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The Darwinian Evolution Narrative

The Darwinian Evolution Narrative

The more I read on evolution the more I have come to realize that the theory of Darwinian Evolution is based more on narrative than facts.  698 more words


Graham Stringer MP: Now that’s an inconvenient truth 

As a long-time critic of climate alarmism, chemistry graduate Graham Stringer MP is not surprised by the latest cracks appearing in the facade of modern climate science, … 266 more words


Design Thinking

After listening to the podcast Hidden Brain I came across the concept of Design Thinking in your own private life.

I can correllate this to my current course in entreprenurship. 73 more words


[Gatchaman Crowds] What Makes a Hero?

(Image from Hulu)

Hero: When some hear the word, it brings to mind fantastical super-people with all varieties of magical powers. The idea of a hero isn’t far removed from the fantastical takes of popular comments, with individuals displaying great feats of super-strength and soaring through a bird. 852 more words


"Trump's Anti-Ideology Speech at the UN: A Glimpse of a World Without Philosophy," TODAY at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Yes, taken out of context, many of the things Trump said in his speech yesterday were excellent. But in this show I’ll discuss how his anti-ideology framework undermines anything good he says. 308 more words

Don't Let It Go...Unheard

“…within twenty years, the crisis of the West was turned into a new model of world governance. It even had its own ideology: globalization.” – Mark Mazower, …

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