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The Unpredictability of float data type : Explained

Ever wondered why one of the C data types is called float ?Because in some cases it literally floats nearby expected values.For example :-when you do multiple operations between two relatively small and large values of float. 486 more words


Researchers teach robots to 'feel pain'

One of the most useful things about robots is that they don’t feel pain. Because of this, we have no problem putting them to work in dangerous environments or having them perform tasks that range between slightly unpleasant and definitely fatal to a human.Pain, though unpleasant, is an important warning signal for humans and can protect someone from serious injury. 181 more words

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PSQP – Puzzle Solving by Quadratic Programming

The traditional Jigsaw Puzzle is the problem of assembling several non-overlapping puzzle pieces that can be combined in order to obtain a single image. Despite that fact it is a NP-complete problem, much effort has been devoted to solve the problem and its scientific challenges. 121 more words


Mrežni protokoli

Svakom aktivnošću na mreži kojom se podrazumeva komunikacija dva ili više entiteta upravlja protokol. Protokol definiše format i redosled poruka koje se razmenjuju između dva ili više komunicirajućih entiteta, kao i akcije koje se preduzimaju nakon slanja ili prijema poruke ili nekog drugog događaja. 37 more words

Tutorial at ICIP'16: The Open Set Recognition Problem and Its Implications and Opportunities in Visual Computing, Forensics and Security

We are very glad to announce that Prof. Anderson Rocha (from University of Campinas and Recod) and Prof. Walter Scheirer (from University of Notre Dame) will present a… 149 more words

Anderson Rocha

More ROV updates!

The ROV is functioning properly with the controls and the only thing missing now is a few minor details and cameras. I can’t wait until it’s ready to get in the water, we are nearing that goal soon. 55 more words