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Day 22: What's your favourite recent photo of your own and of somebody else's? 

Over £100 worth of pizzas, 18 of the blighters, for my brilliant year 11s who have finally finished their GCSE coursework today. Only a tiny amount subsidised by me I hasten to add. 10 more words


Too Late

A photograph.


placed within scrolling reach

of my evening

screen check,

sent me to the brink.


brought on by

the actions of people, 87 more words

Daily Journal

Ignorant or just being a yob?

Ignorant or just being a yob?

Ignorance is bliss, but one fails to ignore if…
1> there are tons of e-mails popping in your inbox every minute or so; certain information is useful no doubt, but there are a few instances where the message is personal and one need not announce it to the entire world… Let me list out a couple of example and you would know what I am talking about… 296 more words

Time For Talks

I am man enough to admit when I am wrong. In fact, I realize that as a man I am nearly always wrong in some fashion. 1,048 more words


There's nothing wrong with being naive and ignorant

Definition of naïve: having or showing lack of experience, information, or judgment

Definition of ignorant: Lacking in knowledge or training; unaware, uninformed

To many, my life probably looks disorganized, a mess of sorts. 361 more words

The crystal ball

Seeing is the new religion
We have seen some things

To delight
And to divide

We liked it when
Our hand was good.

But now a part of me… 14 more words


curiosity killed the cat

ever have those days where you start digging for information then you don’t like what you find and afterwards you’re just sat there looking at your phone or pc like why did I do this to myself?