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Why I am not going to "Francophile" my Facebook status...

Over the past 24 hours or so I have watched the world “Francophile” itself in support and recognition of the awful events in Paris. Monuments have been illuminated in red-white-blue and Facebook profiles now consist of once familiar friends peering out between ribbons of colour. 539 more words

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Announcing : "The Long Tail"

Before you get too concerned, I am still on “gardening leave”.

But I’m also getting bored. Most of the house DIY tasks are done, the roof garden looks great. 163 more words

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The "poster child" for why ASX biopharma stinks

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of any affiliated companies or organizations.

Australia could be a great place to commercialize biopharmaceutical research. 1,852 more words

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In-Laws, Fish and Founder CEOs

This week marked a major event in my life. I parted company with ImaginAb.

For many people, it will be a very big surprise, knowing how passionate and committed I am to the company. 944 more words

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TSA Pre-Check is Back

A few weeks before Christmas I air-dropped into Turkey for a few meetings. I arrived in Istanbul from Brussels at about midday and I left again late that night. 644 more words

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I see you, Charlie Hebdo

I have been watching with great sadness, the outpouring of grief and anger in the wake¬†of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. It has been my blogosphere policy not to write about “Islamic Militant Attacks” because I personally don’t believe that is what they are. 853 more words

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My Aleph

This past week I did something completely out of the ordinary.

I read a book.

I used to read 2-3 books a week back when I had no responsibilities, travel, study or a child in my life. 530 more words

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