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Life sucks? Get in the line!

If we randomly pulled people out of a crowd and asked them if life has been fair to them, we know what the majority would say. 626 more words


What's On My Mind

Do you ever get that feeling where you just want to go out and do something venturesome? I have been getting that feeling where I just want to go and explore the world! 568 more words

My Life And More

Fact: Watching a Movie Will Make You Agree with Everything in It


The University of Maryland-College Park has decided to cancel a scheduled screening of the patriotic masturbatory snuff film American Sniper, which details the insane, implausible, entirely fictional invasion of a sovereign state by another sovereign state, under the pretense of contrived pseudo-evidence. 671 more words

Architecture Function and Form -- A 4th Century Example

This week On the Reading Rest I have a small report in Danish from an excavation in Jutland. This kind of report is called a developer’s report. 1,166 more words

Carolingian Iron Age


So.. I’ve been looking into possible converting to Judaism… But some things I’m okay or agree w, but others I simply do not… but I have found this test, it’s helping me I think. 60 more words


The Hidden Danger to the Sisterhood of Hierarchical Assumptions

I believe that one of the most worrisome, hidden dangers to the feminist movement of the fourth wave, is hierarchical sexism. This is sexism in the form of beliefs and attitudes that the masculine is better than the feminine and that the typical behaviors of men are better than the typical behaviors of women*. 1,420 more words