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Fly Like a Penguin, Volume 1, Chapter 15

Hopper’s search for the Galapagos penguin colony is interrupted by a hawk who intends to invite him to lunch with his hungry family.

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Poem: The Clash

You walk by me bright

Bring me delight

In your suit all a shine

Just wish you were mine

But you run away so fast… 45 more words


Travel Reflections: Grand Cayman

The second port on our recent cruise adventure was the island of Grand Cayman. Again, Janet had been to this island twice before, but it was my first time. 388 more words


Day 51 - Island Hopping

So the alarm was set super early to check the weather. If it was nice, we were off to the volcano. When we opened the curtains it was thick grey cloud and light rain so we all turned over and went back to sleep for a few more hours. 545 more words

Day 49 - Isabela

To keep to the theme of the trip, of course there was yet another early start to the day. You would think my body clock would start to adjust but nooooo, my alarm goes off and I still groan and try to ignore it. 572 more words

Day 46 - The Galapagos

I can’t believe I am staying on a Galapagos island! This place is my dream. I am already thinking of moving my flight to stay longer. 769 more words