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If only...

I look into those beautiful blue eye of yours, and I’m instantly paralyzed. I see the pain you still hold in your heart. It slowly drains me to see you like this. 248 more words

If only...

“If only cognitive dissonance was painful…”


5 Things I Wish I Knew As A Teenager

So I’m nearly in my twenties (and man am I starting to feel old) so as a little celebration I thought I’d make note of all the things I have learnt over the past few years and wish I’d have know 10 years ago… 226 more words

If only he'd say these lines

​I regretted telling you lies

But I couldn’t face the truth

I hated seeing you cry

But the pain, I just could not sooth.
I regretted telling you I loved her… 49 more words

Just Thoughts, Really

if you only knew...

She watched him stoke the fire as embers flickered. He placed another log on the fire and the crackling sound pierced through the room. The blaze reignited to last a few more hours.  1,752 more words


Breath of Fresh Air

I don’t say this and mean it very often, but thank God.

He’s coming, he’s ACTUALLY COMING, and now I can breathe. I can focus on what I ~actually~ need to get done these next few weeks. 123 more words

Senior Year