Shark drumlines: WA begins trial

West Australian Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly faced questions over the state’s shark mitigation strategy within a month of WA Labor’s election victory, when a great white killed 17-year-old Laeticia Brouwer while she was surfing near Esperance on April 17, 2017. 365 more words

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Organisers warn of quite state

A large crowd gathered at the Don’t Kill Live Music rally at Sydney’s Hyde Park last night to protest against the licensing ­regime that comes into force next Friday in response to drug-related deaths at major music festivals. 232 more words


Premier may sack integrity boss

Police Minister Troy Grant is understood to have sought advice yesterday from the NSW Crown Solicitor about whether Justice Adams could be removed before the caretaker period ahead of the March 23 election and is set to present that advice to the Premier. 233 more words

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Questions over $250 travel card

Independent MP Jeremy Buckingham has referred the matter to the NSW Electoral Commission to see if the Nationals have broken the law around “electoral bribery”. 577 more words

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Fireys blame green tape

Local firefighters say they were denied permission to use bulldozers to build a containment line inside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area the day after the Great Pine Tier blaze started. 321 more words

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Minister feels Mintabie’s wrath

In an emotionally fraught consulta­tion with the minister at the Mintabie Hotel on Monday night, residents voiced their frustration over the June 30 eviction.

It was the first time the minister and residents had met since The Australian revealed exclusively last week that the town ­planned to thwart its closure by mounting a legal case citing racial discrimination. 276 more words


Breeders could save Adani finch

MORE: Black-throated finch derails Adani’s coalmine

Southern black-throated finches existed in large numbers across south-east Queensland and northern NSW until early last century, when their habitats were razed to graze livestock. 332 more words

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