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THE IDLE BRAIN- Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji 

Humans are so made excellently that we are far much greater than any kind of animal. This is not about our appearance but our BRAIN. This part of our body is the most expensive and acts just like the control parnel of a computer system. 142 more words



Kissing signs on the inner stay,
the road tangles like insidious vines,
my idle hands go on imaginary quests,
with no purpose of holding the snippets, 36 more words


Python: Subscribing to MQTT topic

The objective of this post is to explain how to connect to a MQTT broker and subscribe to a topic, using Python. 1,170 more words


Busy bee.

Hi! I know I’ve been MIA for a while now. I thought I’d drop by and fill you in a bit. It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks. 155 more words


Idle Rumination

It started in seventh grade;
Glossed over the foundation.
Picture changed from clear to grain,
Anxious in anticipation.

My name once held a certain caché, 39 more words


Ask Hackaday: How Do You Python?

Python is the Arduino of software projects. It has a critical mass of libraries for anything from facial recognition and neural networks to robotics and remote sensing. 670 more words


Python- Using the IDLE to run your program

  1. Start up the IDLE. Then under File, select New Window or prss CTRL + N, which will open up an untitled window. This is where we will be writing our first program.
  2. 62 more words