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This Just Breaking. Rare Lincoln Photo Found.

Yup Brian Was there. A picture is worth a thousand words they say.

-Steve-                                                  H//T   I_MAN 6 more words


The Mystery Solved!

‘Wisdom comes first by opening your heart, then your mind, then your ears, then your eyes. Only then, your mouth.’ ~Idiot Writer~

I FOUND IT! It is being guarded by fluffy the dragon.

59 more words


That guy I went on a date with is a completely ass. He’s not even worthy of another name.

Thursday, he asked me about my past and I’m an honest person. 235 more words



Giving a access to your blog to an idiot?

Good move Jason….

Time to raid the supplies….

Where does this dude keep the Whiskey?



Egg Roulette!

so we did a fun challenge named: ‘Egg Roulette’ and it was super weird ^^

you can check our video out here: http://youtu.be/81ZNdAba_64



''Dumb Retards Can't Speak Proper English..''

Today is one of those days when you’re just so tired, you try to exercise but you feel like it’s impossible, every second feels like forever and every muscle is on strike. 186 more words


Granny has a visitor

Hello All.

Isn’t he a beaut?
Mex is busy stressing that he might come inside.
Locusts don’t worry me.
If they did I would be giving little screams all the time while walking Jasmine. 206 more words