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On February 7, 1973.

On February 7, 1973, “Columbia” released “Raw Power”, the third Stooges studio album.  “Raw Power” was recorded from September to October 1972,  at “CBS Studios” in London, and was produced by Iggy Pop and David Bowie. 54 more words

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Alguses mõtlesin, et siia ei lisagi mingit laulu, vaid kirjutan niisama üldisemalt endast ja mõnest praegu kuumast teemast, kuid kuna sai juba blogi tutvustav lehekülg kokku pandud (vt rubriiki “Minu blogist”), siis selle järgi nii suurt vajadust ei ole. 189 more words

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Iggy Pop 'New Values' gets limited edition run of 1000 purple & gold vinyl

New Values is the third solo studio album by Iggy Pop and his first record since The Stooges’ Fun House and post-Stooges Kill City without any involvement from David Bowie. 85 more words


"Break Into Your Heart" by Iggy Pop: Single Review

Every few months or so my friends take some enjoyment out of me trying to name songs by groups that are considered ‘Classic Rock’ or ‘Oldies’ or however you want to label them. 166 more words


Santana, Andrew Bird, Matt Simons. New Noise at Nine – Thursday February 4, 2016

“We’re putting the band back together!”

Carlos Santana is reunited with the lineup responsible for defining the band’s sound on records like Abraxas. The early 70’s lineup release… 266 more words


Sunday Sounds: David Bowie

Yes, this is the second appearance of David Bowie on Sunday Sounds, and I highly doubt it will be his last. In my first post, I accompanied the newly- and surprise-released “The Next Day” with a kind of fanboy walkthrough of Bowie’s musical and technical highlights, before dumping the album and calling it a day. 953 more words