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Straws on Camelbacks 89

It piles on when things break. That step that determines the rate at which things are processed and passed through to the next step. The ever important slate set up with good intentions when nothing goes wrong. 659 more words


Bank Holiday 90

It’s not in chronological order even if it’s moving forward. One timeline intertwining with another the pace as quick as as a spider spinning a web. 227 more words


Saturday Morning: 'idlesse oblige'

Aristotle said, ‘Nature requires us not only to be able to work well but also to idle well.’ Sigh. It’s so hard. The Idea of the Idle which disses and rejects the clock is an ambition harder than it seems. 152 more words


Waiting | Day-28 | NaPoWriMo2016

Waiting for someone,

Is an event that stores excitement,

In a passive way.

Those moments of idleness,

Which I otherwise don’t allow.

Most of my desires arose, 47 more words



It’s as if the record is on some kind of a loop playing the same lines over and over again. At least it’s a song that is empowering. 433 more words


Changing Systems

It’s been a “wait a minute” kind of couple of days. “Did you hear about…” what happened? Just a few things just a few moments and a few more lights snuffed out by the wind. 1,334 more words


Idle Hands- Short Story

Credit: BloodEmpress

Alex leans in to examine the wall closer. Alex and her partner, Rebecca, had been driving for the last four hours and Rebecca had a tendency to fill the silence with her trademark “stream of consciousness” chatter. 7,169 more words