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I Can

Ah…Monday morning. Good morning! We had a bit of reshuffling of rooms in our home over the weekend, so I write this from a new area of the house – with big windows letting in the muted sunshine (it’s overcast). 947 more words

If Only

Not Liking Michelle's Message Today

Have you ever walked full force into a glass door that you just didn’t see was there? This is a bit how I feel after reading in If Only this morning. 190 more words

If Only

A Day by the Sea

Between this book and my psychologist, I have a lot to think about. Chapter three is entitled I Want What I Have and I Want What You Have Too. 477 more words

If Only

Sad Day

I’m having a bummer of a “real life” day. Our second oldest and his girlfriend are moving out into their own apartment. Truly, it’s been a crying week. 256 more words

If Only

A knock-knock joke


The doorbell rang somewhere between seventeen and thirty-two times.  I knew who it was, especially after the thirteen harassing text messages and phone calls went unanswered. 412 more words


Forgot to Post

I got so wrapped up in Michelle’s message today in chapter two, that I actually forgot to write a post. Good heavens! She spoke about the Prodigal son, you know who I’m talking about. 140 more words

If Only

New Book Monday

So, this is it – If Only: Letting Go of Regret by Michelle Van Loon. I’m interested to see what led me to this one. This week my dear husband went to the store with me, but kept a bit away, until he decided to stand in front of me and offer to pull all of the books off the top shelf so I could see them. 443 more words

If Only