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How to monitor AIX CPU with HP Sitescope \ Loadrunner

How you can monitor AIX LPAR CPU with HP Sitescope for use with HP Loadrunner?

IBM AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems.  683 more words


Make Fish Friends in AbyssRium

Yes,I sank actual money into this just for the ghost whale. More on that later.


Publisher: Changed to Cheetah Games lately, was originally from IDLE Idea Factory. 410 more words


Encourage Capitalism with MakeMore!

This is a short one…because it was a short game.


Publisher: Fingersoft

Published: Google Play or iOS store

Genre: Freemium Idle

Released: No idea. 348 more words



In my professional world there exist two distinct time zones. One, lasting from approximately mid March through to end of October, is called season. Hours are long and days are full with buzz and chores and there’s always a tad more on the to do list than can be handeled in time. 316 more words

On How It Is

Don’t be deceived

Facebook has been criticized for disseminating fake and misleading stories that are indistinguishable from real news. US President Obama said that these bogus news stories were a threat to democracy. 5,016 more words


Running Cold

While trying to figure out the problem with the idle, I had seen somewhere that the water temperature had influence on how the engine handled things and so I tried to change out the sensor. 543 more words


Idle Time

When I got this car, it had been sitting a while and the main reason for that was that it stopped running. When I got hold of it, my father had tried his hand at fixing it and that method is to remove stuff until it works. 486 more words