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Immanuel with an "I"

I always thought Immanuel was spelled Emmanuel. In case you were wondering, both are actually correct. Immanuel is translated from Hebrew while Emmauel comes from the Greek. 645 more words


Klutzy is much cuter in rom-coms.

Me yesterday:

Me today:

I’m going to take all the aspirin and call y’all in the morning.

2/26 – Homecoming

In which our Hero returns home to find Anise

He came home to find Anise sleeping on the sofa with Igor curled in her stomach. Igor’s naked pink head popped up for a second and stared at him bug-eyed before flopping back down. 311 more words


2/21 - It's Alive

In which, through Anise, our hero acquires a companion.


The first text came while he was lying in bed watching TV on his laptop at around 10:15 in the morning. 905 more words


Her Name Is Freya Part V by Philip Kaveny

Part I

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Her name is Freya Part V by Philip Kaveny copyright 2017

Just at that instant in time, twelve hundred years and two days, before the Byzantine Emperor Basil retired to his Imperial Library with his Varangian Guard and chorus of Harpists, these people were most important characters in his Universe.   1,454 more words

Phil Kaveny

Her Name Is Freya Part IV

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Her name is Freya Part IV by Philip Kaveny copyright 2010   2017

Note Year of city is historical way the Byzantines Linked themselves to the founding of Rome. 1,564 more words

Phil Kaveny

Elevation: accuracy of a Garmin Edge 800 GPS device

I use a Garmin 800 GPS device to log my cycling activity. including my commutes. Since I have now built up nearly 4 years of cycling the same route, I had a good dataset to look at how accurate the device is. 872 more words