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Ignorant People

Some ignorant guy commented on one of my Instagram postings using the word “faggot” and to make things worse he was a black man, so for him to be so ignorant and he’s a black man is insane to me. 125 more words

Speaking On It

OCD is a first world problem

What do you do when someone says such a ignorant thing? In this world with so many resources and easy ways to find all the information we need to make our minds grow, in this very age, when we know for matter of fact the only way to progress is to accept that every human deserves life, respect, security, food, love, and so much more. 465 more words

Mental Health

Showing your true colors

How many of you out there know anybody that has their heads held so high up in the clouds that they act like they are better than everybody else? 457 more words

Ignorant People

Is kindness out?

Two mothers are walking, side by side, down the pavement pushing their prams. They are taking up the whole width of the narrow street during the busy morning time, where people are trying to rush to catch their form of transportation. 863 more words


I’m so amazed at the lengths some people go to in order to prove they are the ignorant members of society.

Case in point… 634 more words

Random Thoughts

What would Martin Luther King do?

I was surfing Google+ the other day and came across a meme similar to the following:

Now memes like this piss me off, as does the implication that low wage workers deserve to be where they are–i.e. 833 more words


It's Not Me, It's You.

Recently, I’ve had more time to get some reading done.  And while having the chance to consume more books is never anything I’m going to turn down, I’ve noticed that having more time to read books means having more time to read book  985 more words