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“The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do. If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow you more movement.”

– Ido Portal


I do Movement, Part 2

Ten months on from my first ‘live’ exposure to Ido Portal and his work, I’m sitting in a plane on the way home from another four days of the Ido Portal method in Finland. 1,522 more words

Re-connecting to your body

I think that many people can relate to the idea that we as a species have become disconnected from our bodies. Culturally the body has become either a storage unit for the brain to get from point A to point B or just as a way to show off ourselves to get laid. 842 more words


The Pilates System (?)

As seems so often to be the case, the convergence of two sources at a similar time has got me writing. Soon after I saw… 1,045 more words

Joseph Pilates

Movement Artist Ido Portal Interview

The interview was conducted by London Real on July 20th 2014.

Ido Portal said in the interview “I think people have lost their user manual for their own machinery”. 300 more words


Movement Flow

Recently I have been pondering on how to teach flow training to my students, and next year you may see a lot of classes popping up on flow training. 258 more words


We zijn geboren bewegers

We zijn geboren om te bewegen. De variëteit aan bewegen voor mensen is eindeloos en dit begin ik meer en meer te ontdekken. Israëliër Ido Portal is een gedreven en inspirerende multi beweger die het hele scala van bewegingen beheerst. 59 more words