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Significant Transactions for Monday, May 1, 2017

Form 4 insider trading reports processed with the SEC today disclosed 591 filings. There were 579 insiders reflected in these filings, representing activity in 233 companies. 422 more words


Huge Transport Trade Highlights Insider Buying: CSX, GE, Mattel, IFF and More

With first-quarter earnings winding down, but still in the process, the windows for insiders remain closed for the most part, so we had another week of lower volumes. 549 more words


Significant Transactions for Friday, April 21, 2017

The SEC today reported 255 Form 4 filings. This activity came from 254 insiders involving 113 companies. Individual transactions totaling over $1 million in market value occurred in 32 of these filings. 395 more words


Massive Institutional Purchases Highlight Insider Buying: Wells Fargo, Apollo Global, Pulse Biosciences, IFF and More

In another up and down week, the markets seesawed as some positive earnings reports were buffeted by some geopolitical issues. With interest rates being pushed down by investors looking for safe havens in the U.S. 565 more words


Significant Transactions for Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The SEC today processed 322 Form 4 filings. There were 311 insiders represented in these filings, involving activity in 154 companies. Individual transactions totaling over $1 million in market value occurred in 24 of these filings. 411 more words


April 11 (Weds) 1945, Indian Ocean

This afternoon exercised “Action Stations” with alternative forms of control, breaking down into Defense watches, which are to be maintained during daylight hours today & tomorrow, when we expect to hit the Cocos Islands, where we will be at our nearest to Jap. 130 more words

Insider Buying Jumps as Market Volatility Grows: Sears, IFF, Pulse Biosciences, PRA Group, Radius Health and More

After weeks of sitting on the sidelines, insiders have been buying shares again in earnest, and the big drop in the markets last week, combined with higher volatility seemed to really get them out. 649 more words