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When It Clicks

Last Friday, it finally “clicked” with me – it’s like the universe told me I’m ready to go, an internal timer counter counting down to the time when I am free to roam the world again. 213 more words

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#spoonielife. Time to Think. Time..

Have you ever wondered how you do this? How you get through each day, week, month, year….?

Some weeks race by in a flash and you feel like you haven’t got time to think? 1,047 more words

Finding Chuck

I’ve been detailing my mundane events here as of late because sometimes, I feel that we tend to gloss over these kinds of things, try to make us bigger, make us some sort of superstar.  1,040 more words

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The Pyramid Of Development II

Going with what I wrote in my previous post, it doesn’t mean one should stop developing themselves – for me, I need direction and goals. 597 more words

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Mental Edge

It might seem like I’ve stopped posting about sorcery stuff, and has taken more of a “mental” approach to my practice. Rest assured, I am still doing the magickal fun stuff but it is true, I have been refining and sharpening my mental acumen more and more.  631 more words

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Its My Birthday And Ill Cry If I Want To

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and it was fun; I spent time with the family, had dinner, had the cake and ate it too.

After it was all said and done, I grabbed some me time for me, and had a cigarette, a beer and smoked some greens. 375 more words

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Finding Order In Chaos

Finding order in chaos, this has been my favorite line as of late – I think it’s from a Daoist philosopher. I just find that it has been a theme that I’ve been seeing as of late in regards to the materials I am sifting through, and the experiences I’ve been having. 419 more words

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