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3TC: The Scribe

Light Motfits Three Thing Challenge: Bananas, Keyboard, Rattle

As many of my readers know one of my hobby horses is to go and see live Jazz whenever I can. 498 more words


A Night at the Opera

Slightly inspired by Crushed Caramel’s post Party’s Over SeƱorita

Way back in 2009 just before Christmas.I went for a two week holiday on the Venezuelan Isle of Margarita which is in the Caribbean and is the closest island to the mainland of Venezuela. 521 more words

Idle Ramblings

RDP: The Quest is the Quest

It is no longer the days of noble Knights seeking validation by going on quests, but I still feel that we go on our own personal quests. 129 more words

Christmas Haul 2018

We did things a little different again this year, and did a Kris Kringle, so each of us got two others to buy for. Can’t say I’m a fan of the idea, but anyway. 259 more words

Idle Ramblings

Avoiding the Limelight

I am fairly sure this one came up before.

One thing I don’t particularly enjoy is being the centre of attention, I prefer to sit on the sidelines and be a more wraith like individual. 128 more words

The Festive Season Cometh

It’s been a busy few weeks and as Yuletide approaches there has been a big change in the drinking habits of the Sandman, namely that aside from days off I am on the wagon and not having my after work pint, this is partially because I tend to finish late and at this time of year there are number of idiots who treat the festive season as a month long piss-up and I feel I need to be as alert as I can be after a long shift. 481 more words

The Battle Hymn of the North Shropshire Sandman

No this isn’t going to a reappropriation of the “Glory Glory, Hallelujah” song (as the Battle Hymn of the Republic is known in some circles) to a Shropshire set of lyrics or anything like that. 249 more words