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FOWC: The Jazz Youth of Today

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Movement

A late entry because only upon reflection of my day has a relevant thought come to me.

Well while at Upton Today I popped to the best of youth Jazz tent in the late afternoon and there was a show case of some teenage singers (all girls, aren’t boys allowed to sing?… Perhaps that have to be Bus Conductors…) who essentially were singing to backing music as opposed to a band. 54 more words

The Week that Was

First up, I will address the two sucky things which have happened this week, namely the deaths of Jazz singer Leon Redbone and the actor Paul Darrow. 1,018 more words

Idle Ramblings

A Trip to Narnia

No I haven’t finally cracked, and am about to tell how I gained access new worlds via a Wardrobe, no, my dearly beloved and I made our way to Hawkstone Park and Follies where part of the BBC adaption of… 51 more words

Idle Ramblings

Haha This a-way

This week has been a bit of a mixed week for me, it got off to a bit of a false start thanks to Heather forgetting that public transport in Shropshire is nowhere near as efficient as it down the smoke, meaning her arrival in Telford was an hour later then planned. 518 more words

Will Sandman Go Septic Despite Listening to Classical Music?

It’s only been a week or so since my holiday and already it seems a long time ago. I haven’t seen Heather as she has been down in London, so it’s been a bit of a week twiddling my thumbs in my spare time. 339 more words


A Holiday for the Sandman

Last week was a late booked few days off work, it was a nice little recharge and some needed time doing naff all.

Sunday I did the double and went to both the Sunday Lunch time gig at Albrighton, which was the new band “Frog and Henry”, and the Evening gig at the Wild Pig in Shrewsbury which was the Severnside Jazz Band. 303 more words

3TC: The Scribe

Light Motfits Three Thing Challenge: Bananas, Keyboard, Rattle

As many of my readers know one of my hobby horses is to go and see live Jazz whenever I can. 498 more words