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The Return of the Discontinued Sandman

I am back after a nice week’s break in Norfolk with my beloved and it was nice just to be able to spend a week with just her. 520 more words

Idle Ramblings

Don't Forget Your Trousers

It has been a while since I last wrote a proper entry, so how have things been going?

Monday I had an unexpected every few hours with Heather down to the broadband guy coming earlier than expected, this lead to us collecting her new PS4 from storage and then a quick visit back home to be mobbed by the dogs. 491 more words

Bark for Barksdale

Let’s kick off with a look at some of my recent musical purchases:

Two of these albums are ‘lost’ albums, namely “Blue World” by John Coltrane and “Rubberband” by Miles Davis. 721 more words

A Holiday for the Sandman

I mentioned in my Alton Towers post that Heather and I were discussing about our next Holiday together and that some developments had occurred. Earlier in the year I voiced the idea of going to Amsterdam as I’ve never been and there were various points of interest to see, and absolutely nothing to do with being on a bit of a Van der Valk binge at the time. 264 more words

A Trip to the Towers

I have a steaming hot cup of tea next to me on the table, and I and I have my weekly Spotify Discover list playing as I type. 956 more words

I Guess I Will Have to Change My Plans

I am currently eating my lunch on my split shift and have got my Spotify discovery playlist running as I type this, as before I will not the tracks as I go along (Oh Look at Me Know- Lee Whiley, Bobby Hackett). 803 more words

At Home with the Sandman

I have had a last minute week off work this week and have generally been chilling out. Heather stayed over Monday and Tuesday though we didn’t do much. 632 more words