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Sennheiser CX300 II Review

Greetings everybody! As you should’ve known, I’m a headphones lover, and have also reviewed the HyperX Cloud II before. However, truth be told, I’ve never liked gaming headsets that much, so this time, I’m gonna review yet another pair of headphones, but a musical one from the same brand as my personal pair, even though it’s an in-ear. 3,039 more words


Introduction to In-Ear-Monitors (IEMs)

What is a customized In-Ear-Monitor? (IEMs)

Customized in-ear monitor, or CIEM, was first introduced to the music industry in 1995.  Due to musician’s long exposure to the high volume on stage, a customized hard acrylic earphone with miniature balanced armature driver, or receiver, were made to protect the musician’s hearing and also provide feedback from their wireless system. 325 more words


Quick Thoughts: Sony's Hybrid Evolution, from A to Z

Editor’s Note: This thing was supposed to come out months and months ago; it somehow slipped through the cracks. Better late than never, though.

Sony has been making a big push with its hybrid earphone models. 546 more words


Quick Thoughts: Cosmic Ears CE6P --- Smooth Seduction

It’s the Barry White of custom monitors.

Cosmic Ears is a Swedish custom in-ear manufacturer that burst onto the scene in 2012, offering resells and budget-minded models.

603 more words

Quick Thoughts: Custom Art Music Two, Revisited

Editor’s Note: When shotgunshane reviewed the Music Two last March (read the review), he thought it was incredible value for money. A bit later, Mr. 406 more words


Re: In-ear monitors

Snake Oil Caravan, the progenitors of Authentic New England Motor Folk, have been doing their best to mitigate the volume disaster that is adding in live drums ( 619 more words


Off topic: personal/portable audio

From left to right: Sony XBA-A2; Astell & Kern AK100 player; UE Triple.Fi 10P with custom cable; Audio-Technica IM50; Audio-Technica IM03; B&W P7; 6G iPod Nano. 2,453 more words