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Aunt Mabel: The Acid Queen

My aunt Mabel wasn’t really known for her wits and this bothered her. She decided she was finished being the family joke and when she was offered an experimental and highly questionable treatment which would increase her intelligence she jumped at the chance. 133 more words


Is ignorance really a bliss?

There is an old saying – ‘Ignorance is bliss. This phrase was coined by Thomas Gray, an English poet. If you decipher the meaning behind this phrase, you will discover that any knowledge that you are unaware of, cannot harm you. 444 more words

Frank (2014): Ignorance is bliss

Frank is a classic case of where someone has come up with a fantastic idea; witty characters, great jokes, and a great trailer. However, the most important step in the process of making this film, was to have an actual story, and sadly,  Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan who wrote the screenplay, took their great characters, and decided to through them into a depressing, dreary and dull film, that, like one of the characters, makes me want to hang myself. 91 more words


Bliss without Ignorance

The saying ignorance is bliss is a true one in deed. When you know right from wrong, when you know when to stop. When you know it’s your fault it’sl hard to ever put the blame on anyone but yourself. 320 more words


ignorance is NOT bliss. this is a false cliché. for you see, your lack of bliss is caused by ignorance. an ignorance of your self, your mind, your choices and your freedom to choose both actions and thoughts. 299 more words

Thoughts For Your Hole: File Under: Ignorance is Almost Bliss, by Smith Q. Johns

I have a friend that I’m very fond of that has maybe a larger quantity of silly sayings and traditions than the rest of us; traditions that usually just make me think, “Okay, whatever you say,” when I hear them. 716 more words


Tiered Haiku


Ignorance is bliss.

I want to be blissfully

ignorant with you


Let’s escape

the confines of thought



I want

you now and… 14 more words