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The latest hand-wringing “myth-buster” video roundly debunked

Guest Post By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The usual suspects have issued yet another “myth-busting” video in their continuing attempt to flog the dead horse of catastrophic Caucasian-caused climate change (CCCCC). 1,424 more words

Humbled By Nature

Matrix of Design, Why Some Computer Scientists See What Other Scientists Can't

The unseen world of science that some computer scientists have an advantage seeing the objective reality of Nature through the Matrix of Design.

Two important characteristics of maps should be noticed.

1,274 more words
Ignorance To Knowledge

Post-quantum Physics and Growth

It takes time to swing from non-success to success. From ignorance to knowledge. From non-awareness to awareness.

There has been much ado about quantum physics and that with the right attitude you will place yourself in its “slip-stream” and achieve immediate benefit. 238 more words

Daily Post

On the omni impotence of the alleged gods

One of many proofs against the existence of alleged gods goes as follows.

The Speed of Light Limit prevents all matter, energy and most importantly information from going faster than the speed of light, c. 859 more words

Humbled By Nature