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The Conservatives need to step back and think again about their future leader

There’s something going a bit wrong with the discussions taking place around the leadership of the Conservative Party. People are throwing some rather ‘obvious’ names around as if there is nothing wrong with the Party at the moment and nothing needs to change. 816 more words


The Crisis of Individualism

The valuation of individualism is at a steady decline in a society that values fictitious numerics as an epitome to success. With the mentality that likes, shares, views, and any clout giving numbers are equivalent to true success is one of the most dangerous travesties held as a truth in our society. 156 more words


The Ghosts of Syria

The Ghosts of Syria

Counting down the days

is all I’m doing.

Waiting for booties to fall,

waiting for drones to drop,

just watching Syrian babies… 156 more words


The Idiocy Continues

Some years ago when I taught Religious Studies at a university in California, I went into the office on a weekend to check my mail and ran into a colleague. 750 more words

Constitution of a TRULY FREE Republic

The United States: land of the free, home of the brave… Sure. In your dreams.

At this point, libertarians with any sense should know that the U.S. 452 more words


a thought ~ the criminal jew

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Sex Robots: No Reason to Panic

People are going to be having sex with robots within five years – Henrik Christensen (2006)

Robots have always provoked fascination and fear. Adding sex creates a synergistic effect. 1,316 more words