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On the Roof of the World

This a review of a film thread in two parts. It originally ran during the Inverness Film Festival back in November so the first two films that are covered are films that I saw during the festival. 1,409 more words

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Unravel fragrances mysteries at Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris

A multi-sensory experience beyond compare

Located on 73 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré (Paris), emblematic street for the French luxury and art de vivre, Le Grand Musée du Parfum… 497 more words


The world of fragrances invites itself at Saint Lazare train station in Paris

100% Illusion by Robert Stadler

 Robert Stadler is a talented Austrian designer. studied design at IED and at ENSCI in Paris. “He explores the exhibition space in order to scramble the usual categories of art and design. 230 more words


Irish Freedom Fighters (1975-86)

The name ‘Irish Freedom Fighters‘ had been used by a group of young republicans who were active in Belfast in 1965-66. The name was to reappear in the 1970s and 1980s in claims of responsibility for a number of shootings and bomb attacks. 1,536 more words

IFF Review: Toni Erdmann (2016)

Insightful and hilarious in equal measure, Toni Erdmann – a bittersweet German comedy that dazzled at Cannes – is the real deal. Maren Ade, who last directed Everyone Else in 2009, strikes a masterful tonal balance in which to examine the uneasy relationship between workaholic Ines (Sandra Hüller) and her lonely father Winfried (Peter Simonischek), who comes to visit her in Bucharest after the death of his dog. 132 more words


২৯৮ হতে শনিবার বিয়োগ করলে ৪৫৮৭ হয় 'যদি ও কেবল যদি' ১৬ কোটি গুণ ২ কোটি সমান ৩২ কোটি হয়

প্রথমেই উদ্ভট কথাটা আবারো বলি— “২৯৮ হতে শনিবার বিয়োগ করলে ৪৫৮৭ হয় যদি ও কেবল যদি ১৬ কোটি গুণ ২ কোটি সমান ৩২ কোটি হয়”!!!!


IFF16 @EdenCourt - Documentaries

I saw two feature-length documentaries at the film festival this weekend, and I’m not sure they could have been more different if they’d tried. One bittersweet and desolate and the other gentle and hopeful. 589 more words

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