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If Only...

If only your dad had blown his load into a dirty old sock, blue …

If only my friend’s pain had been neck ache, not cancer. 40 more words

If Only

My Ideal Sunday

On an ideal Sunday I’d wake after nine hours of sleep, to read in bed. Before showering, I’d notice I was 2kg. down from last week. 221 more words


Good Rules

We all sometimes want to rewrite the past.  Regret is a strong human emotion – if only I’d not said those words, if only I’d sold those shares, if only I’d said “yes” instead of “no”.  448 more words

Self-help Articles

If Only...

There are times when we wish God would have done something in our situation. There are days we wanted divine intervention. We all have those moments where we expressed the desire for God to alter the course of events in our lives. 322 more words


Feels like (#1)

It feels like it was only last night when you asked me if I believe in the power of praying.

My reaction?
I laughed a little then stopped when I saw your face waiting for my answer seriously. 152 more words

Ships Have Sailed - If Only

Ships Have Sailed are an indie alt/rock duo from Los Angeles. If Only is the single off of their brand new album Moodswings. The LP veered away from today’s single-driven musical climate with a well-rounded, full-length story intended to be heard from the beginning to the end; with a theme that echoes the band’s name, a positive spin on the phrase “That ship has sailed,” as it meditates on change’s ability to impact one’s life at any moment. 58 more words