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We can all learn a little something from Ido Portal’s perspective on physical enablement.

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Ido Portal's 30-Day Hanging Challenge

Have you ever been 3 1/2 years late to a party?  Well, Ido Portal (movement coach, badass) started a movement in 2014 with his 30-Day Hanging Challenge, where he challenged followers to perform 7 minutes of hanging from a bar (non-continuous) spread throughout the day. 881 more words


Hip mobility

One thing that has plagued my body, especially with martial arts is my hip mobility. This has really prevented and more often than not, resulted in an injury when I went for a head high kick. 436 more words

Hip Flexor

Paying my respects

More happy coincidences – a day after I watched part of the video of the Q&A session following the “Ido Portal: Just Move” film, Facebook reminded me that 3 years ago I posted this picture, taken in a CrossFit box in Turku, Finland at the end of 4 days (2 back to back seminars) training with Ido. 970 more words

Loaded Stretching for Pancake

PANCAKE: There are many loaded stretching methods to help achieve the pancake, however I feel that some often jeopardise what I consider a key element of the position – keeping a flat lower back. 253 more words

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Ankle ROM, Mobility & Stability routine

Alternate foot each exercise. Perform 2-4 rounds between 2 and 4 times a week, depending on you requirement. Best performed barefoot/with minimal footwear and on soft ground i.e. 117 more words

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