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Super League around the corner

The weekend of 23 and 24 June sees South Africa’s first Super League at Cecil Payne shooting range in Johannesburg. The double league is hosted by… 277 more words


Update on the reloading thingy

I changed from round-nosed to flat-point bullets in 124g Frontier CMJ and changed the powder behind them to MP200 from S121. There could be a difference, but I’m not sure I’m good enough to tell. 142 more words


Lots of travel for one medal

I spent nine hours in the car these past two Saturdays. Nine hours to get to two shoots and back to Johannesburg. One in the North West Province ( 355 more words


Changing the load for accuracy

I was told by a prominent SADPA shooter on Saturday that I’m not loading the optimal ammunition for accurately shooting my 9 mm Glock. He says changing from a fast-burning powder to something slower from Somchem and shooting a flat point makes a noticeable difference. 133 more words


SADPA league: There may be a clue in here somewhere

Yesterday’s shoot, at the Frontier range in Stilfontein, turned out to be one of the better leagues I had shot in the past year or so. 363 more words


Stock stop saves time, keeps the slide open

I have had maybe one failure to lock open the slide in every three magazines while running empty, in the past four months or so. I had basically given up on my old (six years, some of them) magazines and was set on buying new. 106 more words


Cover Use vs Real Life

From John P Correia

I was watching a video of someone shooting IDPA yesterday, and it struck me that they demand use of cover. And my first thought was that I almost NEVER see shooters using cover in real gunfights.

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