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Breaking the Mold: Two Ways to Manage Anger and at Least Attempt Morality Outside of Your Time

This post is going to be a little slap-dash, so apologies.  I’m trying to get a lot of my own work out the door.  At some point last night, my brain reached critical mass and turned into a bird’s nest. 1,046 more words

Media News

Inequality Is Not A Racial Issue - It is a Human Issue

I ran across something interesting this morning trying that makes for a good controversial debate.  Gene Marks wrote a Forbes column titled “If I Were a Poor Black Kid”. 1,500 more words

Why Is Life Unfair?

If I Were a Poor Black Kid...

The article in Forbes by Gene Marks entitled “If I Were a Poor Black Kid” has created a storm of online controversy particularly as the author is neither poor nor black.   101 more words


If I Were A Poor Black Kid: A Response to Gene Marks

Hey, I’m a poor Black kid. I just found out this morning that you’ve been talking about me. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner, but I don’t have  1,619 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

Black Maybe

I was a poor black kid in America. Now I’m a poor black adult in America attempting to corrupt the broken system of social/economic hierarchy we have here in America. 572 more words

Future Millionaires

A Fun Privilege Brouhaha

Perhaps you have already had the good/bad fortune to come upon an article at Forbes.com called If I Were a Poor Black Kid. This article is written by a “middle class” white accountant, consulting firm owner, business technology columnist, and former senior manager at KPMG named Gene Marks. 296 more words


The Stuff: Martyrs, Heartbeats, Privilege Doodz and Punks

  • The Kentucky school superintendent Ricky Line, who opposed the teaching of evolution in schools, has had his letter to the Kentucky Board of Education leaked and published internet-wide.
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