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Blue Iguana - Grand Cayman

The Blue Iguana is endemic to the Cayman Islands. It survived for years on this small island but is since European colonisation they have suffered from predation by feral cats and dogs and the recent arrival of the much more common Green Iguana, which seems to be a more adaptable and less lazy breed. 127 more words

The Cayman Islands

Eating iguana: invasive species

There is a growing trend in the US to eat local in order to reduce your carbon footprint, support small businesses, and be intentional with everyday decisions. 567 more words

Puerto Rico


I recently had the opportunity to visit San Salvador a few weeks ago. It’s one of those rare opportunities where I was set loose with my little Nikon D3300. 6 more words

The Bahamas

Solbit Bumps Into Her Pleistocene Cousins

Dear Nicalai,

As promised, I’m writing from Ecuador!  Hey, you know that line around the middle of our planet — the one called “the equator” or “Zero Latitude?” Well, we’re on it now. 522 more words


What a Poser

This stunningly beautiful reptile finds its home in a resort in Aruba, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Actually I was surprised and delighted to find that many iguanas use the resort pool, and surrounding display rocks for their own personal sunning spots.  38 more words

Laura Lecce