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My Understanding of Light

        An opportunity is only granted to those who deserve it, and is lost by those that don’t actively search for growth in it. Opportunities come and go in the thousands during a lifetime, but are judged as a large pool when reflected upon; rather than the individual singularity and differences in each one. 398 more words

Art Davison

An Idiot's Guide to Ideology and Einstein's Relativity

Look, I’m not a scientist. Not in any way shape or form. So it’s probably not a good idea to consult with me on scientific matters. 1,153 more words

Nuance of a hinge

The hallowed husk
Of platitudes
The crucible
Of old disquieting views

Political androids
Source of Good News
Say one; mean two
Easy nothing… 31 more words


Great books socialism

Tim Lacy on how the great books idea might be repurposed in a socialist context, the point being that we need to rethink the ossified notion that “great books” = conservatism. 17 more words

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What they don't tell you about garage startups

There is more about successful garage startups than just the founder’s ingenuity and hard working. Most articles perpetually regurgitated by monopolistic media and various blog posts try to convince you that exactly only hard working and ingenuity is necessary to create a multibillion international company. 820 more words


Socialization and Privilege: Not Optional

Refuting this poorly-written article, Still Think Trans Women Have Male Privilege? These 7 Points Prove They Don’t, is like shooting fish in a barrel, which is why I haven’t done it in the year and a half since it came out. 1,081 more words


How I see politics ?


My interest in the world of politics started in my 2nd grade in High school. I was researching about the opinions on the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( as my country experienced a horrible war 25 years ago.). 300 more words