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Pushing your limits is sometimes worth it! 

Today I really, really didn’t want to be left at home AGAIN whilst my boys (including Joel) went out to meet up with a group of friends from the boys school. 1,101 more words

Day 28 #MHAMBC #MHAM  Hope begins in the dark...

I haven’t written a blog entry for a couple of days because I’ve been in quite a bad place both physically and mentally. Physically, my body has been wracked with shooting pains from my shoulder and neck, a tight band of pressure through the back of my head and round my forehead-like my brain is trying to burst out of my head any moment and temples and all around and behind my right eye where I get sharp ice pick pains, like someone is stabbing me with an enormous piercing needle every few seconds. 1,388 more words

Day 26 #MHAMBC #MHAM HOPE for me and my loved ones help in providing that! 

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the bowl of special objects I keep beside my bed. Today we can talk about anything that gives us hope; so I thought that I would share and explain this bowl to you and why it’s so important in helping me see the hope in the hard journey I’m on right now. 1,117 more words

Day 20 #MHAMBC #MHAM Who inspires you by never giving up despite their headache disorder?

I have been pondering this question for 2 hours now and I can’t pinpoint it to one person so I’m going to write a list of people of give me strength in both the migraine and the iih world. 866 more words

Stalled...very uncool

I originally hit 189 on June 6th (my first goal). I’ve been hovering around there since then. That’s also around the same time all the rain started so nighttime zombie runs became a thing of the past. 219 more words

Day 22 #MHAMBC #MHAM  How friendship gets me through! 

Today’s blogging challenge is one I could write pages and pages about but instead I’m writing this short(ish) little piece about my true friends: The ones that have stayed by my side despite all the cancelled plans, missed social events, forgotten birthdays and the confusing conversations where I repeat or lose track consistently. 1,706 more words


It’s 7:30am. I’ve been awake for an hour. I’ve taken all my meds; that include preventatives that have a drowsy effect. I took all of this at 6:30 am not long after my son called out to his brother (he’ll be in trouble later, but has an exciting day planned so probably forgot himself) and the cat jumped on me, purring and miaowing loudly for breakfast (which the kids should have sorted; especially as it’s Father’s Day). 917 more words