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Individualist Society

We are an individualist society.

A society of segregation.

We are divided by the standard things, such as race, language, culture, and religion, among others. You’ll notice that these divisions are emphasised in our mass media. 93 more words

Wise Words of Big Boo

PENNSATUCKY: Did you know I didn’t shoot that nurse lady for any type of holy righteous thing like they all think? I, uh . . . 121 more words

Activists & Activism

The Labour Partition

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light,” said Plato, some two-thousand years’ ago. 461 more words



The wavelength between me and the girls I exteriorly have a crush on quite dazzles me, but I often find it as an enigmatic experience. This experience always seem to lie on the domain called male anarchic behaviour. 203 more words


The Value of Thriving

I recently read this atrocious article about the imperialist subtext found in modern video games. The author, one of those “indie game” types, isn’t wrong in his analysis, but he’s horribly wrong in his critique. 436 more words


Understanding Oil Qaeda

In The Al Qaeda Network: A New Framework For DefiningThe Enemy, Katherine Zimmerman of the American Enterprise Institute describes the terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda. 569 more words

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Tales Endorses Donald Trump!

Seriously, does anybody believe in that farce called the US democracy? Where you have two choices from two right-wing flatulent parties? You doubt that? You go ahead and run for president and see how far you will go. 20 more words