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Floorball, innebandy, salibandy or ???

The motto of IFF (international Floorball Federation) is

One World – One Ball

To this you could ad one name

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Is floorball Finish in Germany?

I was noticed abouth this posts regarding the best floorballleague in Germany.

Quite interessting read about the scandinavian players 211 more words


How about the second best teams?

Champions cup is soon ready with some of the best club teams in the world of floorball. 174 more words


IFF: ALL the Souvenirs

Good Day Friends,

Happy Friday! Thanks for checking in for today’s Island Feature!

Living in an area that sees far more tourists than actual inhabitants can be very frustrating at times: traffic, not being able to find parking for your favorite restaurant, having to wait at your favorite restaurant, traffic accidents from someone driving on the wrong side of the road, being packed in like sardines to pick up a gift for someone from a store, traffic- like you need to reroute for several months of the year, general unnecessary rudeness (i.e. 855 more words


IFF: Islander Edition- Kelly

Good Day Loved Ones,

Thanks for checking in for another Islander Feature Friday! Let me begin as usual by introducing my delightful guest- Kelly. She’s also our first St. 958 more words


Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

Diselenggarakan dari tanggal 26 Februari sampai 1 Maret 2015, Indonesia Fashion Week kali ini diselenggarakan di Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan. Beragam kegiatan dihelat di IFF, antara lain fashion show, exhibition, dan workshop. 72 more words


Floorball VM lodtrækningen på plads

De danske herrer skal ud i en svær kval til VM, nummer 1 og 2 i hver gruppe er direkte med, men de to bedste nr.3, ligeså kommer med. 169 more words