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Enemies: The Case Against the Current Friends Backlash

Hello fellow millennial snowflakes.

Tis I, the voice of reason. I have travelled through digital time and space to be here with you today so I can impart the good word of critical analysis and intellectual reasoning. 1,198 more words


Laissez le bon temps rouler

Snowed in? Icy roads and the kids are home because schools are closed? How about a new game that’s the rage in the TV Media. 51 more words


If you have to say you are …you aren’t

Back in the day when I worked in insurance investigations, I had this supervisor who gave me some good advice. Specifically, he said the following; 677 more words


Shopper Profiles: Broseph McMoron

Here’s the second in our series on regulars. Meet Broseph McMoron.

Broseph, as I touched on ever so briefly in our first post, is named so because, well, he is a moron and calls me “bro” every time. 412 more words


Hawaii Emergency Management Agency put its password on a Post-It sticky

On Saturday morning, January 13, residents of blue-state Hawaii (66.22% voted for Hillary in the 2016 presidential election) went into a panic when one very incompetent and unnamed employee at… 184 more words