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GRACE WORDS for 2DAY Devotional

“But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 149 more words


- I N J U S T I C E -

“But that is … WRONG!..” sobbed the kid, standing in front of her. He wasn’t crying out of volition, oh no. It seemed as if the tears flowed out of his eyes just to console him- to cool the insatiable fury and anger that were housed within those fiery eyes. 573 more words


Am I just a walking piece of stone?

We constitute of the same.

Our actions are mostly indifferent.

They do nothing, aren’t that lame?

Hard, soft and coloured,

43 more words

Idle Web Tycoon

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Standing still

Idle thoughts of wildflowers
Colors that bring smiles
Under sunny summer skies
And time stands still
In this space between wondering
And knowing
As the second hangs suspended… 173 more words


Aug. 06/ Update

It’s been almost exactly 6 months since the last time I wrote on this website. Naturally blogging has become more difficult because the longer that you create a product, the more critical you become of it. 585 more words


“Would you like a seat at the bar or a table?” Asked the hostess after I told her I would be eating alone.

“I’ll take a table.” I replied thinking she would seat me at a table for two, against a wall somewhere in the back. 744 more words