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Baptism by fire - really!

Met with Jim today to ask all sorts of questions.

He is very excited to be a mentor, and to guide me through the IDPA ropes.   159 more words


Practice 5.10.16

I had some time after going to the Passport Office, and so I got a chance to go to the range. Jim, the friend I told you about will most likely be my tutor for IDPA, and he’ll be bringing about 5 or so pistols to use when I see him.   152 more words


Oil Capital Defensive Rifle Match 5/8/2016

If you get a chance while you are in east Oklahoma, visit Oil Capital Gun Club for the Defensive Rifle match.

It will help with different shooting scenarios such as, shooting from behind cover and off shoulder.


Practice 5.8.16

I tried to get out to practice yesterday, but the day got away from me, so got to the range today – thanks to Cassie for letting me get out for a bit.   305 more words


2016 USPSA Area 6 Championship

Area 6 Championship: Accuracy

Area 6 Championship

Area 6 Championship

Area 6 Championship: Trigger Dicipline

Area 6 Championship

Area 6 Championship: Stay Relaxed

Area 6 Championship… 6 more words


4.30.16 Update

Started the day off by going to the Gun Show – interesting, but most likely would not go again,unless making an AR-15, then wow they have a ton of parts.   264 more words


Practice 4.10.16

Cassie was feeling under the weather, so I was going to go to the range by myself to get in some practice.  On the way I called my sister to see if she wanted to meet for lunch, but she also asked to come to the range with me.   222 more words