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Cookie-Clicker and other stuff

So as part of the final week of this portion of the online course,  we were asked to create a optimization program for playing cookie clicker. 248 more words


APP: Current Tycoon

This was an incredibly fun break game. I finished it completely in about two hours, so it isn’t a long game and eventually the scale of it sucked but the rubbing aspect versus the tapping makes it unique and would have been a better game if made a little longer.


Idle box fleet falls in lead-up to Chinese New Year


LONDON, Feb 5 (GCTL18) – The idle box fleet has fallen by more than 1% over the past month, having risen to its highest level in nearly two years at the start of 2016, but analysts are expecting this to be only a brief pull-back in numbers as carriers resume their respective void sailing programmes this month. 415 more words


A thing that angers me

There’s a thing that angers me;
Seeing young people idling around;
With lots of work to do;
Why do they want to reap
Where they did not sow? 18 more words

Idle Times in Hand

Idle times,
idles hands make
much of the time they share.

No expense
spared by their common
place extravagances.

Mixed matched materials
in hand provides a plan… 19 more words

Exposed Loving

On days like this

On days like this, I get confused.

On days like this, I always think of the possibility of quitting my current job and pursuing a smarter, safer choice; a change in career path. 138 more words


APP: Zombie Wars 2: Idle Clicker

One of the worst clicker idle games ever made. First of all there is no number 1, meaning they randomly named it 2 to be funny. 26 more words