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If Only...

Have you ever thought or said the words “if only”?  I have been guilty of thinking and saying that so many times in my life and still slip up and think or say it occasionally.  342 more words

Christian Ministry

If Only 22 February 2017

If only they would just do the simple things I ask, then they would be done. If only respect was practiced, then there wouldn’t be so much rudeness. 193 more words

One way ticket

Me. Something else or someone else. So many times one of these fits in. The amount of times I wish I could just buy a one way ticket to escape and not come back. 318 more words

Pillar Of The Community

Welcome to the Best of Breath Week

I’ve heard it said that people hear God’s message of salvation an average of seven times before responding. Curiously enough, Lot, Mrs. 776 more words

Cindy Willingham

In Spite Of

I’ve written about my favorite lacking excuse before.  I would be, would have, or would do, if only.  I would be content, if only . . 181 more words

Life Happens

GRAMMAR - If Only/ I Wish

If only (seandainya) dan I wish (saya berharap)  merupakan frase yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan pengandaian. Kalimat yang terbentuk dengan menggunakan frase ini digunakan untuk mengeluhkan situasi yang (akan) terjadi, harapan yang berbeda dengan situasi yang terjadi pada saat ini ataupun penyesalan atas situasi di masa lalu. 168 more words


If only there were no 'if onlys'

About a month ago I met with an accident. A biker bumped into my car and fell down. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt; though I can’t say the same for my car. 355 more words