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On Vaping

Okay I know I’m late to the party seeing that everyone and their mother has not only vaped, but has also commented on it. That being said I really don’t care, this is my blog and I’ll write about whatever I damn please. 746 more words

What's happening in our colleges?

Have you guys read some of the stories about college students who can’t handle… well, anything? If you haven’t, allow me to list a few. 468 more words

Employee Suspended for "Hate Crime" for Saying only 2 Genders Exist, Male and Female.

Alright. Today we’re taking a break from Hillary bashing. Instead, we will focus on a new incident at a Catholic University Campus.

“If I self identify as a Voltron Lion” 445 more words


The Reluctant Messiah

I see the world through the eyes of another, disbelievingly, aghast, hoping I’m disillusioned. I lay in the cradle of my fortress, far from those routine cruelties. 131 more words


Complainer - letting go

We live in quite a consumeristic, material-led society, I think we can all agree. We like to buy things, to hoard things, and never let them go. 500 more words

Jewish Humor

Benny is watching his wife Rachel write out a cheque.

As it’s very rare for Rachel to write out a cheque, he asks, “Who are you sending the cheque to, darling?” 41 more words