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Cultural Conservatism and the Politics of Rage

During a recent episode of FiveThirtyEight’s “Elections” podcast, Harry Enten mentioned a phrase I haven’t thought of for a while that I thought warranted a second look. 1,087 more words


Your Mind Is Your God - Worship It

“He who thinks critically and utilizes his mind will well one day become an idol to those who don’t.”

My dear friend and reader, please never live through any day without making use of your million dollar asset – which is your mind. 770 more words


One of the fastest growing fields in science still makes a lot of people very uncomfortable

Think of someone whose political ideology leads them to ignore and groundlessly reject science. Typically, this often describes those on the right of the political spectrum, where climate change, women’s reproductive health, and even evolution are routinely dismissed. 1,242 more words

The Duterte phenomenon

As if winning the presidency was not phenomenal enough for one coming from Mindanao and a former mayor of Davao City, what is adding more to Rodrigo Duterte’s wonder in the country’s political world today are the dimensions by which he has been able to captivate the trust of the Filipinos and sustain his popularity in what he does for the country and its people. 407 more words


Under the Influence


In the not too distant past, people everywhere were still insulated from much awareness of the world beyond one’s local family and tribe. We might now take for granted how much technology has expanded our reach beyond the immediate time and place we find ourselves in. 1,192 more words

Archetypal Psychology

Broken Record

In an interview published today in Jacobin, David Harvey, a theorist of neoliberalism and one of my favorite vulgar Marxists, asks a controversial question: 1,199 more words


Feeding the Crocodile

Our newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago are the greatest failure of the people.

The Trinidad Guardian bills itself as the ‘guardian of democracy’.

The Trinidad Express is supposedly the ‘fearless’ newspaper. 871 more words