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When One Window Closes

My company merger started and I really don’t have a coin in that pot… What I’m really looking forward to is how much it’ll make my job easier, lol, so I can focus on the things that really matters, like my sorcery practice. 122 more words

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Read Between The Lines

This week, I found myself unhappy with my system of divination – the source of it is for the most part, the cumbersome and tedious way of going about it. 137 more words

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The Art Of Kaos Magick 2.016

To me, chaos magick is the multi tool of my magickal EDC kit; I don’t think it’s a religion, I don’t think it’s a system in the traditional sense, I do not put it in a pedestal like others do, I pretty much use it to bend the rules to my advantage – I don’t go extreme right and worship superman or pikachu nor do I think tulpas are my imaginary friend. 287 more words

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Over Nine Thousand!!!!!

We just went to watch the Conjuring II, and it was a pretty good movie. I don’t know if that’s how I’ll handle any case but, to each their own. 197 more words

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#MHAM Day 8 #Migraine: explaining #genetics and #disease to my newly diagnosed son (12).

#Migraine is a neurological disease caused by genetics and a hypersensitive brain. #MHAM

Firstly, I’m sorry this blog is so late. My hypersensitive brain, just fell asleep, before I’d finished writing. 640 more words

Day 4 #mham16 @WHO says #Migraine is the 8th most disabling disease in the world. #MHAM #disabilaties

@WHO says #Migraine is the 8th most disabling disease in the world. #MHAM

The time I’ve spent in the last year really trying to get to know my migraines hasn’t been fun. 497 more words