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The Ideology of Independents: More Ideological Than Partisans

FiveThirtyEight had a fascinating look at the Bernie vs. Clinton battle for the Democratic nomination.  The analysis finds that Bernie Sanders has found his strongest support not from self identified Democrats, but among Independents. 890 more words


Cult of ideology

China was normally tolerant of North Korea’s flowery  lunacy and the way he spoke of everything like he was spitting propaganda lines. But when the Korean said that he was able to produce nuclear weapons because his country was “blessed with Juche science,” China had to stop him. 418 more words


The Most Ridiculous Thing

What’s in a meaning? Something instrumental, and therefore fit to the circumstance of its usage, that’s what. Does that make meanings powerless, because they can be acquired and need interpretation? 170 more words


Donning a Popular Face: How the Alt-Right is Winning the Meme War

The alt-right position on Donald Trump has since the get-go been to use him to further our message. This policy continues to bear fruit, especially through our memes and infamous trolling of Twitter. 741 more words


The mind of the Islamic State: An ideology of savagery | The Monthly

Two years ago, the armies of the group that would soon call itself the Islamic State, a group that already controlled large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, entered Mosul, the second city of Iraq. 58 more words


I have a dream

I dream that one day we can all communicate from reality.

A time when we won’t censure or fear to reveal. A time when politically correct will be insignificant when shock at words vanishes into the murky world of forgotten stupidities. 415 more words

Party vs Principles

I’m sure most of the country and most people reading this are aware of the political changes and events happening right now.

Hillary Clinton will most likely be the Democratic Party Candidate and Donald Trump that same for the Republican Party. 501 more words