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Visualizing A Better Future

I’m my self help phase of the year so please┬ábear with it, lol…..

I was reading one of those self help books, just a random one I picked up because I thought the title was interesting, and I’m in the early half of the book and one of the things it wrote about was utilising visualisation the wrong way. 394 more words

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Life Assessment 5.1101

Even though I’ve been trying to simplify my techniques/process, I still like to jump in and take out the “antiques” for a spin, to keep the techs and skills I’ve worked so hard to learn from going rusty. 268 more words

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Getting fit, knitter style

Recently I realised I’d put on weight. Now, I’m not the body-shaming type, and this in itself would not be a problem. However, if you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog you might recall… 346 more words


Where Do I End Up?

I’m probably going to quit next week – I spent some time at work and you know those instances where you’re going to do something but the world ends up throwing little wrenches along the way. 821 more words

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mrblack.exe ver 5.1101

action is eloquence – Shakespeare

Alright, here we go again.

TBH, this was a time comin, lol. I’m really, really, not fond of the industry I’ve been working on but these was the cards I was dealt with so I decided to play on and try to win.

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A Ray Of Hope

I was sitting in the office and staring at my laptop screen for a long time. I had been reading innumerable articles since morning which gave me a slight headache. 606 more words

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Lusting For Results Is Ok

Satyr recently wrote about the magickal phenomena called “lust for results”, he outlines a couple of scenarios in which he shows how it’s effect on magickal results are overblown at times and how much of it is used as an excuse when failing. 304 more words

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