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IEDs Planted by AQAP Removed by Security Forces in Yemen

Hadrami Elite forces dismantled IEDs planted by AQAP militants on the road between Doan and Al-Dhliaah districts of Hadramout, Yemen on January 9th, 2018.

The devices included one named “Ansar al-Shariah bomb no. 69 more words

Fake Rock IEDs found in Suwayda, Syria

These fake rock / stone IEDs using mines were recently found in the basaltic areas of As-Suwayda (also spelled Sweida or Swaida) located in southwestern Syria, close to the border with Jordan. 32 more words

Five Homemade Mines Found in Maungtaw

The security forces discovered five improvised explosive devices in Kyauk-Pan-Du Village, Maungtaw Township, Rakhine State on Sunday, according to report on the social network page of commander in chief of defense services.  22 more words

Asayish Dismantles IEDs in the Hasakah Cemetery

Asayish dismantled three IEDs planted in the cemetery in Ghurayn neighborhood of Hasakah, northern Syria on January 2, 2018  – Three more IEDs were dismantled in Amuda city earlier in the week. 46 more words

IED-making Facility Discovered in Egypt

Egyptian security forces reportedly discovered an IED making facility inside an apartment in 6th of October City (west of Cairo/Giza) containing 3 ready to use IEDs, 7 remote controls, 4 batteries, and several bags of TNT & nitrate. 82 more words

Egyptian Army Operation in Sinai Seized IEDs and Weapons

An Egyptian Army operation clearing Mount Halal in Sinai from terrorist elements resulted in the killing of 18 terrorists and arresting 31 others. They destroyed 3 militant SUVs, 6 motorcycles, and seized a large number of explosives, IEDs, and light weapons. 59 more words

IED Discovered and Removed in Logar Province, Afghanistan

A Taliban pressure plate triggered IED (HME in plastic jug) found by Afghan Police in Baraki Barak District, which is situated in the western part of Logar Province, Afghanistan. 40 more words