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FitEar ToGo 334! - a JDM world-beater

Tl;dr: King of mids amongst IEMs with the best fit and finish available the in the market

Pros: Mids, mids, bass, coherent tuning, soundstage, build quality… 1,262 more words

Brainwavz Delta Review

Brainwavz Delta Review

Sleek and shiny, these in-ear monitors provide a great bang for your buck.

The Brainwavz Delta are the best budget earbuds/IEMs I’ve ever encountered. 540 more words


The Biz: More Companies Join In On The Manufacture of Balanced Armatures

With so many companies making earphones and headsets, it’s no wonder demand for balanced armatures is on the rise. They’re not just for premium earphones anymore, as BA and hybrid earphones can now be found for under $30, and reach prices upwards of $2500. 1,368 more words


finds. - Panasonic Drops 360 earbuds for $29.99 at London Drugs

With London Drugs being one of our favourite places to browse, every so often we find sale or clearance items for a great value. The Panasonic Drops 360 earbuds caught our eye on a recent visit. 414 more words


PEI EMS Overdoses Patient Using Versed Illegally and Covered Up by Corrupt Health PEI and Doctors

There is no greater menace to society than doctors who lack morals and ethics.  There is nothing more dangerous than a diagnostic test, lab results, or consult/assessment that has been altered or falsified to cover up negligence and/or death. 487 more words

Health PEI and EMS have Dirty Secrets of Health Care Corruption

Access PEI Health and Wellness services, including EMS, at your own risk

Fraud, falsifying records, making up assessments, adding false medical information, breaking laws, abusing patients, covering up massive negligence including fatalities and the list is endless. 267 more words

PEI Health and PEI EMS Corruption Protected by Premier

PEI EMS , Prince Edward Island, Canada  gave an overdose of Versed, without orders, against protocol to a female who had been threatened and these threats were reported and documented by professionals, police, doctors, Dr. 1,085 more words