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Feminist Fraud

Every time I call myself a feminist, even in my own head, I kind of feel like a fraud. I feel like my inner truths betray my desire to actually believe in feminist ideology. 650 more words


Could Singapore have become Communist?

This scenario – ludicrous to Singaporeans celebrating 50 years of independence led by Lee – was dreamt up by local artist Sonny Liew in a new book which imagines an alternative history.But in the years leading up to Singapore’s independence there really was a bitter political battle between Lim’s leftist Barisan Socialis party and Lee’s People’s Action Party (PAP), one that arguably defined the path of the nation. 29 more words



“Specifically, what distinguishes propaganda is its tendency to undermine the very ideals that its disseminators invoke as they craft it. For example, when oil companies pay so-called experts to make skeptical claims about climate change, such experts will base their authority on an implicit appeal to the objectivity of science. 29 more words

Hi-Ho, the Glamorous Life: Male And Female, I Created Them

Marissa Skudlarek as Everybody.

Six years ago, for the first time, I wrote a male character that I felt really, truly proud of. He was the first male character I’d created that I felt like I… 752 more words

Marissa Skudlarek

Don't Trust "Big Medicine"? That's Quackers!

The internet was an invaluable resource to our family when we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a medical crisis. The best information helped clarify the finer points of diagnostic codes and treatment plans, which in turned helped us ask our doctors better questions. 848 more words


Being American: What It Means To Me

One of the smartest professor’s I’ve ever had once said: “I’m very glad to be American, but not always proud of it.” Ever since I was exposed to that statement back in my early years of college, it nestled itself firmly in the back of my brain. 583 more words



We have to live dauntless to reach a full life. We step forward with fear in our hearts and minds, but we do step forward. This is it what counts. 39 more words