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Ignorance is bliss,
With a poison’s kiss
Confining minds,
It sets you free,
In luxury rooms,
Of deadly tombs,
This land of Veratrum,
You cant flee,

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Ignorance is Bliss

H E L L O •

This is a late post but hey, my blog my rules.

Anyways, today I figured I’d talk ramble on about the common idiom ‘Ignorance is bliss’ and what I think about it and stuff. 509 more words


I'm With Stupid

How I Became Stupid

by Martin Page

It’s a philosophical book, a “stinging satire,” a “modern Candide.”

Yeah, it’s okay.

I like the concept: Antoine, a 25-year-old Aramaic scholar living in Paris, realizes that the reason why he isn’t happy is because he is too smart. 552 more words

Book Review



I’m a puppet cut at the strings,

Seeking the truth,

Others follow the traveled stream,

Unknowing that everything is pre construed.

A conditioned society, 93 more words


You've gotta' be impressed!!!!

Today’s Chicken Bus driver was so good, he barely watched the road.

He *must* know the area well, especially driving uphill on these single-lane, washed-out dirt roads with roaming dogs, cows and motorcycles.

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


There are moments in life where you find peace. Hidden pockets of serenity somewhere between apathy and rage wherein you can finally see the path ahead. 991 more words


Frank and Bob: Blissful Ignorance

Frank: You hurt my feelings Bob.

Bob: I already apologized for the fridge.

Frank: What happened to the-

Bob: -Nothin’. Nothing at all. What’s going on? 241 more words