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Is Berlin drowning in its own filth?

It pains me to have to ask the question but a few things have happened in recent days (and before that if I’m honest) that really make me wonder. 866 more words


Anxiety Going Nuts

Tomorrow I am dreading & anxiety making it much worse. My 25 year old son is going out looking for work,leaving me alone. Its those worst case scenarios & chronic worry making me want to say…no…stay home! 205 more words

Plus ça change …

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose:

A recent story about Leonard Leo, who advises the President on judicial nominees and is connected to the ascent of judges such as Kavanaugh, was even more hysterical.

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Roman Catholicism

The Nuisances I've Encountered Since The Opening Of This Blog.......

Hello hello! It’s me. (Again.)

As you can tell by the tags used in this post, there will be some ranting here. (Hopefully none of you mind but I really do need to get this off my chest……) Well, today I want to post about the nuisances I’ve met since opening this blog. 851 more words

Side Talks

Cruise July 13-15

13 July

We had a long day today, we booked passage through lock 28 Chaumont for nine o’clock, but we didn’t get through until quarter to ten because our lock keeper was mooning over his pretty new assistant. 1,266 more words

Big Adventure

Cruise July 11-12

11 July

So, Baye, (the summit of the Nivernais), was, I don’t know, not what we were expecting, don’t get me wrong I didn’t want a Club 18-30 resort, but I also wasn’t expecting a place that rents boats out by the dozen and a few live-aboards in the marina to completely shut down at 6:30 either, especially on the night France played in the World Cup semi-final?¿! 1,306 more words

Big Adventure

One-Liner Wednesday — Deep Thoughts

“It is better to speak profoundly to just one than to blather at a world of idiots.”

Suze who blogs at “Suziland Too or Obsolete Childhood… 205 more words