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TIFF Review: The Mountain Between Us


Idris Elba and Kate Winslet star in The Mountain Between Us, an entertaining but wholly predictable survival drama from Dutch-Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad. With only each other and a dog for company, it’s a race against time before they succumb to the elements. 117 more words


TIFF: Molly's Game Review


Molly Bloom once ran the world’s most exclusive underground poker games, attracting A-list celebrities, hedge fund magnates and, eventually, the Russian mob. After she began raking her own operation she was indicted by the FBI along with the Russian mafia. 99 more words


The Dark Tower Review!

The Dark Tower is an adaptation, pseudo-sequel, to Stephen King’s series of books of the same name. I have only read the first, of eight, in the series so I know a bit of background, but otherwise I went into this film mostly blind. 496 more words

A Future Batman-Like Movie Starring My Former Classmate DH?

All that I can remember of the very end of this dream is that I was watching a rough (no music, background sounds, film crew conversations, et cetera) promo / teaser / behind-the-scenes-like video for a futuristic… 839 more words

Dream Journal

Book to Big Screen: The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

This is 120 Hours (trapped climber) and any Nicholas Sparks book (classic love story) on steroids. You instantly fall in love with Ben’s love for his wife, while simultaneously rooting for Ashley’s survival, my feelings were constantly conflicted as I just prayed for them to live. 399 more words


Here’s the poster of Aaron Sorkin’s Molly’s Game. Out on November 22.