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Blacker than Blue

My imagination is broke




By her scarlet lips

Raven hair.

How much beauty does she tell?

How are they going to

Compare, compel, or console me? 25 more words

Mortal 'gods' of the heart

We wake up every day wanting, longing, craving for something. As human beings it is in our nature to want something to capture our affection and fill the void in our hearts. 600 more words


Ten Technological Traps

(Joshua Engelsma, 2017, used with permission)

We live in a time of great technological advancement. Companies are constantly churning out new products that are hailed as smarter, more advanced, and more innovative. 816 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

“Cain,Tubal Cain, Mystery Babylon & The Image of the Beast”

True Light

The first city ever built on this earth was built by Cain. Cain was a self-righteous religionist, he was materialistic, highly competitive, he worshipped the works of his own hands and was also a murderer. 2,173 more words


The Self-Righteous Wrath of The Whore

True Light

In the book of Revelation St John is given a vision of a “…great whore that sitteth upon many waters (peoples of the world… 1,269 more words


#Catholic Idol Beheaded. Was its mouth moving? Listen to the screams.

#Catholic Idol Beheaded. Was its mouth moving? Listen to the screams. If they don’t worship these THINGS why the screams? A Woman Rides the Beast: By Dave Hunt The Whore of… 42 more words


Self-Centric God-Centric

When we choose to reject God and his way, we find meaning and purpose and worship in created things – even things we create. We dance with the devil as our attitude shifts from surrender to self. 902 more words

Marc Kinna