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IFF Review: Toni Erdmann (2016)

Insightful and hilarious in equal measure, Toni Erdmann – a bittersweet German comedy that dazzled at Cannes – is the real deal. Maren Ade, who last directed Everyone Else in 2009, strikes a masterful tonal balance in which to examine the uneasy relationship between workaholic Ines (Sandra Hüller) and her lonely father Winfried (Peter Simonischek), who comes to visit her in Bucharest after the death of his dog. 132 more words


২৯৮ হতে শনিবার বিয়োগ করলে ৪৫৮৭ হয় 'যদি ও কেবল যদি' ১৬ কোটি গুণ ২ কোটি সমান ৩২ কোটি হয়

প্রথমেই উদ্ভট কথাটা আবারো বলি— “২৯৮ হতে শনিবার বিয়োগ করলে ৪৫৮৭ হয় যদি ও কেবল যদি ১৬ কোটি গুণ ২ কোটি সমান ৩২ কোটি হয়”!!!!


IFF16 @EdenCourt - Documentaries

I saw two feature-length documentaries at the film festival this weekend, and I’m not sure they could have been more different if they’d tried. One bittersweet and desolate and the other gentle and hopeful. 589 more words

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IFF 2016 @EdenCourt - Short Docs

I did intend to see both sets of short documentaries that were showing at the Inverness Film Festival this year, but circumstances conspired against me. (I did, however, get a lovely walk in the Autumnal sunshine yesterday morning as compensation.) Handily, the screening that I did see was the one that contained almost all of the short documentaries I was most interested in seeing. 461 more words

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IFF 2016 @EdenCourt - Chi-Raq

Chi-Raq was a bit of a left-field choice for me, as my normal film festival fare is documentaries and obscure foreign language films. (As will probably become obvious from the rest of these reviews.) But it had an interesting premise, it’s set in Chicago – a city I for which I have a soft spot – and its directed by Spike Lee, so it seemed worth a try. 546 more words

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Why are we so cute? 😂

Our teeth and mouth are stained with chocolate.  :D

My mom said I am such an ass hole. HAHA. I miss having so much time at home and talking to my family members. 21 more words

Indonesia Fashion Forward -- Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

Sat, October 29 2016 | 12:28 pm

The Jakarta Post


All eyes were on the works of the latest batch of Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) designers on the opening day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, with their designs setting the trends for next year. 879 more words