Here’s What We Know About The National School Walkout Against Gun Violence

Thousands of students will stand in solidarity during another collective day of action against gun violence on April 20.

The National School Walkout plans to build on the work started on National Walkout Day on March 14 and March For Our Lives on March 24. 391 more words


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The native YouTube url when you embed into wordpress content is not responsive so we need to add a code to this iframe or embed… 105 more words

Computer Programming

How Crows (and Eddie) can put my mind at ease

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IT is a common belief that football is played between the ears. 7,190 more words

Adelaide Crows

Parkland Students: Mandatory Clear Backpacks Shouldn’t Be Worth More Than Our Lives

Several students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Monday were sending gun control messages by way of the clear backpacks that administrators have made mandatory nearly two months after a… 464 more words


Do You See Us: Black Parkland Students Fear Increasing Police After Shooting Tragedy

Black students, comprising 11 percent of teens attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., are tired of being ignored by media coverage and community members that have all but given them the mic to speak after the Parkland shooting tragedy, they said on Thursday. 542 more words


Media, Let's Quit It With These 'Best Signs From X Protest' Lists

After the Women’s March in 2017, we sat riveted at the participation and patronage of it all. We became enamored with the protests—their scope and their tenacity—as not just an act of courage, but a celebration of the protesting itself. 975 more words


Nonstop flight to London

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