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Please Ignore!

Become ignorant,

For once forget about world,

World remembers none…


Free (to do as you're told)

Covert attrition

Soul subtraction

Material addition

Unite division

Divide to conquer

Taste buds in bloom

Sect cordoned off

Sections coordinated

Confined to a room

Boarded up… 111 more words

What does it mean to be carcinogenic?

The dictionary defines it as: “having the potential to cause cancer.”

Cancer: a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy healthy body tissue. 105 more words


Kanye Speaks On Trump & Says Slavery Is A Choice, Then Gets Called Out By TMZ Employee Who Isn't Feeling His Actions!

(TIML NEWS) I repeat lol can someone please come get your boy smh..A TMZ Employee  calls out Kanye West for saying some dumb shit about slavery, so homie from TMZ G Checks Ye and explains why he aint feeling it.

Bubble Boy

I’ve not been on the internet
So I don’t know what’s happened yet
If I’m supposed to be upset
Or filled with joy or deep regret… 9 more words


Starbucks To Close 8,000 U.S. Stores For “Racial-Bias” Education

(TIML NEWS) Starbucks is feeling the heat after two black men were racially profiled and arrested in a Philadelphia location last week. The viral video spawned the #BoyCottStarbuckshashtag and put the coffee giant under increased scrutiny over its treatment of black customers. 271 more words

REEL Bad Arabs

*Video Blog Post*

In class, we watched a film titled REEL Bad Arabs. During the duration of the documentary, we watched how most of the films we’ve grown to love were essentially taken apart and presented to us to show how the media depicts a certain sect of the population. 80 more words