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Here be dragons...

Isn’t he handsome – a perfect choice for Khaleesi! He was a few feet long and gorging on the Tamarind fruits that you can see next to him (and falling out of his mouth). 175 more words


No Name Harbor

The Boaters Grill in No Name Harbor is the place where you can have the most important things you need for a good seafood lunch: 31 more words


Cliff Dweller

This iguana might be the most social creature my wife and I have ever come across in our travels. We were exploring the Castillo de San Cristobal in Puerto Rico when we came across several iguanas milling around the fort. 44 more words


Weekends are for the Iguanas

“Do you want to hold an iguana,” certainly isn’t the first thing you’re expecting to hear in the morning. But this past Saturday, that’s just about how my day started.¬† 439 more words


Gonna Soak Up the Sun

So I realize that the name ‘Keys’ doesn’t actually refer to keys that unlock locks and all. From what I understand, ‘key’ is an alternate spelling of ‘cay’, which in turn came from the Spanish word ‘cayo’ meaning small island, and ‘cayo’ itself was derived from the Taino word for island, ‘cairi’. 60 more words




Objective: Children will learn the characteristics of reptiles and how they compare with other animals.

  • Find drawings or pictures of reptiles and other types of animals from books, magazines or old calendars.

147 more words


Design flaws: what Planet Earth II taught me about babies

Well, 2016 was a tough one, right? All kinds of horrors. But I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the most bone-chilling thing we all saw last year, the crowning horror, was… 737 more words