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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

Harry Potter! The one franchise that I’ve followed like Indians follow cricket.
If I could be in the Harry Potter story, I want to be Lord Voldermort’s son.

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Daily Prompt

Haunted By The "If Only's" In Your Marriage?

If only…

two little words that can leave a huge dent in your marriage. Are you haunted by these two words? Are they the first ones that come to mind when your spouse fails you in some way? 465 more words

Christian Marriage

The whispers of the soul

What is your soul whispering to you right this very moment?

What would you change about your life if you stopped and adjusted your life one whisper at a time? 236 more words


My depression and my fat are BFF's.

One day my fat met my depression or maybe it was my depression that met my fat.  Either way they became fast friends and it seems like where ever my fat goes, there is my depression.   498 more words


To comfort me

I tell myself it was not meant to be
When words were what really wrecked me
There’s a certain comfort in trying to believe
In a higher power’s prophesy… 81 more words


"If"--Little Word--Big Meaning

Leviticus 26

Lessons for Living Today:

“If” you get out of bed and go to work you will receive a paycheck.  “If” you choose to sleep in and ignore work—no check for you. 400 more words

Another Remix From Ships Have Sailed!

Listen: Ships Have Sailed – If Only (Mike Vincent Remix)

This week, Ships Have Sailed premiered their remix of “If Only”, noting the bright uptempo track “screams summer!” 6 more words