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Idiots' Odyssey Episode 18: Thumbing The Stunt Baby

This week on the Idiots’ Odyssey we completely give up all pretense of class to talk about Hugh Jackman asking you to sign for the package, witches in low cut dresses and jokes about ectoplasm even I feel a little ashamed of. 39 more words


Watch This Horrible Attempt At Cutting A Watermelon With A Sword

Swords are not toys, people. We’ve already seen what can go wrong when swords and faces mix together, so, given that knowledge, I wasn’t holding out too much hope for the fate of the glass patio table that the swordsman in this video chose to samurai-chop a watermelon on. 19 more words

Web Culture

This Is CNN...

Google must be hard to use. The ISIS flag:

The items on this flag at the gay pride parade: butt plugs and dildos.

This is embarrassing…




Stop constantly complaining at me. You know what complaining is? MASTURBATION. Same fucking thing. Anytime you do it, you are triggering the part of your brain that is satisfied by hearing the sound of your own voice. 174 more words


Naming Hurricanes

Just when you think you have heard all
of the stupid things that are going on in
the US — this comes along…

Black hurricanes…. 184 more words

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what day is it even

There are some days I feel like I have spring in my bones. The season, the coil spring, it’s all there. Push me down, I’ll fuckin bounce. 144 more words