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Hover boards...

Because nothing says douchebag like gliding across the pavement at little over walking speed and getting in everyone else’s way…
I’d go as far as adorning this post with pictures but you already know what they look like and you have probably been annoyed by any number of douchebags riding these things in malls and elsewhere. 337 more words


Lad Culture.

This isn’t a new thing, just these idiots went digital. I’ve been irritated by these sorts since I first encountered them on nights out in the wild. 308 more words


If you own a Scarface canvas painting you're probably a douche.

A number of people I know have canvas art. In their bedrooms, living room or somewhere in their homes. Sometimes canvas art can be nice but it’s rare, it usually just looks tacky. 407 more words


You've come at a wonderful time.

Well I’ve hit a point now where I’m deeply internally angry and I’m much less likely to tolerate crap, things will annoy me. Without a doubt people will piss me off. 133 more words


Oranjeboom, alcohol and public drinking.

Somebody once told me they’d never tried a good Dutch beer, I didn’t really agree or disagree seeing as I’ve had some passable dutch beer in my time. 264 more words

Idiotic Groups/people

I've seen this too much.

The younger ones seem to forget this especially. I imagine redditors are guilty of this one too. Running around their dorms and sitting at their local starbucks or its English equivalent spouting memes and talking about Reddit. 16 more words


That F**king Milkman Again...

About a week back I was on my doorstep talking to a friend after they dropped by unexpectedly. During our conversation who shows up other than that fucking milkman. 222 more words