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My Mom is Super Mom

With Mother’s Day on the horizon I was thinking a lot about what I have been through personally when it comes to my son.  We have definitely had our battles.   663 more words

Brain Surgery #6

Recently I had a major seizure that lasted over five minutes. Scary, I know. Not really for me at the time because I have no recollection of it, even to this day. 2,208 more words

Back In Black

Guess whose back, back again, shadys’ back – tell a friend, lol.

Well not exactly, not a 100% anyways.

I was gone for awhile, it was nothing mind shattering or anything. 166 more words


Cliche, but Necessary

I am 31 years old.  I am divorced with no children.  We married for love, divorced for civility.  My 20s were filled with good times and rough times and I’ve managed to make it through without too many regrets.   515 more words


My Experiences of IIH

This post is proving really hard for me to write. I wanted to write about my experiences over the last couple of months as I’m getting asked a lot of questions about my condition and what I’ve been through, so here goes… 2,372 more words

Knowing they care is hard.

It’s hard being on disability. It feels like everyone around me has this piece of their life that I can’t really be a part of. In place of a job, I have pain management, medications, doctors appointments and trying to shower. 481 more words

Mental Health

Doctors, Pain, Self Advocacy.

I had every intention of talking about the need to be assertive when dealing with doctors for this post. Please note, I did not say… 570 more words