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You’ve met, loved, and lost Food Babe. Here’s Chow Babe – Prettier and Smarter than Food Babe:

(Vain Hair = “affectionate nickname for Vani Hari, The Food Babe”)

Beauty And Ethics

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There’s been a lot of hilarity recently at the expense of the poor Food Babe. Yes, she is foolish; yes, the extent of her folly is dangerous. 217 more words

Recycling Other People's Old Pants

hell is coming

so i just bought The Sims 3 last night, after i realised my dad deleted our Sims 2, and it’s a little laggy but at least i got to play. 159 more words

Im Afraid Of The Future


Satisfaction In A Unsatisfactory World
Is ignorance bliss? :-)

Satisfaction can describe either a state of ignorance or of wakefulness. ‘Ignorance’ is not knowing (a lack of awareness or knowledge): it is confusion about reality (confusion: to mingle together). 345 more words

Ignorance is Bliss But Can Also Be Infectious. Speak In Love. Positivity Can Be Contagious

Whoever says ignorance is bliss should also add it can be infectious. Sometimes, silence in response to ignorance is counterproductive. Toxic people will contaminate your immune system and spread germs of hatred, discouragement, and negativity. 673 more words

My Thoughts

Day 22: What's your favourite recent photo of your own and of somebody else's? 

Over £100 worth of pizzas, 18 of the blighters, for my brilliant year 11s who have finally finished their GCSE coursework today. Only a tiny amount subsidised by me I hasten to add. 10 more words


Too Late

A photograph.


placed within scrolling reach

of my evening

screen check,

sent me to the brink.


brought on by

the actions of people, 87 more words

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