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Veganism vs. Extinction Event

Being out of synch with society is one way to identify iconoclasts.

Being out of synch with a jury of my peers is something I value, though it seems to preclude all those traits identified with career-ladder climbers. 586 more words



frankfurt | september 7, 2017

the IG Farben building (the “pentagon of Europe”) sits within Goethe Universitat & has a menacing history of fascism and a legacy of monumenal memorialisation. 86 more words


#22 - Project Extra: Money and Death

http://traffic.libsyn.com/theaidanproject/Money_and_Death.mp3IG Farben was a ruthless former German chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate which assisted the Third Reich during the Second World War. IG Farben’s key personnel became rich, whilst its slave labourers were worked to death. 83 more words


Traktat Lizboński i Unia Europejska (IV Rzesza) – konsekwencje

prof. Stanisław K. Wiąckowski

Przez większość stulecia wmawiano nam, że II wojna światowa (1939-1945) została wywołana przez Adolfa Hitlera i jego nazistów. Jednakże fakty dowodzą,  że była ona  3,391 more words