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Good Bosses are fair

“Good Bosses are aware that sharing information in a thorough, timely manner makes people feel included, respected, and acknowledged for their ability to contribute. They make open communication a priority. 262 more words


SuperParent Reflexes

I have come to believe that parents have superhero reflexes when it comes to their kids at times. I have pulled out some moves before to stop a kid from walking off a ledge, walking into a wall, or falling face first down stairs. 599 more words


Culture of Blaming on External Factor

I got to read many comments on reddit, a popular American forum that deal with various topics in life ranging from politics to trivial topics such as eating or jokes. 395 more words


Kids at Adult Parties, Always a No-No

I was invited to a party tonight. I had to decline, for reasons that I felt were fairly obvious. When the party-thrower told me I could just bring my kids along, I politely declined even though I really wanted to call her an idiot. 1,031 more words


Jewish Humor

David’s friends, Moshe and Abe, persuade him to join them in a night out in Golders Green, and they take him to the “The Toches Arms” pub. 171 more words


Idiocracy (2006)

Here it is, the film that predicted the 2016 election. I’m sure you’ve heard about it.

The film, a satire which depicts a grim future of mindless society and an outrageous celebrity president, is an elitist’s nightmare. 279 more words

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