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Opening Time

Well the much speculated reopening of the Pubs happens here in Blighty on the 4th July (read into that whatever you want) so your sentimental Sandman will be pulling pints once more, albeit on reduced hours at first as the new regulations settle in and we get a better idea on how trade is going to function. 481 more words

Piggy in the Middle

Another week has passed and I can honestly say that the pitter-patter of tiny feet has been echoing within my ears with the arrival of the two Guinea Pigs, both of whom are males and fair units. 647 more words

Hill Song

It’s been yet another uneventful week for me as you might well imagine with my week consisting of gardening, walking the dogs and pretty much the usual household chores. 790 more words

Idle Ramblings

Share Your World 8th June 2020

How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?

Not overly when it comes to formal matters, so I tend to try and have some kind of physical barrier to stand behind as for whatever reason it feels I have a safety net. 563 more words

Waiting with Godot

Another week has been and gone and I have to admit that at the moment I actually wish the hot weather would do one for a bit, trying to tend the garden is becoming a lot more troublesome. 504 more words


The Adventures of Sandman Sawyer

Well my Whit-week Bank Holiday weekend was not how I had originally envisaged it way back in January, had the dreaded C-Word not struck the UK I would now be chilling out after the end of the Bridgnorth Jazz festival and making my preparations for Upton- but alas it is not to be. 341 more words

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun

Well I have seen Heather for the first time in over 9 weeks, we went for a nice socially distanced walk in a park near her’s in Shrewsbury and naturally I bought along Ben-dog as I somehow doubt either of them would have talked to me again if I didn’t. 712 more words