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Steel Challenge / Speed Shooting in SFV , July 10, 2016

Monthly Steel challenge match is July 10, 2016

Friendly to experienced handgunners and juniors who are looking to try competition shooting.

Very little movement. focused on pure shooting, no gaming. 71 more words


Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself

25 June 2016

I’m quite serious about my shooting. However, sometimes I do something so dumb that I reconsider this whole “concentrate or die” attitude. Here is a prime example: 102 more words


Terrick Naude at the Steel Challenge this morning

19 June 2016

Terrick Naude, IDPA master and top IPSC shooter (he denies it) for the Frontier team, shows how it’s done on the… 74 more words


Transition drill ... I need it as I suck at this

I’m a member on the Brian Enos forums. I don’t post there much, but I have learned a ton. Of course there is a lot of things that should be ignored there, too, but such is the nature of the internet. 210 more words


I think it's faster

Below is an piece of audio from two reloads. The first is the tactical reload. I drop the magazine into my hand, stow it in a pocket, grab a fresh one and slam it back into the pistol. 133 more words


Taping the TachShack shoot on June 9


I’m trying to record some video footage in an effort to find weaknesses in my technique.

The video is OK, but I have found that: 201 more words