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About the power of human language

Human language is what makes us human, in my view. It’s what shows the amazing power of our human minds to create, not only imagined worlds, but above all, realities. 740 more words

Language Awareness

The Extreme Centre...

What does it mean to be “moderate” or a “centrist”? As far as I can tell it means to support supranational institutions, globalisation, mass immigration, social liberalism and some sort of Wilsonian interventionism. 106 more words


The Video Game Guide to Ethnic Cleansing

Look, I’ve played enough Crusader Kings II to know that what’s proposed in this article isn’t that far off the mark. If anything, it doesn’t go radical enough. 1,003 more words


Feminism redefining the F word

From the days of the suffragettes to our modern day feminism of tweets, posts and political talks from the most powerful women in the western world, feminism has changed drastically in its aims, so an obvious question to arrive at would be, what is modern day feminism? 967 more words

Op-Ed: The Opposite of Nationalism

I was doing some aggressive wording after reading about the near-miss of a vote for Austria and Italy to ditch the EU.

I discovered that Nationalism does not have a direct antonym. 240 more words

Does Indonesia have a problem with rising intolerance towards minorities?

Indonesia has over 207 million Indonesians identifying themselves as Muslim, the largest proportion of the world’s Muslim community. However, the Indonesian government has failed to protect its religious minorities, more specifically Christians, Shia and Ahmadiyya, against an increase in levels of harassment. 129 more words


HUD job to pit Ben Carson (Nigger Freemason) ideology against long-standing housing policy

Donald Trump’s selection Monday of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development sets up what could be a collision between the nominee’s philosophical aversion to social safety-net programs and an agency that administers some of the government’s most expansive programs for helping minorities and low-income people. 1,517 more words

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