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Periodic Audio In-Ear Monitors

Founder and speaker designer Dan Wiggins started Periodic Audio with a focus on portable audio. With a list of credentials that includes transducer design at Sonos and Starke Sound, I was very curious to hear his personally designed single driver IEM (in-ear monitors). 651 more words


Kinera H3

Kinera H3 Review

This is a quick re-post of my review from Head-Fi, just to get the ball rolling

Introduction: I first encountered the H3 on HeadFi and was curious what all the hype was about, I purchased it a few months back and thought I would share my experience of these excellent value IEM’s. 756 more words


Sub-$100 Three-way Shootout: Massdrop x Hifiman RE-00 vs Final Audio E3000 vs Etymotic HF5

I rarely write about gears these days. Life just sort of got in the way and I feel like my initial excitement over portable head gears has waned off a little. 1,578 more words

Why Kenya Cannot Afford Electronic Democracy

If you are reading this from Kenya then you are reading this while witnessing yet another stand-off between political bigwigs in this country that will cost every Kenyan several pounds of economic downturn. 747 more words

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered

Editor’s Note: Here’s a comprehensive look at the Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered (UERR), UE’s newest reference product. It’s touted as the successor to the venerable Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor (UERM), a product we love here at… 3,084 more words


Campfire Audio Vega - Mega

A review of Campfire Audio’s single dynamic driver flagship – the Vega. With an extremely refined and hard hitting bass coupled with a top level resolution in all other frequencies, it’s no wonder that the Vega has been getting rave reviews. 1,586 more words


Flares Pro: Unboxing and initial impressions

So, I’ll get this off my chest right off. I’m very very impressed with the Flares Pro. This is the only Bluetooth headphone that I’ve ever heard that is distortion and noise free. 461 more words