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Easy dry-fire practice

I’ve been playing with this concept for a while after seeing some dry-fire practice slides on Youtube. While I cannot really report a dramatic increase in proficiency, I’m not slowing down either. 39 more words


Junior Action Shooting

You might say I’m crazy.

Go ahead, say it. Tell me that I’m crazy.

I went ahead and created another junior shooting league. It wasn’t enough that fifteen kids on the state Precision Pistol team took up tons of time.  430 more words

Shooting Sports

IDPA, HSC, 8-20-16

Back to basics. First IDPA in months, shooting CDP division with the Para Limited using Freedom Munitions 230gr ammo.

Stage 5 (Warmup)

  • First mag loaded to 5, 2 targets – each takes 3 to the body, 2 to the head, Limited (Virginia) count…
  • 265 more words

Stage 3: The first of the skills tests

I’ve been practicing the Eno’s transition drill for a while now. So when I saw this stage in the booklet, I could not have been happier. 76 more words


Voted toughest on the course: Stage 2 of Africa Champs

I must say, this one did not bother me much when I got the booklet. Little did I realise that the first three targets were to be hit while moving backwards with a bag full of bricks in my weak hand. 172 more words


Stage one was the one that worried me

After receiving the courses of fire ahead of the Africa Champs, there was on stage that bothered me more than the others. Stage one. My concern, as always, was getting out of the car. 231 more words