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Ideological filter - Religion

Lets fight over who’s ideology is better because to solve all other problems we need to be united.

In this article I want to write not about religion but about how we are using this imaginary idea to create physical lines.

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Barack Obama: Trump's True Motivation

Whenever a new figure arises wanting to become President, one common question asked is “Why do you want to become President?” Most successful modern leaders base their intentions for running on either helping the public, or executing interests for private corporations. 317 more words


Environmentalism: A Human Issue

Environmental issues are often framed as a matter that only the Left cares about. The Right is framed as only caring about maximizing profits and defending big corporations who pollute our air, soil and water. 602 more words


Honor Authority...

Read Exodus 22
Focus on verse 28

The people of America have become deeply divided primarily in political ideology, but this also spills over into matters of morality and philosophy. 330 more words

Daily Devotional

Secession: would it work?

Colin Woodard made the case for his vision of the United States as divided into a ”country of regions.” Woodard’s map shows his idea of the ’11 countries” or nations that make up today’s United States. 741 more words


Racial Threat and Behavior

I was thinking about the potential impact of changing communities on party identification as I was walking home last night, and I realized that we might be able to settle for exposure to a different community, rather than reaching for a complete change. 564 more words

Geographic Mobility