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Christmas In November

I love Christmas,…when it comes. It is mid-November; not even Thanksgiving; not even Advent. At the nursing home, they’ve already put up a manger, a Christmas tree, and green boughs and lights everywhere. 399 more words


Don’t You Want to Thank *Someone*: A Thanksgiving Meditation

As we enter thanksgiving week, it is good to reflect on the nature of giving thanks. Many have observed praise is fundamental to what it means to be human, yet, not all praise honors God in a way he deserves. 763 more words


#HeartCheck: Let's talk about Idolatry.

Have you ever had a crush and that particular person’s face just got stuck in your head all-day? Or have you ever had a problem and it’s causing you to be worried and think about it all the time? 332 more words

Life Without Church Buildings

Christ loved the church… ESV Ephesians 5:25

I love old church buildings. Whenever I drive through downtown Baltimore or DC, I’m struck by the number of old stone church buildings. 381 more words

Spiritual Formation

Wood and Stone

In my time reading the Word this morning, I was so moved by a passage in Jeremiah, that I felt compelled to share my thoughts on my blog this morning. 884 more words

Hoarding and Greed

I was watching a lot of documentaries about extreme hoarding, and I could not help but be shocked by the number of possessions some people have, and the rationalization behind it! 1,392 more words

Chapter-a-Day: Judges 18

Judges 18

The theme of reaping what one sows continues and expands in Chapter 18. Micah’s worship of false gods and purchase of the services of an ungodly priest are seen by a group of five spies from the tribe of Dan, who offer the opportunistic priest a better gig. 321 more words