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To be an incompetent person is a very unnatural thing. Are we born to be a Homer Simpson or a Lisa Simpson? Should we be as ignorant as we can or should we just know the heavy truths about the realities of this world? 536 more words

My Life

For You

I miss you already, though you’re still here

I know when you’re gone, it will feel like you’re near.

There’s such a fine line… 228 more words

Ignorance is Bliss

In my days without a mirror
I had a pretty kind of face,
Not a pimple on my forehead
Not a hair was out of place. 50 more words

Here Are This Year's 9 Most Calorie-Filled Chain Restaurant Meals

You have to know that when you’re tucking into some huge plate of pasta, fried food, bread, sauce, cheese, and meat at a chain restaurant, that’s probably not healthy, but do you know how unhealthy? 724 more words

Satan's Most Effective Trick.

In comparison to our omnipotent God, Satan appears powerless, like a toddler getting into the ring with the heavyweight champion of the world. He has no chance. 908 more words


Ignorance is bliss,
With a poison’s kiss
Confining minds,
It sets you free,
In luxury rooms,
Of deadly tombs,
This land of Veratrum,
You cant flee,

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Ignorance is Bliss

H E L L O •

This is a late post but hey, my blog my rules.

Anyways, today I figured I’d talk ramble on about the common idiom ‘Ignorance is bliss’ and what I think about it and stuff. 509 more words