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Healthcare for software developers - where to start?

It’s been 2 years since I started working for a software company specialized in the healthcare industry, risk management specifically, but sometimes I still feel lost among innumerous acronyms, terms, and standards. 380 more words



Hallo ihr Lieben daheim. Hier gibt es nochmal richtig was auf die Augen. Die Bilder der Galapagos Inseln. Eigentlich sind es lediglich die Bilder von Santa Isabela den meine Kamera ging leider während einer Exkursion kaputt. 135 more words

Iguana resting

How’s this for an iguana just hanging about all day? We saw quite a lot of iguanas in Costa Rica, but no others in a pose quite like this spiny backed variant on a branch near Zoo Ave.

Natural World

Fierce Dragon

“I will be the one who shall fight the fierce fire-breathing dragon! If I don’t make it, tell my wife I love her!”

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Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are known for their rich variety of wildlife. Charles Darwin famously visited the Islands in 1835 on the HMS Beagle, which after observing the different animals there, most notably the finches (now named after him), led to his theory of natural selection and to his most famous and controversial book, ‘The Origin of Species’ in 1859. 724 more words