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Blind Spots and As-If-Constructions

Blind Spots could be viewed as the back side of as-if-constructions. Elsewhere, I have described as-if-constructions by the metaphor of a bubble. Once you enter it, there are objects inside that don’t exist on the outside. 127 more words


My welcome back rant: who we are

“I saw the journey of a thousand miles through the eyes of a man. Perhaps I stared too long at his soul which darkened with ash.

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More Savage Government Cuts

Amongst those that notice politics, Overbite Pinkingshears is probably most famous politician in the UK. As the government minister in charge of appearing on TV to be antagonised by the media’s leading political interviewers, such as… 564 more words


Dying Heart

Dying Heart

I think it’s worse to have many friends u know that care
But who are always never there when need them there
When u need someone to just be there and sit… 430 more words


Madness Under Modern Capitalism

Let’s talk about madness. Schizophrenia: from the ancient Greek schizo, meaning ‘split,’ and phrene, meaning ‘mind.’ But of course, in recent history, since around the 19th century, our ways of thinking about ‘schizophrenia’ have become much more complicated: a growing function of social and psychiatric progress. 1,158 more words


Modern Love

Emma Sulkowicz and Paul Nungesser were college freshmen at Columbia University who enjoyed a sexual relationship. After a while they broke off the sexual relationship but continued their friendship. 888 more words