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Audience Complicity

Simon Cropp

Apparatus theory is a film theory that gained popularity in the 1960s and 70s, and while it has many names attached to it–Althusser and Lacan for example–it is Jean-Louis Baudry’s “The Apparatus” that provides perhaps the strongest singular position on apparatus theory. 528 more words


What is Patriotism?

Even by asking the question we display a cold, abstract quality in ourselves, for it is an emotion more than it is an idea. Nonetheless, the question is often asked so it should be answered. 207 more words


Notes #9 From Frost to NPR

Today on the radio I had the urge to listen to NPR.  I don’t know what inspired me to do so, but I’m glad I did.   5,901 more words

Quick Thoughts

Pyrrhic Polls

Experts agree: White identity politics is on the rise, and it’s driven by diversity and expressed through Donald Trump. That’s what a study by two psychology academics found: 1,070 more words


Denying Racism is the New Racism

Conventional wisdom holds that racism has disappeared from the American landscape. The eradication of Jim Crow now symbolizes the defeat of the so-called race problem. However, this line of reasoning overburdens legislation with meaning and transformative power. 459 more words


Relabeling the South

There’s a blog piece here on the idea of relabeling the people of the Southern States, or at least those of the old Confederacy as ‘Dixians.’ I believe in holding to the old ways, as those who read here know. 666 more words


Unsettling thoughts consume the mind 

Begins with submission to follow or a choice to be alone

Weaknesses rattle the constitution

Sleight of minds permeates contemptuous sentiments… 47 more words