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7 Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean;    wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

— Psalm 51:7 NLT


Psalm 51:7-15NLT… 275 more words

China wind power increases along with turbines standing still

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Wind power in China is rising at the same time windmills increasingly stand idle, underscoring the challenges utilities and regulators face from surging green energy. 254 more words

Money Matters

Barnett Clear Coat Idle Cable (+4in.) for Harley Davidson 2004-06 Touring/Bagge

Barnett Clear Coat Idle Cable (+4in.) for Harley Davidson 2004-06 Touring/Bagger, FLHRS/FLHRSI Road King Custom

Bike Fitments:
2004-2006 Harley Davidson FLHRS Road King Custom
2004-2006 Harley Davidson FLHRSI Road King Custom
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TIME: One of the most valuable factors of life we can NEVER retrieve!

I mean I deserve to rest! Right?

On a daily basis majority of mankind fall prey to idleness in one form or another. Rather we feel we are on off days from work, or returning home from school and feel we need a nap. 958 more words

Home Stretch 10

Sniffles, these damn sniffles! They are starting to subdue. Gradually day by day they are decreasing in their severity. My morning sputum neon green indicates that my suspicion was right. 382 more words


Eight power plants idle as output drops to 2,984.3mw

​Eight power plants have been shut down as at yesterday due to the inability to transport gas to them, a situation often blamed on the activities of militants who repeatedly bomb pipeline. 107 more words



In the days since coming back from Manchester I’ve been plagued by a stuffed nose. At first I just thought it was a really bad hang over and I started to think that one day makes a lot of difference once the new number after turning older somehow registers in the body making it feel much older. 767 more words