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God reassures me that I am working all day for a reason. Since starting this job I have been doing 11 and a half our days and they tell me it is the quiet time. 1,225 more words


Then You Wouldn't Have Wasted Your Time Reading This

If I were a toad

I would write fewer poems,

Which makes me think

I should go piss off a witch.


If Only...

“Why cant guys buy girls in bookshops books, like they buy girls drinks in bars”
– Now that would be awesome!! :D


Moving On

Did you ever notice how the seats on the bus that face the opposite direction of motion can only allow you to see the images a bit later than the forward facing seats? 297 more words

An Open Letter to Almost

Today on my way home I listened to the radio.
It’s always a bit of a gamble when I do that. Occasionally I can make it all the way to my destination without hearing a song that reminds me of him. 374 more words

Gill Chang - If Only

Gill Chang first came on my radar with his crazy good bootleg remix of Flume’s “Never Be Like You”, where he took an already energetic track up another notch with an absurd amount of vocal chops and future-bass sounds. 81 more words


Last Night Sucked

Last night sucked and this morning didn’t start off too great either.  The good news is that I know it’s only temporary and that how the rest of my day goes is a choice.  471 more words

Personal Growth