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So much to do

I just attended my first class in a course called “Remote sensing with Google Earth Engine” at USF. This is a class dealing with publicly available satellite imagery datasets and Google’s Earth Engine platform which allows you to do cool things with this data**. 118 more words

Now you see me....

This is my site feel free to explore, any feedback is welcome.

I am a Dual degree Electrical Engineering student at IIT Bombay and I am currently in my second year.

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Life Changing Competition

Every year there are millions of candidates attempting to get into one of the most prestigious institutes of India, The IITs. But only a mere 10% of those get a chance to actually get admitted into 1,224 more words


IIT Bombay - The Enigma Beyond 'Sex'& 'Smoke'

As the British-American comedian John Oliver would have put it,

Is news bullshit? Of course not! But these days there’s a lot of bullshit about IIT Bombay masquerading as news.

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What I learnt after two years in an IIT

While I was home for holi this spring, a sudden reality dawned on me. Since I am the eldest of six children in my joint family, I was supposed to help my two cousins, graduating out of high school, decide what field they would pursue in the future. 1,583 more words


Hoc enim constituto in philosophia sunt

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ista ipsa, quae tu breviter: regem, dictatorem, divitem solum esse sapientem, a te quidem apte ac rotunde; Hic ego: Etsi facit hic quidem, inquam, Piso, ut vides, ea, quae praecipis, tamen mihi grata hortatio tua est. 450 more words


Twitterati asks the BJP, How to say thermodynamics in Sanskrit?

The BJP loses no opportunity, to teach the country new lessons in being Indian. HRD minister Smiti Irani has yet again proved that the BJP’s sectarian political beliefs and biased language preferences are the biggest inspiration behind the current government’s education policy. 219 more words