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Starbucks To Close 8,000 U.S. Stores For “Racial-Bias” Education

(TIML NEWS) Starbucks is feeling the heat after two black men were racially profiled and arrested in a Philadelphia location last week. The viral video spawned the #BoyCottStarbuckshashtag and put the coffee giant under increased scrutiny over its treatment of black customers. 271 more words

Knowledge or Ignorance, which is a bliss?

What you call knowledge is a certain accumulated information. Whether you want to cook your meal, manufacture a car, produce a great computer or build a building, this accumulated knowledge is important. 788 more words


429. Voiceless

I went out to sea to find,

What lurks in the abyss.

Yet, what we seek we often find;

Ah, ignorance is bliss!

In the deep there was a form, 76 more words


Enablers ~ Guilt Through Silence

There was a time where people minded their own business and kept quiet, and they were highly thought of because they didn’t interfere. Yet today the line between interfering and intervening is so fine it’s hard to know when to say something or not. 821 more words


From Me

From Me

Too scared to face reality, trembling at truths grip.

Hopeful wishes of sane slumbers and chaotic cages restraining the evil pulses of the world. 553 more words


Dealing with the neurotic, the miserable, and the disbelieving - A short but practical guide to filtering the world around you

Misery loves company

I’m sure almost all of us have heard this phrase used at some point in our lives, and we’ve most likely brushed it off as a silly saying used as an ironic statement when we’re out with our friends having fun. 749 more words


A Good Woman (Mike Barker, 2006)

Tuppy: Aren’t you clever?

Mrs. Erlynne: I read it somewhere.

Tuppy: I like a good read myself. Nothing too laborious. I don’t want to tamper with natural ignorance. 27 more words