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The video YOLOCAUST gone viral

‘Yolocaust’ project shames death camp memorial selfies

Berlin tourists may want to think again before taking jovial selfies at the city’s Holocaust memorial, after a website went live with the aim of calling out inappropriate behaviour there. 88 more words

Mish Mash

I Need To Say This...

Donald Trump is an idiot.

Who constantly speaks in superlatives the way he does?

Who repeats almost every word and phrase as if talking to morons? 582 more words


Petition to Sue Schools for Failures?

Some absolute plonker has just tagged me and twenty other people in a post, asking for our email addresses so that he can start a petition. 418 more words

Criticism versus Reviews

What any writer dreads the most are attacks by members of the public, often with an axe to grind…

In days gone by every writer knew that the only individuals who offered opinions about their work were journalists working for leading newspapers, in the guise of literary critics. 325 more words


My blocked list on Facebook is getting longer

I don’t block people because they’re idiots. I block people because if I don’t, I waste my time arguing with idiots. Which makes me an idiot, of sorts. 417 more words

You Voted for Drumpf and Now We All Must Pay the Price

Hey Kids,

Happy #BaconWednesday one and all!  I have to tell you that the following entry was not written by me, but rather by Ben Mallicote.   379 more words

How to lose money without trying...

…by following the Vermont Guide to Investing.
Vermont’s pension plans are not paragons of prudent investing; quite the opposite, they show that touch of lunacy found only in a column written by Jack Krugman in the NY Times. 248 more words