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IIH Awareness Month Part 1: Background Information

I wanted to do my part in spreading the awareness of the condition that affects me and so many others around me and yet goes so un-noticed or is often given a bad rep by the media can never seem to get the facts right. 788 more words

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#IIHUK awareness month #brainfog fun and not so fun 

This is a perfect image for how brain fog actually feels!

Now here I will explain how the brain fog I suffer as a symptom of my Intracranial Hypertension affects me in my day to day life. 305 more words

Day 6 #IIH awareness month. #whooshers #CTs and #Lumberpunctures. Life inside my head! Post 2! 

So it’s now Sunday and we’re on Day 6 of IIH awareness month and today is the start of ‘migraine awareness week.
It’s also just been Invisible illness week and it’s Pain awareness month? 542 more words

So it's #IIH Awareness month and I'm starting a post that I will add to over the month! #IIHUK  

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote because this September is a huge event in my calendar. Yes my eldest is starting school tomorrow (and no, I can’t sleep) but September is IIH UK awareness month and also Migraine awareness week from 6-12th so I’ve decided to sell spoonie jewellery with all profits to the respective charities (migraine action) for Migraine week. 278 more words

Bring on the Lumbar Puncture!

Tomorrow morning, I will be stuck in the back with a big fuck off needle, to drain the cerebral fluid from around my brain. I am shitting bricks. 48 more words

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Spiders, flies and bugs in my brain. #IIH #Intracranial hypertension treatment options 

Well, it’s 3:45am on the final morning of our trip away to Kent to stay in a barn conversion on a farm. We chose from limited pickings as a last minute booking when we knew that there was not going to be that call for us to go up to Cambridge for THE operation! 1,557 more words


If you’ve been following me long enough you would know how often I’ve been in hospital a lot lately. Well today makes 8 admissions in 8 weeks. 466 more words

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