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IDFA 2016, Singing with Angry Bird

Completely charming and heartwarming. ‘Angry Bird’ is a Korean tenor, obviously of operatic background, who somehow fell into the NGO world and is teaching choir to slum kids in Pune, India. 241 more words


International Documentary Film Festival in the Groninger Forum

Each November, the Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam screens documentaries that reveal powerful and touching stories within a broad array of topics. Groninger Forum made it easier for the people living here to enjoy these documentaries, as they showed a selection of the portrayed documentaries. 493 more words


IDFA 2016, Radio Kobani

This one was a shock. Because I order so many tickets at the beginning of IDFA, I often don’t really remember what all of the movies will be about. 351 more words


IDFA 2016, The Promise

Extremely disturbing and, once again, hopeless story. A middle-aged man tells his story in German in a prison interview room. As an impressionable 18-year old exchange student, he fell desperately in love with a beautiful rich girl. 172 more words


IDFA 2016, Prison Sisters

I only went to see this because it was continually at the top of the Public’s Prize rankings. I’m so glad I did, although it was completely and utterly heartbreaking. 585 more words


IDFA 2016, Resurrecting Hassan

This was a strange one. The main screen in Tuschinski, a beautiful enormous Art Deco space with about 30 people spaced around. As I was walking to my seat, I walked past a group of blind moviegoers in the front row. 419 more words


IDFA 2016, Liberation Day

I had never heard of Laibach, but M knew all about them. We went to a showing in Melkweg with a live concert by the band afterwards, which was a great way to experience them. 214 more words