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For the most part, a lot of us gets into Bardons IIH as a guide for a simplified magickal training regime.

It can’t be helped, there’s alot of hype regarding his work and how it produces quality effective practitioners, and there’s a lot of convoluted works out there that is pretty much rehashed and regurgitated previous works. 332 more words


words fail and fade, but...

Every day I struggle to find words. The worst is when I’m standing in front of one of my congregations on Sunday morning and I’m trying to pray extemporaneously or preach a sermon from the heart rather than from manuscripts, neither of which I should do anymore. 857 more words


A bit of light relief #crafting through #iih #migraines. A new sense of purpose..

As my condition has gradually deteriorated over the past 15 months, I’ve been able to do less and less of the things that I love to do just for me; baking, yoga, Pilates and even reading, as I forget what I’ve read on the few lines before (I even struggle with TV drama serials to be honest). 1,031 more words

The bittersweet taste of temporary relief from constant #pain. #hope #cerebralangiogram #IIH #IH #venousoutflowproblems 

This is a strange post to write because I almost don’t want to share what has happened in the last week but at the same time; for those of you following my journey, this last week has been quite epic in terms of moving forwards, so I should fill you in! 995 more words

#IIHUK awareness month #brainfog fun and not so fun 

This is a perfect image for how brain fog actually feels!

Now here I will explain how the brain fog I suffer as a symptom of my Intracranial Hypertension affects me in my day to day life. 305 more words

Day 6 #IIH awareness month. #whooshers #CTs and #Lumberpunctures. Life inside my head! Post 2! 

So it’s now Sunday and we’re on Day 6 of IIH awareness month and today is the start of ‘migraine awareness week.
It’s also just been Invisible illness week and it’s Pain awareness month? 542 more words

So it's #IIH Awareness month and I'm starting a post that I will add to over the month! #IIHUK  

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote because this September is a huge event in my calendar. Yes my eldest is starting school tomorrow (and no, I can’t sleep) but September is IIH UK awareness month and also Migraine awareness week from 6-12th so I’ve decided to sell spoonie jewellery with all profits to the respective charities (migraine action) for Migraine week. 278 more words