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PSA on IEEEtran.cls

Apparently there’s a PSA out about using the latest version of IEEEtran.cls. Stefan Moser is a big proponent of IEEEeqnarray which he says is even better than my beloved align environment. 46 more words

Mining Mobile Youth Cultures

We are very excited that some of our initial results have already been published! In October 2014, Dr. Tobias Blanke travelled all the way to Washington to attend the… 504 more words

Student Promotion: Signal Processing Society Provides Steep Price Slash

Or SPSPSPSPS, for short. I’ve been over-busy and lax on posting, but I’ll provide some recap of ITA soon, as well as some notes from the… 178 more words

CCNY Hack-a-thon approaching

FIRST Robotics is part of two upcoming Arduino events.

Workshop, (2/20/2015):

First, on February 20th, 2015, in the Steinman Hall Lobby, there will be an Arduino training workshop from 10 AM – 6 PM. 377 more words


CS554 – Reading 6 (Probably The Last One!)


  1. FaBRiQ: Leveraging Distributed Hash Tables towards Distributed Publish-Subscribe Message Queues (currently under review)
  2. Towards In-Order and Exactly-Once Delivery using Hierarchical Distributed Message Queues, SCRAMBL 2014…
  3. 107 more words
Data-Intensive Computing

CS554 – Reading 5


  1. Slurm++: a Distributed Workload Manager for Extreme-Scale High-Performance Computing Systems (under review as the time of this writing)
  2. Next Generation Job Management Systems for Extreme Scale Ensemble Computing…
  3. 61 more words
Data-Intensive Computing

CS554 – Reading 4


  1. Distributed Load-Balancing with Adaptive Work Stealing for Many-Task Computing on Billion-Core Systems (Under review as the time of this writing)
  2. Optimizing Load Balancing and Data-Locality with Data-aware Scheduling…
  3. 39 more words
Data-Intensive Computing