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Atomx macros support GAID and IDFA

Atomx macros support GAID and IDFA | With the release of your new version of our Atomx User Interface we are now able to pass you the… 38 more words

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IDFA 2016 to open with "Stranger in Paradise" by Guido Hendrikx

The 29th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) will open on November 16 with a screening of the documentary Stranger in Paradise… 125 more words


Film Review: 'Under the Sun'

Propaganda is one of the least universal modes of communication, and one almost feels a tiny sympathy for the North Korean authorities naive enough to think veteran Russian documentarian Vitaly Mansky would tow the designated party line with “Under the Sun.” But instead, the invited guest filmmaker ruthlessly mocks and undermines their intentions by simply revealing the heavily scripted artifice imposed upon this supposed look at average (but exemplary!) family life in Pyongyang. 783 more words


Film Review: 'Almost Holy'

The modern-day Ukraine depicted by “Almost Holy” is a place of such individual, familial, institutional and moral degradation that it appears on the verge of apocalyptic collapse. 701 more words


How Online Ads work?

Original Article is on stratechery.com

  • When a user requests a URL, the publisher checks to see if they have any directly sold ads available (because of the scale problems noted above, fewer and fewer publishers have fewer and fewer directly-sold ads; advertisers just aren’t interested)
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أنا مع العروسة: الرحلة المغامرة

تم تصوير فيلم «أنا مع العروسة» خلال 4 أيام، هي زمن الرحلة من ميلانو الإيطالية إلى مالمو السويدية. لم يكن من الممكن إعادة أي من اللقطات لأن إعادة اللقطة تعني إعادة الرحلة، فيما الهدف من الفيلم كان إيصال خمسة لاجئين سوريين وفلسطينيين إلى بر الأمان.


Film Review: 'Poverty Inc.'

As if poverty weren’t a challenging enough phenomenon unto itself, time has revealed that good intentions by outsiders can in many cases make the problem worse — a cruel irony that serves as the basis of Michael Matheson Miller’s “Poverty Inc.,” an easy-to-understand docu-essay with a tough-to-accept message, especially as it implies that some aid organizations may actually be cashing in on their concern. 793 more words