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I don't need a fucking therapist

I only find solace in the deep repertoires and intricate folds of my bygone brain

I like to curl up like a pillbug and feel my breath, shaky, blow down my calves and thighs, leaving trickles of condensed sweat after the 34th exhale… 181 more words


I Don't Like Being Awake Pt. 2

I love this song by Katy Perry, “Chained To The Rhythm”. I think it explains what’s going on in our society today very vividly. But, I kind of hate it because the song is a very important message and there are people still thinking this song is about fun and paryting and shaming others who are telling them what the song is irrefutably about. 434 more words

NHS cancels treatments to improve patient survival rates

The NHS has announced plans to cancel thousands of treatments across the country in a bold attempt to improve survival rates of its patients.

The NHS has struggled with public sector cuts implemented over the last decade, and is still expected to save further billions of pounds. 397 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss

Fish Undergoes Sex Change in Biologically Encoded Process

The world was left reeling last week when the clownfish Marlin, of Finding Nemo fame, revealed that he transitioned to a female following the tragic death of mating partner Coral, as is entirely normal and natural for members of the… 379 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss

Local Teenager Totally has a Subatomic Girlfriend, Trust Us

Local boy Sam Smith, 17, was heard in the playground loudly claiming that he ‘so does have a girlfriend’ and that she’s ‘well fit and up for it, all the time’. 324 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss

Scots Fail to Become New Species as British Breeding Capability Remains

Disappointment rippled across the world of taxonomy today as it was revealed that the first organism to emerge in thousands of years with the potential to be a new hominid failed to meet the criteria required to be classified as a separate species. 512 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss

Autism Injection Challenge has Unexpected Side Effect

The latest viral craze to sweep across social media is the so-called ‘Autism Injection Challenge’. The challenge involves the participants injecting themselves with the MMR vaccination and donating to an Autism charity of their choice before challenging three others. 468 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss