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Everyday life.

Hi all. I am working on a blog post of all the fun activities Junebug and I have been doing recently. I promise it will be up soon. 176 more words


I Heart Faces | Everyday Life

My every day life is pretty ordinary.

It’s full of kids.

Lots and lots of kids.

Some mine, some not…..but mostly mine.

It’s full of chores that never seem to end. 40 more words

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Heart & Soul

This was a tough one!  There are a lot of things that can make up ones heart & soul.  I had to sit and really ponder what I felt expressed this for me.  106 more words


I Heart Faces | Heart and Soul

Heart & Soul

How do you even begin to define this?

How do you describe your Heart & Soul?

For me, they begin and end my day: 215 more words

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Best Face of 2014

This challenge is always so difficult for me! When I saw the theme my mind instantly went to this photo along with a few others. After much consideration I chose this one because I absolutely love her expression! 33 more words


I Heart Faces | Bright & Vivid-Dana Suggs Photography

I’ve missed a few challenges since my Dad passed away, and I really need to get back with it.

This month’s photo challenge theme is: 68 more words

I HeartFaces Photo Challenge/Beautiful Eyes

These eyes are a window to a BEAUTIFUL soul! He can melt my heart with one look. I pray he knows just how amazing and beautiful he is inside and out! 15 more words