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Tiredness and Mumming it! 

At the moment people ask :how are you doing? and I reply I’m good, actually I am absolutely shattered, I would make a good advert for the smokey eye look, without the actual make up, whilst having a cuddle with my eldest last night she looked at me and said do you know your eyes are black, not just at the bottom Mummy but all the way round and used her finger to go around my eye lol. 902 more words

Mum Life

Wife and Mum first, IIH warrior second. 

You know those weeks where you doubt yourself in everything, it’s been one of those, I have been told many times by various people you are never given more than you can handle , but who actually knows what we can all handle? 825 more words

Mum Life

Lucifer Devotional #DOMAGICK

I finally had some time to read through most of the posts that has been accumulating in my RSS feed for quite some time now and I stumbled upon a little #domagick trend/challenge that Andrieh Vitimus had started, you can visit his site to see the full details about the challenge but for my sake and purposes, I’m not officially doing that…I guess I’m just piggybacking on it somewhat, lol. 210 more words


Grief. Coping.

I just want it to all be okay again..

My therapist has told me that I’m grieving. I’m grieving the loss of my old life, I’m grieving for the things that I can’t do anymore, I’m grieving for things that haven’t even happened yet. 160 more words

The Mr Black Experiment

Lately, I’ve been focusing on what makes me happy, and how I can translate that into the real world in a meaningful and practical way – my interest are so far and wide that it’s hard to find the things that tie them together, and the transmute them into some sort of effective way. 215 more words


Eye Eye..

It’s been a funny old week, I’ve been to Darlington and back home to Somerset within 24 hours, I have learnt that it’s very very cold in that part of the world, however the taxi driver informed me “It’s not even proper cold yet love” as lovely as the fleeting visit was I must remember to be properly kitted out should I visit again! 539 more words

Mum Life

My Psuedotumor Cerebri Story

If you’ve read a few of my other posts then you will know that I battle with a few chronic illnesses. However, I haven’t really elaborated in those… 1,568 more words

Pseudotumor Cerebri