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Inspireme: Poetry Within Movement

We have created a society filled with people who from an early age are trained to become masters of stillness. Unfortunately, unlike the Buddhist monks who inspire us with their many hours long meditative practices, ours are primarily involving staring at a computer or watching television. 317 more words


Must watch Videos: Move your Life: with Ido Portal, David Graeber, Bill Plotkin and James Hillman

Tonight includes interviews and lectures from a Mover, an Anthropologist/Anarchist, and two Psychologists.

I’m glueing these vids in before scrumptious husband returns with walked pooch. 296 more words

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Martial Arts Focus: Ido Portal

Ido Portal is the creator of new form of movement that is being incorporated by mixed martial artists all around the globe. Ido is a movement expert from Israel, who began studying Capoeira, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga and took what he found most useful from each art to create his new form of movement. 245 more words


Does Posture Really Matter?

Perhaps this is a heretical question…. the importance of ‘good posture’ to health and well-being is so widely recognised that it is beyond question. Certainly, in the world of Pilates, it would seem to be doctrine. 541 more words

Joseph Pilates

What's Your (Pilates) Dogma?

Being so closely associated with ‘dogmatic’, it’s easy for dogma to be something of a dirty word. Yet, if we take my dictionary definition (overlooking the first, which is specific to religion) – “a belief, principle, or doctrine or a code of beliefs, principles or doctrines…” – then it seems essential to any purposeful practice.  790 more words

Joseph Pilates

I do Movement, Part 3

Or, if you haven’t already, you really should attend an Ido Portal workshop.

I’ve already written (here and here) in the immediate aftermath of attending Movement X and The Corset, and then Movement X and Handbalancing and have been thinking for a while of trying to express my lasting appreciation for those experiences. 387 more words

Pilates teachers (don't necessarily) know best

Yes, I’m afraid I’ve been browsing Facebook forums again – and becoming struck by the tone of some teachers’ comments with reference to other movement disciplines, and other exercise professionals. 829 more words

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