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Capturing the good side!

Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, FL

This beautiful creature was enjoying the sun and posing for pictures at the Lowry Park Zoo.  Make sure if you go, you get started early and wear your walking shoes because this place has plenty of ground to cover. 9 more words

Iguanas in the Trees

Iguanas are large lizards, but they are also fast and agile climbers. I didn’t realize how high they can climb though, until we saw a couple waaaaay up in a tree. 134 more words



Iguana chillin on the beach.

Creole Beach, Guadeloupe, Caribbean.


A Lizard, a Snake, a Moon, and some Birds

How’s that for an unlikely combination of things! But, this is Panama where unlikely things happen. This is just a bit of a day in the life of an expat in Panama. 640 more words


Some Costa Rican Lizards

Anolis lizards are the most common…they are very dominant in the tropics

Look at that smug mug

Juvenile Anolis

Another juvenile Anolis…I got so excited thinking these guys were geckos (only a couple of centimeters long!) that I caught one and brought it back to the station only to learn it was just another Anolis…le sigh. 96 more words