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Sucking It

When I went to pay my bill I found out the issue with the idle going from sticking to being all over the place. He took some time to adjust and lubricate the movement of the carburetor more than I was able to and found that the throttle shaft was worn out. 310 more words


Love/hate gods

The body is God’s temple
yet how often it is hated

The body is God’s temple
– but note: It is not God – 8 more words



Well drinkers on the grass

dream of living something past

as time’s tides threaten storm

they idle by, their fading forms


It's a sin! Part 6 Sloth

Being slothful is not being lazy. It is entirely possible to be slothful and be incredibly busy. It fact, being busy can actually aid someone in being slothful. 270 more words



what do you do when you’re lonely and lying awake at 3am?

only the whirring of the fan to give you company when you’d do anything for a hug, a word.  196 more words

The Personal Column.

Three Ways To Enjoy Your Day

1. Do something fun.
2. Do something you needed to do.
3. Do nothing.
The will-
To be idle.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey

Dealer tip: How to open a radiator


Verder tot dieselfde geval van ‘n motor wat oorverhit is.

Dit is beter dat die motor se enjin luier ( idle) wanneer die verkoeler prop oopgemaak word. 92 more words

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