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Father Of Charlottesville Protester Writes Open Letter Denouncing His Son’s Involvement

(TIML NEWS) In the age of social media, almost anyone can be found, including Charlottesville, Virginia, protesters who think they can spew hate and then return to their jobs and families as if nothing happened. 362 more words

World Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Says Racist Rally Represents Trump's Promises

(TIML NEWS) As the official start of the “Unite the Right” rally kicked off in Charlottesville, Virginia, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke… 305 more words

A Ghost Story & How Ignorance is Bliss


A Ghost Story is an experimental film that goes beyond expectations with each scene. It’s a trip without the hallucinogens, one that brings on a sense of calm yet will also leave you uneasy and tense. 522 more words

Film Review

Tomi Lahren Dissed Obamacare but is On Her Parents Health Insurance Thanks To Obamacare

(TIML NEWS)Tomi Lahren,  who still doesn’t have a job by the way, decided to match political wits with Chelsea Handler this weekend at Politcon, a convention in Pasadena, Calif. 227 more words

Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve tried to keep my girls’ bubble flowing with positive vibes and energy from the negative effects of how harsh the outside world can be. I knew somethings would and did happen but keeping the innocence of childhood alive as long as I could, was my first priority. 205 more words


Misplaced Missive #76 - Truth

Your trust in me
Has diminished mine in you.
Misplaced knowledge,
You shouldn’t’ve been honest. 102 more words