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You Are Not Anti-Feminist, You Are Anti-Extremist

By Carly Scott

A beginner’s guide to feminism.

Being on Facebook in the post-Trump election era is a minefield. There are protesters, supporters, and shut-the-hell uppers. 636 more words


The narcissistic self-pleasuring of Earth Hour

By Dylan Sahlin

Earth Hour is truly the pinnacle of feel-good events.

For an hour every year, wealthy Sydneysiders switch off their lightbulbs and bask their ignorance in the soft glow of their vanilla-scented, light-beige candles.  564 more words


Change It Ain't As Easy As You'd Think

I recall praise for Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic Party marched to control of all 3 houses and I meekly said but everything she says is rhetoric. 385 more words


Why so 'formal'?!

I have never been a fan of wearing formals. In fact, I absolutely hate them. I somehow feel that they stripe me off my individuality because that’s just not me. 1,052 more words


What instantly comes to mind when you see this image:

 {image source}

For some, it may be that the ugly duckling story springs to mind, or you think of… 504 more words


Why Trump Is Not Fascist- Yet.

I think it’s a bit of definitional creep to define Trump as a fascist. A key definition of fascism which is often left out from liberal categories is the presence of a highly organised (if not paramilitarised) mass movement made up of an unholy alliance between the petit-bourgeois and the poorest elements of the working-class. 182 more words