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A Look at 30 Seconds In The Future

Hi Everyone,

Conditional sentences, phrases and connectors are the things that make life interesting. For example If only I had more time, I could learn to play the piano  ; Whether or not it rains, I’m walking home from work today ; I’ll never get the hang of English unless I relax and practice . 473 more words

Just In Case

Just in case I found you,
would you be mine?
Just in case I liked you,
would you understand?
Just in case I missed you… 89 more words



(NOT part of a bigger piece; names of the featured characters are chosen at random)

If only…

In the past few months my life took the biggest fall yet. 589 more words


Mother's Day Resolution 

It’s hard to string words together.

I feel like I’m experiencing some form of creative atrophy.

Like the words can’t come to my fingertips.

Like if I simply don’t type them, perhaps it’s not real. 428 more words


If only I had …

If only I had …

by Joseph Battaglia

It’s been said that 81% of Americans want to write a book someday. That’s about 258 million, give or take a few thousand. 371 more words

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This Is Your Real Life 101

One of my collages…

Are you living in a world of “the magic if”?

Actors know about the “magic if.” It’s a method they use to get fully into a role. 444 more words