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Fifteen Things

You have fifteen things
Going on right now, and I
Am not one of them.


She Stays,,,

Holding fast to the narrow view

A sturdy cage of mind

Without a bar

Coloring carefully

Within well placed lines

She draws comfort

From the box of her making… 30 more words


Fifty-Word Story: What Got Left Behind

He tells me he needs a new ID, so he can find a job and help save up for driving school.

What?  His wallet still hasn’t been sent here? 167 more words

Rambling On...

I am THAT Allergy Mama - Ice Cream Truck Ignorance Is Bliss

As our son was standing at the window yesterday I heard him exclaim, “Mom! There’s a short moving van driving in circles. And it plays MUSIC! 500 more words


Is this not what you asked for?

A system with apathy towards plight, but an unassailable hunger for drama and conflict.

Kid Gothic

Welcome Newbies!

Granted, I guess I’m new too…

But, that’s not the point!  If you found this blog object on your own, I’m impressed!  You’re sleuth-y.  Are you a detective?  78 more words


In your silence, I found my answer. In your relentless search for perfection, you have not found yours.

Silence speaks volumes. Perfection does not exist. Awareness, although hard to swallow, is key. 186 more words

Mental Health