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A Sad, Short Tale

OUCH! Suddenly a deep, electrifying pain shoots through my little tail. I bolt from my mom almost causing her to lose balance. I look back at my tail that has betrayed me, checking it out. 326 more words

The Shadow

IF Only, POEM by Ro-Shonda King

Genre: Love, Relationship, Romance,

IF Only
by Ro-Shonda King

A Time to Wine and Dine ……..
The only one that’s mine for sure…….
Whom I really adore so very much….. 239 more words

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If Only

If only people knew my thoughts,
I think so much,
Before opening my mouth,
What comes out is so filtered.

My mother calls it,
Cool politeness, 243 more words


A Sonnet... (from English class)

Flying Spiders!

If only if only spiders could fly

Flying from tree to tree with pinchers out

They would snag the flies my oh my oh my… 109 more words


My Friends Have Great Ideas!... (Mine Are Good but No One Likes Them)

This one is from Cameron… The edible napkin…. a flavored edible napkin.


Endless possibilities… chocolate napkins! Cheesy napkins! Salty napkins! Vanilla napkins! Barbecue napkins! 213 more words


If All We Wanted

If only we got to do all we wanted to do and all we wanted to do accomplished all we ‘had’ to do as well.

Life Chatter