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Keep it Simple

it came unexpectedly,
the gods are laughing devilishly
so cruel how things pan out,
you toss and turn to try not to doubt.
of course this spelled trouble, 152 more words

While You Are Young

I was speaking to someone at work on Friday. She came in to give me money she owed me that I completely forgot about because I had picked up a danish for her while on a coffee run. 271 more words


Powerful little word, if.

You don’t have to add much to it to find yourself staring at the sheer rock face of possibilities. You see, with a little effort, that lonely little word can become, ‘What if?’ but also, ‘If only’ and without even having to really do anything, deep thought awaits. 428 more words

If only he'd say these lines - A REPOST

I regret telling you lies

But I couldn’t face the truth

I hated seeing you cry

But the pain, I just could not sooth.
I regretted telling you I loved her… 47 more words


The whispers of the soul

What is your soul whispering to you right this very moment?

What would you change about your life if you stopped and adjusted your life one whisper at a time? 220 more words

With Yourself

Haunting one's own corpse

I look to you as succor to my pain
For who am I but yours
Though discarded on distant shores
Made weird and glimmer
Sounds filter through memory… 36 more words


Evening Wish

Laying on my back I looked up for a moment

If only I could be

That star so far away in the distant sky

Peacefully shining on its own and quietly offering light… 15 more words