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I was the little girl covered in dirt from head to toe digging for bugs and worms. I was the little girl that appreciated nature and all of the animals and insects it had to offer. 468 more words

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Learning to Read and Write- Frederick Douglass

The intention of this essay is to show that knowledge holds a lot of power, and it can sometimes be a curse to have knowledge, supporting the common phrase, “ignorance is bliss.” 692 more words

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Custard Creams

During the day, we scramble fecklessly to gain small share in this world.

How far we have fallen from the days we spent building sandcastles by the sea. 71 more words


Say Never

I never planned

To add

Paul is dead

To the conspiracies

Swimming in my head.

But as they say

Never say never.

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goddammit i hate it when my parents have sex

once again it’s 2:34 am on a monday morning.

People say that ignorance is bliss.

I couldn’t agree more. I was happier before I knew what being in love with someone  but not loving them was. 51 more words

Happiness in Awareness

You may have heard someone say: “Ignorance is bliss.” For some people it is, but for others it is not. Some people would prefere to be unaware of danger, or discrepancy. 101 more words

Factuality Over Emotion


Ignorance is the shackle of humankind that leaves them trapped in a world of darkness. A lack of perception creates a public that is desensitized to the atrocities of its society and leads them to be blindly loyal. 365 more words