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Early church would start at noon.

Chicken noodle soup would have chicken in it.

Dentists would trim their nose hair.

Toilet lids would holler, “Hey! Come back here and put me down!” 91 more words

ii. "What if" & "If only"

“If”. Such a little word, yet such an epic menace.

Anxiety loves to start sentences with “What if” or “If only”. In the height of my marriage-related anxiety, thoughts like “What if I’m making a mistake” and “If only I had a sign from God, then I’d know it’s going to be ok”, played on repeat. 471 more words

Christian Marriage

If Only

If only I could run.

To live in some unfamiliar place and do what I wanna do.

No worries no expectations no judgement.

Just me and myself. 26 more words

Blogging | If only

If only.

The chances of it are crazy, but hey it happened. How in this crazy crazy world can strangers of awesomeness meet? It’s like Superman vs. 378 more words


I See in My Dreams You Love Me

I would be okay

If you would not

Appear in my

Dreams anymore

Though I believe

What Sigmeund Freud

Had said,

What your dreams are… 7 more words

I wish ... 2. rész

I have a lot of work today. I wish I had got up earlier.

Az 1. részből kiderült, hogy a jelenre vonatkozó kívánságokat múlt időben kell mondanunk. 267 more words


Assembled and ready for use

There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

I’m writing these words knowing that people from all over the world are going to read them.

437 more words