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A brain surgery and two shunt revisions later..

Welp I go back to work this weekend. Crazy nervous about it though…its been six weeks since I’ve woke up and put on scrubs. Scrubs are like a second skin to me, its when I feel the most like myself..I’m able to put all other cares aside and put my heart and soul into the welfare of another individual whom may be having the worst day of their life. 189 more words

I need control.

I need to control something and I am going to start controlling my eating.

I feel like i am losing touch with myself I need to lose weight… 20 more words

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Just another day

Nothing interesting to report today at all, i cant even think of what to write, tomorrow im going to get a comfortable pair of shoes for work so I wont be in as much pain. 10 more words

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There is always one...

Always one person who picks up every little thing you dont do right, comment on every negative but offer no praise for the things you do and those people are either going to build your character , going to keep driving you to be better whether they intend to or not…or completley break you make you crumble and destroy you. 127 more words

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So im just home from my 2nd full day at work, I felt I did great personally, without blowing my own trumpet, I felt today though like I was annoying my manager and im not sure why…maybe she was having a bad day she did seem stressed, and im not a pup I dont expect praise EVERYTIME I do something right…but I didnt get any feedback, just feeling like I was irritating her. 202 more words

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Todays the day but...

Well as you may or may not know today is the day I start my new job but thanks to my mum something else is weighing on my mind. 298 more words

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Dont ask me how I am

I will never answer the question truthfully. The question scares me, it haunts me, it taunts me. It reminds me of a time I could answer it without a second thought. 383 more words