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Stopping Still

The only time I ever stop is when I fall asleep. And even then, my mind races through corridors unknown and I busy myself with building my very own castle of dreams. 446 more words


Bargain Hunt just isn’t the same without Tim.

Pick of the Week: Mobile Games

This War of Mine – 15.99
action . strategy . simulation

I don’t generally go for paid games, but having played the PC version of… 370 more words

The Art of the Scholarly Warrior

Originally posted on CharlesSledge.com

Idleness kills. Overpreparation can quickly become counterproductive. You can read copious amounts of information but if you never enact the philosophies you learn you only set yourself in the same situation if not further back. 838 more words


Idle Ducks

idle ducks

spring makes the shallow pond

a feather bed


This poem was written in response to Carpe Diem #1154 Sumi-e, the Japanese way of painting, Imagination introduction, another great prompt from Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. 20 more words


Lost Days of Freedom

Recovery takes time and that is exactly what my mind and body needed after the gueling few days that folloed my trip back to the West Coast. 846 more words


“ Idle Wade ” ~ to escape pathos ~

Ye squander time

Lacking the know

Of rapid decline,

Or how long to go

Before its consign,

Will find abuse

Hence so resign,                                                           

From inert pursuit… 19 more words

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