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It's Diwali again!

As an environmentalist, I’d like to thank the cyclone that happened in Chennai during Diwali—Deepawali, in Kannada— because the bursting of firecrackers has gone down by 50% this year because of the rain that prevailed day and night for two solid days!!! 72 more words

Environmental Rant

It's Not Me, It's You.

Recently, I’ve had more time to get some reading done.  And while having the chance to consume more books is never anything I’m going to turn down, I’ve noticed that having more time to read books means having more time to read book  985 more words

Day 7 - Pet Peeves

When the toilet paper is under instead of over.

When in an almost empty public restroom and the next person that comes in chooses the stall next to you. 565 more words

31 Day Challenge

B side. How ignorant are coders if you can't use an umlaut?


Umlauts are among many characters normally appearing in other languages.

Back in the old days, I could hold down alt while typing several numbers, release the alt and bingo the unlauted letter appeared.  113 more words

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The other day, I turned to the scripture about not being a respecter of persons.  And I also read Psalm 37 where it talks about not fretting because of evil doers and how they shall be cut down like the grass.  198 more words

"Isn't That Kind of Immature?"

If you took a glance around my bedroom you would find some stuff not all young adults would typically have. Disney fairy figurines, stuffed animals scattered all over the place and jumbo colouring books. 298 more words

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