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When We Were Young 

I sometimes look at old people and wonder what were they like in their younger years.


Banaue, Ifugao - A Dream Come True

WARNING: Very loooong intro for this post :)

I have always been wanting to go and see the famous rice terraces of Banaue. I remember staring at the black and white picture of it on my Sibika at Kultura book when I was in primary school. 1,336 more words


BANAUE: The land of stunning terraced hillsides (TRAVEL GUIDE)

Many might  be asking how this amazing rice terraces were formed. If only our ancestors can talk and tell us a story on how this stunningly beautiful rice terraces’ rich history I will definitely sit down and listen. 494 more words

The Missing Jumpshots

Allie was shocked to hear about the costly fare going to Batad. It wasn’t really clear why it would cost too much. She understands that there are only a few rides but it didn’t feel right. 400 more words

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