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Posters! Posters! Posters!

This blog could alternately be called delays, delays, delays. Or, the best laid plans of pin ups and directors.

In any case, the film is moving ahead. 392 more words

Film Review: 'War of Lies'

In the lead-up to the Iraq War, defector Rafid Ahmed Alwan, aka “Curveball,” became an expert at telling his interrogators what they wanted to hear, ultimately supplying the “evidence” the George W. 899 more words


Scribbles from a first time bikini competitor: 11 weeks out - Don't quit, just be better.

Well I have 11 weeks left of this journey and as excited as I am to get to the finish line, I have to say, deciding to compete was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 825 more words


The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam's educational program: a reflection


The education system: it is something that we all necessarily grow up with in the Netherlands from age of 5 to 16. However, ‘ninety percent of all children in the Netherlands enter primary school at the age of 4, and forty-nine percent has already been in child care, offering social activities for the preschool period’ (Aalsvoort, van der 20). 8,812 more words


Scribbles from a first time bikini competitor: 12 weeks out - Ego Lifting

Just shy of 12 weeks until show time… well to be exact, as I write this there are 81 days, 22 hours and 38 minutes till show day, but who’s counting… 912 more words


Scribbles from a first time bikini competitor: 13 weeks out - do your homework

Well I suppose I should start this post with an apology. Last week I bailed on you guys, and for that I am truly sorry. I never made my post and got distracted by some personal things going on in my life that I really needed to focus my attention on. 731 more words


The Shredded Diaries

As most of you know, within the last couple of years there has been a lot more buzz around town concerning all things fitness. With spikes in trends such as pole dancing, crossfit, hot-yoga, zumba – and basically anything else from A to Z that involves sweating off the garbage we put into our bodies on a daily basis – it’s safe to say that more and more of us are making going to the gym a part of our everyday lifestyles. 815 more words