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The Gunman (2015) **REVIEW**

From the directors that gave you “Taken” now gives you The Gunman. And excellent high shooting film with Sean Penn in the leadrole as Terrier – a former sniper who works for a mercenary team and kills the minister of mines in Congo 2006.. 243 more words


"No Good Deed" (2014)

Overall Grade: (6.0/10)

Sure there was nothing highly creative about this home-invasion flick but it was relatively fast paced, with a nicely timed plot twist that managed to save an average film, whether it was by accident or not.  572 more words


The Gunman (2015)

Directed by Pierre Morel, staring Sean Penn,Jasmine Trinca, Javier Bardem, Ray Winstone and Idris Elba. A group of mercenaries are hired to kill a political target in Congo, the shooter (Penn) must then flea the continent, only to return years later once he has become a target himself. 320 more words


Random TV Ramblings - Undead Dads and Smelly Shreddies

Kirsty Wark on Newsnight – a friend of mine pointed out that anchorwoman Kirsty Wark’s interview technique is reminiscent of a mal-adjusted, tremendously impatient and bored seven-year old. 1,174 more words

TV Review

Actor Idris elba shared this cute photo of himself and his son.


Prometheus Take Two

Year: 2012
Directed By: Ridley Scott
Written By: Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof


I actually made it out to the theater to see this film. 1,946 more words

Science Fiction