tribal hallucinations against tribal hallucinations.

Are living identities within a story within a tribal hallucination . . .

Manifestations of Spirit incognito: It is the false belief that One is oppressed. 128 more words


Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark goes full Social Justice Warrior

If this is not proof of how utterly useless and beyond repair the Libertarian Party is from the standpoint of real libertarianism, i don’t know what is. 344 more words


What's the Real Reason for Julie Bindel's Obsession with Abolishing Sex Work?

In the United Kingdom, radical feminist Julie Bindel is perhaps the most prominent prohibitionist crusader. In her latest book, she claims to expose the “myths” behind the commercial sex industry, painting it as irredeemably horrid, dismissing anything that does not fit her worldview. 503 more words