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Quick Thoughts: Custom Art Music Two, Revisited

Editor’s Note: When shotgunshane reviewed the Music Two last March (read the review), he thought it was incredible value for money. A bit later, Mr. 406 more words


Re: In-ear monitors

Snake Oil Caravan, the progenitors of Authentic New England Motor Folk, have been doing their best to mitigate the volume disaster that is adding in live drums ( 619 more words


Off topic: personal/portable audio

From left to right: Sony XBA-A2; Astell & Kern AK100 player; UE Triple.Fi 10P with custom cable; Audio-Technica IM50; Audio-Technica IM03; B&W P7; 6G iPod Nano. 2,453 more words


Ode to a Classic: Sony MDR-EX1000 --- Dynamism, Defined.

Editor’s Note: This pithy post is  a prelude to impressions on the new Sony in-ear products flooding the Q4 2014 market (and bursting into 2015) in typical Sony fashion. 576 more words


Cable Round-Up!

Editor’s Note: This is a joint article between shotgunshane, TheDigitalFreak, and Mr. TOur staff has been planning this round-up for over an entire year — it took a long while to make its way around to everybody, but it’s done! 3,117 more words


Aurisonics Rockets: Up, Up, and Away!

Editor’s Note: shotgunshane is a fan of Aurisonics and has been to their Nashville headquarters. Mr. T envisions a projectile trajectory with the Rockets. This a brief hive-mind amalgamation of their thoughts on these ‘Made in USA’ products. 1,992 more words