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National Dairy Month

June marks the beginning of summertime, and it is my opinion that the best summertime treat is ice cream. No question.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) 378 more words


IDFA, Raising Resistance

This was about small farmers in Paraguay being edged out by enormous international corporations with enormous GM soy crops. The soy is engineered to ensure resistance to certain weeds. 172 more words


IDFA Part 2, Mrs. Carey's Concert

This movie was part of the “PLAY” mini-festival that was the musical part of IDFA this year. All of the selections dealt with music in some way and I was surprised that there were so few people at this, the opening movie of the festival, but perhaps 12.45 on a Saturday wasn’t a popular slot. 431 more words


IDFA; Planet of Snail

It’s hard for me to write a review of this movie because since I saw it on Saturday night, I’ve told so many people about it that I feel all my words have been used up. 796 more words


IDFA #9: National Gallery 6/10

Almost the same film as last week “The Great Museum.” Fly on the wall, no outside commentary, boring meetings to show internal organizational dramas. But this was much better because there were also scenes of docents lecturing on paintings. 27 more words


Film Review: 'In Loco Parentis'

Not everyone subscribes to the hoary old maxim that school days are the best of your life, but even for those who do, along comes “In Loco Parentis” to prove that they could have been better. 840 more words

Markets & Festivals

IDFA, Red Forest Hotel

Interestingly, the two movies I liked the least this year were the two environmental ones. Odd; I usually love exposes, but somehow both of these left me a bit cold. 308 more words