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I Bet You Feel Real Good About Yourself.

People can be ignorant and rude to each other; now add the fact you are short, then they can be just straight up condescending and dismissive.   548 more words

Silver Russell Syndrome

Q & A: Why does personality borderline disorder belong to mental illness?

“I encountered a few young adults who are diagnosed with personality borderline disorder It looks to me they are entitled people. One person was confrontational with me I showed her that I’m not scared of her and her tactics. 151 more words


The Pensioner On The Train

Dear You,

You were on the 17:49 train from Birmingham to Nottingham on Thursday 12th April. The train was full, it was rush hour and on an intercity train it was to be expected. 450 more words


Just Be A Witness - Teachings In Short

Teachings In Short | KrsnaKnows

The ignorant people have no clue about this. They react violently, they react to the situation and need not get into that. 13 more words


A dog lovers plea

I am a huge dog lover-I’ve loved dogs my whole entire life I think they make the best pets and best friends. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to become a vet but only for dogs. 589 more words

Inspiration|Two types of people

There are always two people types of people that you can see straight through:

  1. People who are ignorant
  2. People who are dishonest who try to scam- AKA Crooks

Stay encouraged!