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A philosophy carried on by tongue

Imbedded in the minds of young pioneers

Rewiring the very resepticile which harbors the answers

Guising future prospects with chaos… 7 more words

Thought Provoking

it's not fence sitting!

It’s a common misconception about centrism that it’s all about fence sitting and not believing in anything very strongly. BULL-SHIT! Centrism is a powerful force for change which can change our world and our country for the better. 498 more words


I am Galaxies - a little bit of writing

This world sometimes break my heart. Some time in last year we were on our way from Malmesbury to Cape Town, there were big oil stations boiling smoke with air. 765 more words

Italy's MeToo Mishap

Starting back in October, allegations started coming out accusing men, mainly those involved in Hollywood, of sexual assault in varying forms. This led to the trend of #MeToo on social media. 595 more words


Why Carillion may be the final death knell for an entire economic model

You know someone’s lost the argument by the arguments they use. In this political age it is either when they start censoring your views instead of properly debating, OR it’s when Tories invoke what the last Labour Government did in their own defence. 1,042 more words


Relationship matchmaking

Have you ever wondered, what makes some couples stay together and some to break up? Why do some pairs argue and some simply don’t? Why are successful people living with losers, disabled people with models, scientists with actors? 442 more words