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A biker stops at a garage in a small Kent village to see whether they can quickly repair a problem he’s having with his bike. 445 more words



I just got off the phone with a customer service rep who was an idiot.  I so badly wanted say to her “Tell me how you got from A to B because you clearly didn’t use what I said to formulate what you said”. 304 more words

Quote of the Day:

“They’re suffering the same myth which a lot of small businesses suffer from which is the myth that the customer is always right. No. The customer is… 15 more words


So I feel there is no better morning than now to rant about things that agitate me. Not all the things, but more like people. And Facebook.

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"A vegan coworker is being aggressive toward me about food"

My search engine (screw the big G with its censorship and all the crap) came up with the topic above when I was looking for something else. 1,932 more words